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Lindsay Lohan

Probation Dept. Sides with Her!

10/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will get some critical support when she goes to court tomorrow ... Probation Department sources tell TMZ the Dept. thinks Lindsay has done most of what she's required to do, and they will NOT recommend that she be thrown in jail.

Our sources say ... the Probation Dept. officials will tell the judge in a written report that Lindsay is in "substantial compliance" with the terms of her probation.  They concede she was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center for habitually failing to show up, but they note that Lindsay has a year to complete 360 hours of community service, and she's still on track.

And, sources say, the Probation Dept. has been in touch with Lindsay's shrink, who says she has gone "regularly."  The shrink did not address Judge Stephanie Sautner's directive that Lindsay go for therapy once a week -- because she hasn't.  But, we're told, the shrink is still satisfied.

We're told the report will note that Lindsay has completed her shoplifting course.

Judge Sautner made it clear ... if Lindsay violated any court order, she would go to jail.  So now it's up to Herhonner to decide if Lindsay went astray or whether a few missteps don't count.

The hearing is set for Wednesday at 10 AM.

We'll be livestreaming everything.



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Not that I believe this story, or the others for that matter, but Nicole has been saying forever that the Probation Dept. is out to get Lindsay, so if this is true, who/what will Nicole blame next?

1080 days ago


I think its sad that a psycologist is saying its ok for her to be phoning in her sessions. What kind of doctor did they get for her!!!! So wrong! Also if the probation officer is not complaining then she will not get any jail time!!! I knew Harvy was over reacting!! She ain't going to jail if everyone is on her side which I think she is paying them to do!!!

1080 days ago


Since it sounds like she's getting another shot at freedom I think we should start embracing that she is celebrity and above commom laws of the land. When out partying, make sure she gets the first hits off the crack/meth pipe because she always comes first. If she feels like stealing, be the look out for her (but your really not). Let her drink herself into blindness and tell her she's good to drive that new porche. Everyone should tell her how beautiful every minute of the day although her lips look burnt from the pipe, her teeth are compareable to the crackhead living in the dumpster by the airport and she looks like she's going 45 unstead 26. Come on folks...she's famous

1080 days ago


The way these articles regarding Lindsay are written make it seem like they really have it out for her, wanting her to fail. Dislike TMZ, report it, don't feel on it.

1080 days ago


Told ya so.

1080 days ago

shirley saaddler    

on lindsay lohan, Lindsay shall be jailed and forgot about.Let her do all the time require and let that be all the press move on to other things.Because there no right in her and she going to do what she want. Lindsay think she above the law and she keepdoing what she want and get away with it. I'm so sick of her bull s..t I don't know what to do andI get tired of every time I turn T V Lindsay just need to be put a way and we needed to move on to other things. And who ever the judge is shall already see she not going to do right. Just lock her up and let her do all the time and be finish with it please.

1080 days ago


At this point it doesn't even matter. Her "film career" is over, she'll never recover from all the scandals and everyone absolutely hates her. What a waste.

1080 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Meh, I didnt expect jail time yet. Give her more rope. It's just a matter of time. tick tock tick tock She believes there will be no real consequinces to her behavior so she will keep escalating. My hope is no one else is hurt because of that.

1080 days ago

Diane Smeltzer    

This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil. No matter how bad you act or the things you do you keep coming out smelling like roses. Hate to see how she's going to act when the devil comes for his due.

1080 days ago


Nothing to see here folks. Go back to your homes.

1080 days ago


So getting kicked out of a community service program mandated by the court is in full compliance? I think the bigger question is who she paid off or blew??

1080 days ago

double s    

great..NOW a trip to the dentist

1080 days ago


Maybe you should get your facts straight, TMZ, before you start spreading untruths. I don't believe half of the stuff you write about. Worst journalists ever.

1080 days ago


I believe nicole owes the probation department a major apology for claimng they were against her. The worm has turned.
And besides, Probation departments need love too.

1080 days ago


So once again, tmz was WRONG. You guys are so pathetic it is unreal. Harvey, you call yourself a LAWYER??? How many times have you predicted this girl would "without a doubt go to jail" only to be WRONG every single time. My God idk why I bother coming on here. You have been wrong so many times it is unreal.

TMZ: "Lohan WILL be going to jail. No questions asked!!"

Reality: "You're free to go Miss Lohan"

1080 days ago
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