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‘Steve Urkel’ Actor

I Demand Respect, Dammit!!!

10/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Urkel Jaleel White
The guy who played Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" sounds more like Rodney Dangerfield these days ... dude claims he just can't get any respect as a professional actor.

34-year-old Jaleel White is appearing on a new sitcom called, "Love That Girl" ... and while discussing the variety of other roles he's played post-Urkel, White says he deserves some friggin' accolades.

"I'm very versatile, but somehow I didn't earn the tag of being called a versatile actor" ... White told

He added, "I'm still chasing that one Vanity Fair tag that says, 'This guy's a versatile actor.' I accept it. It's fine. But for me, it's like what do I have to do to get that [acknowledgement]?"

Jaleel says he still gets recognized as the legendary nerd ... but explains, “I'm not trying to get away from it or anything like that, but I don't miss the role at all – really. I just want to work. I want my daughter to say, 'I know what Daddy does,' not 'what Daddy did."



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welcome to the unemployment line buddy. Wish you well

1099 days ago


***** pleeze!

1099 days ago


But we LOVED Urkel!!

1099 days ago


twitter dot com slash model bubbles

1099 days ago


Dude Got My Respect but he got stop dressing like he is 90'S Pimp it's 2011

1099 days ago


gay porn baby.

1099 days ago

No comment    

Most actors who come to Hollywood want to work. He is lucky he had one major role, MOST do not ever get discovered. Like many child stars from The Beaver, to The Brady kids, to the child actors on Different Stokes, you just get typecast. He could also tell his daughter he is a writer, a director, or even a truck driver. The odds in Hollywood are not good, and few people hit the jackpot twice. Like Frankie Muniz he is not like to work very much, Neil Patrick Harris is an anomaly in the industry.

1099 days ago

It's called being a "has-been"

1099 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I like him as an actor but thanks to Twitter, I'm crazy about him as a person anymore. It's not easy for me to wish him well. He's ****y and needs to be knocked down a peg or 5.

1099 days ago


The sad fact is he can't act and he still look's like erkel.

1099 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

When you play such an outlandish character in a comedic setting one gets stereotyped. He overpowered the show with an over the top personality. Be grateful for your moment in the spot light and move on. No one wants to see Urkel doing anything else, that's just the price you have to pay for choosing to make him a one of a kind icon of his time. Hope you saved for a rainy (adult) day.

1099 days ago


Be happy you are working! When & IF you ever do something worthy of accolades, you'll get them but in the meantime accept the fact that the vast majority of actors are NOT superstars but are still blessed to make a living in front of an audience.

You don't get accolades just for showing up for work... you have to stand out against all the others in your business!

1099 days ago


Seems like a cool guy to me. He should have plenty of Family Matters money laying around though. If he still has that machine, he could turn back into Urkel and make bank again!lol But then he'd lose Laura, of course.:/

1099 days ago


because he did his goofy/nerdy character Urkel so well & he was to pull that off week after week and keep him loveable, not grating on the nerves, so that he basically carried the show, most forget how talented you have to be in order to be able to do that
he has a lot more ability that isn't being tapped into or even noticed by most of Hollywood
hopefully they will start to value him and his talent enough so that he gets some great character roles that he an sink his teeth into and show his range as an actor
so I know exactly what he means

1099 days ago


i can understand how he feels, but guess what? every actor who's had an iconic role will *always* be remembered as such; whether tv or movies, and even more so for child stars (until at least the next big iconic role comes along)... from the scarface to the cast of friends, that's what most people will remember/know you for...

1099 days ago
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