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Lindsay Lohan


With Rehab Attack Lawsuit

10/19/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if Lindsay Lohan doesn't have enough on her plate this morning -- the actress was just served with a fat lawsuit in court ... for allegedly attacking a Betty Ford staffer during her rehab stint last year.

As TMZ first reported, Dawn Holland -- who now goes by Dawn Bradley -- filed the lawsuit in July, claiming Lindsay grabbed her wrist and twisted it when she tried to give the actress a breathalyzer last December.

Dawn claims Lindsay arrived back at the Betty Ford Center after sneaking off to go boozing -- and when she tried to administer the breathalyzer, Lindsay grabbed her right wrist and began "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

Dawn wants at least a million dollars -- claiming she suffered "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering" from the alleged assault.

And the day's just getting started ...


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Different Rules Apply    

Gold digger...I am not a lilo fan, but a million for a wrist twist is ridiculous. So much pain and anguish my a$$.

1102 days ago

Mrs. H    

What about the girls she sucker punched at the bar 2 weeks ago? The story said that one of them was taken by ambulance after broken glass made lacerations to her skin. The other was supposedly struck in the face as Lindsay stormed her way out of the bar. If this was true, she deserves to be thrown in the tank with the general population. If she's that baaaddd she'll be fine. Otherwise, I think some of the other girls can show her what the meaning of BAD is. Spoiled Rotten Diva doesn't deserve any more film roles.

1102 days ago


The problem I have with Dawn is that she is a drug addict and maybe looking at this as a opportunity to cash in on Lindsay. I don't like Lindsay and feel that she getting everything she deserves. However, dawn has gone to far with this. She claimed she was going to drop the charges. I see this is all about money. Honestly I don't know where she is going to get million dollars from because LILO sure as hell doesnt have it. Lmao

1102 days ago


Can anyone solve this conundrum for me please? How can Lindsay Lohan be so worthless and still make so much money? Oh, that's right I forgot. We're talking Hollywood here, not reality so I guess there's no problem after all. And I suppose further that she isn't going to go away anytime soon. Oh well, handcuffs is a good start though.

1102 days ago


Before Lohan and her supporters start criticizing Ms. Hoaalnd, remember Lindsay is notoroious for filing frivilous lawsuits when she believes she has been wronged (i.e., Pitbull, E-Trade, etc.). It would be hypocritical to support Lohan's right to sue but deny the same to Ms. Holland, regardless how you feel about the merits of any of the cases.

1102 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Just another s***bag welfare case trying to get rich quick scheme. "OOOOOOHH, ooo the pain!! Now I can't work no more...lord Jesus, I's got to get my a million dollars!"

1102 days ago


A million dollars? Really?? She knew the nature of the job and the risks it entailed when SHE accepted the position. End of story. Sounds like someone else wants a free ride off the white man's dollar.

1102 days ago

EviL LivE    

Really!? Now i'm no fan of the crackhead LL but this is just an example of a person trying to cash in on a stupid lawsuit. I hope she loses the case and has to pay LL's legal fee's. If LL was a better person maybe this kinda crap wouldnt happen to her.

1102 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

LOVE IT! Keeps getting better & better! Drag her through every legal avenue possible so she can't get a minute's rest. I hope it never stops & she finally does everyone a favor & does herself in. Then all she'll be is a reluctantly placed footnote in Hollywood history. Like the child-molesting uncle.

1102 days ago


Not that I love LiLo, but a million dollars because she grabbed your wrist for eight seconds.

Get a job.

1102 days ago

Don jr    

No doubt LL best friend is a drug dealer. This is very hard for the addict because almost all of her advice is coming from her best friend (D. dealer) I am an addict in recovery and it seems like an easy solution but losing your best friend when you really need one is tough. A lot of times the Drug dealer does not even relies what they are doing it's just they cannot fathom not doing drugs. It would be like firing yourself.

1101 days ago


Dumb bitch probably wants $20 mil because she SUPPOSEDLY grabbed her wrist. There wouldn't even be a lawsuit if this ugly **** wasn't just after money. There's a reason no criminal charges were filed.

1101 days ago

get a life ho    

Was that fat b itches wrist twisted or amputated ?.,.,,lol

1101 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

STUPID ******

1101 days ago


"Dawn wants at least a million dollars -- claiming she suffered "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering" from the alleged assault."

Get a JOB !!!! As a healthcare worker that can happen. Your twice her size and YOU are the reason the court systems and ambulance chasing lawyers are destroying the Justice System.

1101 days ago
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