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Lindsay Lohan

I Deserved Sautner's Rage

10/19/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Stephanie Sautner
Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... she understands why Judge Stephanie Sautner threw the book at her today -- and to prove her renewed commitment to community service, Lindsay plans to put in overtime at the morgue.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she gets why Judge Sautner was pissed -- admitting she didn't follow Sautner's previous instructions to the T.

We're told Lindsay has internalized Sautner's admonitions -- and is taking the entire experience today as one big warning that she needs to get her act together, stat.

As a result, we're told Lindsay will be visiting the morgue tomorrow to get started on her community service. In fact, Lindsay says she's so serious about impressing the judge ... we're told she has promised to go to the morgue every day between now and her next hearing on November 2.

We're told Lindsay gets the message -- and doesn't harbor any bad feelings toward Sautner for taking a hard line.

Sources tell us, when Lindsay faces Sautner again next month, she'll argue she doesn't deserve jail time.


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Oh bull...that's why she sat there rolling her eyes..the judge even told her to knock it off.

1108 days ago


BTW, hasn't she been in front of a judge more times than she's been in a movie? Seem like that would make her a criminal and not an actress. She's had more mugshots taken than she's been on movie posters.

1108 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

To little To late.Dumb bunny.

1108 days ago


How does that a$$ your kissing taste Lohan? Of course she isn't going to disagree with the judge,she is hoping to keep herself out of jail come Nov 2nd. Everyone knows if she isn't put in jail she will be back to her old antics of not a giving a rats a$$ until she is caught not doing something else she is supposed to be doing.

1108 days ago


How does the a$$ your kissing taste Lohan? The only thing this brat cares about is not doing jail time so of course she is not disagreeing with the judge. Come November 2nd if she is not put in jail she will be up to her old antics.

1108 days ago


As always, Lohan has always understood. Lohan fully understands, Per Shawn Holly, Lohan fully understands.

Shawn Holly got her ass kick today by Judge Sautner. The more Holly spoke the worse it was.

The best Shawn Holly could come up with is that She did not know anything. The best Holly could come up with...It was her 'understanding'. Sautner, save it for the hearing.

Got 2 weeks to proove it. Hearing is on Nov 2nd.

1108 days ago


Let's all be real honest here. She's no longer a viable actress. There is no such thing as a script created for Lindsay. It's gotten to the point that even actor's/actress' won't allow her around. Her fans will say those are just lies. Sounds like today TMZ hit it right on the testies with what they said. Yeah, they're wrong here and there, but from what the Judge read today, her fans need a reality check just as much as her. Rotten teeth, balding head, pale, bloating skin, horrible smokers voice, mediocre acting skills (at best), and unreliability are just not real positive attributes. By the way, the comparison's between Robert Downey Jr. and Lindsay are absurd. That's like comparing Corky Thatcher to Jodie Foster. The talent is not comparable. Not to mention, the addiction RDJ had was unbelievable, but he was a gifted actor. Lindsay was a Disney product that couldn't make the jump to adult actress. Her addiction is nowhere close to her stupidity. It's like watching someone on Cops get arrested. You laugh at how stupid, high, and out of touch with reality someone can be and wonder.

1108 days ago

Alan Carver    

@Nicole, you are such a dip! She is being treated the same way any CRIMINAL in the judicial system would be treated for their CRIMES! Lohan is NOT AN EXCEPTION!

1108 days ago


B freaking S. Last week she was saying she was in compliance blah blah blah. As bad as her father is , her mother is worse. What mother watches her daughter self destruct while defending and denying the self destructive behavior. Blohan needs 1 year of rehab in complete lockdown with no contact from any of her family. So sad to see someone with such potential self destruct.

1108 days ago

Alan Carver    

Okay so here my thoughts on today's proceedings.

1. Judge Saunter basically has had it with Lohan. She commented on a bunch of things from the past 5 years while Lohan has been in the judicial system, from her DUI's to her Possession charge, to her theft charge and her many probation violations. Basically at this point, Judge Saunter has no other choice but to revoke the probation, have it looked at thoroughly to determine once and for all if she violated. That is the right procedure in the judicial system regarding probationary questions and the defendant not complying. This is exactly what should have been done, and Judge Saunter is doing exactly what any other Judge would do regarding a continual pattern of NON-COMPLIANCE regarding probation. Kudos to Judge Saunter for taking the hard-line stance she did today with Lohan and for admonishing her for her words as well as for her in-actions regarding her probation. Judge Saunter is not going to allow a criminal like Lohan the easy way out of her criminal actions and behavior just because she claims she is a celebrity! Her words today WERE PRICELESS! She made it quite clear she is the one who controls what happens regarding Lohan and her probation and not the other way around!

2. Holley - was just as much admonishment as Lohan for not really being prepared and thinking that the reports alone would be enough to convince Judge Saunter that her client was in compliance, and with too many questions regarding actual numbers and hours, and too many other instances to point back to regarding her many other probation violations in these past 4 years she has been in the system, Holley got spanked and spanked good in front of her client and any future client that might consider using her for criminal work. Way to go Judge Saunter! You cannot defend someone who continually throws you and herself under the bus with out being caught - Judge Saunter sees through YOU BOTH and will not allow this kind of behavior in her courtroom! You'd better be more prepared than thinking that your words alone will be enough to work any kind of magic of getting Lohan back on Probation as it stands now. Judge Saunter is not going to allow either of you to make a mockery of her or her orders in her own courtroom! You failed huge today Holley - and Thank you Judge Saunter for handing Holley her ass back to her ... she finally got shoved down a few pegs today and it is about time, especially when it comes to a habitual re-offender criminal like Lohan!

3. Lohan - simply will not get it. She likes to play the game and thinks that just because she has Holley as her attorney she can get away with anything she wants and she will not have to pay for any of her in-actions regarding probation, going to Europe and phoning in her therapy sessions, or being kicked out of the downtown women's center and then as Judge Saunter said, running to the Red Cross to complete some hours of her CS when I told you, you couldn't do that. Lohan continually thinks that she can call the shots re; her probation to fit what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and that Holley will get her out of any tight messes she finds herself, that thought process BACKFIRED ON HER TODAY - big time! Judge Saunter has a responsibility to the community she serves to administer justice to those that violate, laws and rules, and Lohan repeatedly does this in regards to her probation. She is not the exception to any of the rules that have been created to rein in CRIMINALS like Lohan who are on PROBATION!

Finally, Lohan and Holley are going to have a hard time justifying to the court on November 2nd, why Lohan got a glowing report from the probation dept when she hasn't complied, why Lohan ditched her probation requirements as ORDERED by Judge Saunter, why she has only 21 or 33 hours of completed CS when she has had more than 5 months to get more hours completed, and why the therapist allowed her to PHONE IN Therapy sessions when that order was not GIVEN in the original probation requirements for Lohan.

Bottom-line here, Lohan has once again boxed herself into a situation SHE CREATED and she is banking against bank that Holley will be able to use her words to get her out of this mess. And on every count, that did not work this time! Judge Saunter is going to have to really stick to her guns regarding what happens next in regards to the violation hearing, and what is said and how it is perceived. So in conclusion, Lohan is ONCE AGAIN back in the courtroom on November 2nd to defend her in-actions regarding probation and at this point any Judge, any town USA would just keep her revoked and send her to jail for continual non-compliance, because all Lohan is doing right is making a mockery of the judicial system regarding her in-actions regarding her probation. This whole case needs to be done with once and for all, and sending Lohan to jail would bring this to close alot sooner rather than later and more tax-payer money on someone who simply REFUSES to get the severity of her 'in-actions'!

1108 days ago


Same story, different day. Cry me a river. Send her to jail.

1108 days ago


The lies continue:

"I've done tons of DWC community service," Lohan told E! News. "You guys are way off par on your inadequate and negative assumptions."

"Lindsay has been performing community service at the Downtown Women's Center for months now," Lohan's rep said. "There are dozens of paparazzi shots of her going in and out of the facility. How could anyone think she is not doing her community service?"

“I just want it to be known, that just because I was not followed and photographed during the times I’ve gone to community service, does NOT mean that I wasn’t following my obligations (by going) to the court.” (tweet by Lindsay)

She’s been doing everything she is supposed to be doing and I believe that that will hopefully win over the decision. (Dina to Rumorfix)

1108 days ago


I got the solution, could the judge tell her "as punishment you can never act again". I'd be cool with that, I think that would hurt her the most. To never be a "celebrity" again and having to get a job like the rest of us. Obviously she cannot handle fame

1108 days ago


Uh, bull. Your "sources" are PR plants & she is just full of it. She thinks everything is somebody else's fault & will never take responsibility.

1108 days ago

Red Cloud    

Lindsay pulled 12,519 new followers on Twitter yesterday!!!! She sure is popular. Oh, I forgot, they're fake or purchased or whatever BS. Oh yeah, they're joining but they hate her and just want to follow a train wreck. Now why would haters join her Twitter and give her big numbers KNOWING that would make her look more popular? Why would they want to help her????

gone, gone, gone............

1108 days ago
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