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Lindsay Lohan's Morgue Duty

Blood and Guts

10/19/2011 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan morgue duty
Lindsay Lohan
will see blood and guts when she performs her service at the L.A. County Morgue ... a source in the Coroner's Office tells TMZ.

We're told Lindsay will be cleaning tables where the autopsies are performed, and various body parts and fluids often remain for disposal after the body is removed.

Lindsay will also be sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, washing windows and picking up trash.

We're told she will not be handling any of the bodies.

Lindsay must do 16 hours a week at the morgue before her next appearance in court on November 2.


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judge sautner said, she read the paper...she read more then that...Hope she read tmz and radar,saw are posts...hope she read marshmelowmans acts of crime report....

1098 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Chat was a blast today! Come the 2nd hope to see more of you there!
Flouncy handcuff walk!

1098 days ago


Doesn't the judge know that Linds is gonna drink all the formaldehyde in that place?? Sheesh, bitch is gonna get stoned one way or the other...

1098 days ago


Hey, STFUP, why don't you're too dumb to live:
"I hope she finds moping up blood & guts "fulfilling"!"

It's mopping you moron. I'm sure you'll be moping go mope (or mop)... Either way STFU!

1098 days ago


She will never serve more than a couple of hours.

1098 days ago


Thank you Judge Sautner for showing people that celebrities are not above the law. Wish there were more like you.

1098 days ago


"Lindsay HAS to work because she has to support the whole family"

What a bunch of freakin' losers! Dina's daughter has a drug problem and she making her support the whole family? What about that loser son who graduated "summa *** loudly"? Have him support the family. Dina, get a job, you piece of garbage

1098 days ago

the sea    

She should head straight to the morgue NOW before she has time to come up with some excuses for not doing it.

1098 days ago


I loved how Holly was looking so flustered. And the judge was looking down at her with that "not the one" look. Holly is really earning her fees with Lohan. But I am curious to see how Sautner handles the shrink and Probation department when they get in court on the 2nd. Somehow I think she's gonna get in someones ass for the bs they're trying to shove down the judges throat. I mean LL was in Europe for well over 1 week at a time. No way she could've shown up physically for therapy sessions, and the judge doesn't look like she's gonna let that little lie fly.

What do you wanna bet LL is on the horn right now with her shrink, whose ass is in a sling now thanks to Linds, and they are bribing some shrink in Europe to say she physically saw them instead of the phone calls to the Cali one? And a shrink in Europe is not exactly going to have to come to the states to testify. I hope that shrink knows that LL will send her down the river with everyone else that ever tried to help her. "Really judge, my shrink TOLD me to lie to you about seeing her every week", hahaha.

1098 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..Lindsay should know that courtroom mk-up is different lighting , why did she wear stage mk-up???? must have gotten her app'ts mixed up for today!

1098 days ago


I'm taking bets she won't complete the 16 hours, she'll come up with some excuse about it making her ill.....

1098 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Take a good look at the picture up there. It's the only time you'll see Lindsay and a brain in the same picture.

1098 days ago


She won't serve any real time in jail; she knows full well that the jails are too crowded and the judge knows it too. She loves to mock the judicial system and is fully convinced she can get away with anything.

1098 days ago


She's going to see a lot of car crash victims and ODs... hopefully this will make an impression, how very, very close she is to being on the autopsy table instead of one at the clubs. She is not looking well lately, and i hate to think in 20 years her biggest contribution will be a do***entary about the destruction drug and alcohol addiction wrought on her body and mind. But I don't feel sorry for her one bit... except that she has a nutcase for what passes as her mother.

1098 days ago


She'll do her community service at the morgue, then go groveling back to the women's center begging and pleading for one more chance. They will most likely give it to her. However, there seems to be something fishy going on (and I'm not talkin' her lips) with her "counseling" sessions. Her lawyer explicitly stated that any sessions via telephone were in addition to "in person" session, however, this seems to be impossible as she wasn't in the country during this time, and her lawyer wasn't even sure about her flight schedules. She probably won't go to jail for community service, but for lying about her counseling sessions. Either way, this chick needs to do some time for her crimes...Such a waste, at one point I actually thought she was a good actress. Not only has she lost the respect of Hollywood, but the greater public who have to fit the bill for her sociopathic behavior with our tax money.

1098 days ago
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