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Lindsay Lohan

Crash Shoplifting Course

Before Court Showdown

10/19/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
went to a shoplifter's course last night ... apparently trying to prove to a very skeptical judge that she shouldn't have her probation revoked.

The shoplifter's course is part of Lindsay's probation, although it's curious why she went, because people connected with Lindsay have told TMZ she completed the course.

Much more problematic for Lindsay ... her failure to comply with the judge's orders to complete her community service at the Downtown Women's Center. TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was kicked out of the program after failing to show up 9 times, and leaving early when she did show up. 

Lindsay is in court at 10 AM PT, and Judge Sautner could revoke her probation at that time. 


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Shoplifting Course. What a joke. She doesnt need a made up course, she needs jail

1102 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think she is sweating this.

1102 days ago


doing her usual..the judge will get on her knees and kiss her behind like always..TMZ making a mountain out of a mole hill.trying to get hits

1102 days ago


Because her whole family lies for her!

1102 days ago


I hope the judge remembers how Lindsay painted "F-U" on her fingernail and directed it at her. She'll probably show up with an "F-U' tattooed on her forehead today. This woman has been given too many free passes and has no regard for anyone but herself. Time for her to actually pay with a punishment that fits her crimes - jail.

1102 days ago


A roomful of writers couldn't come up with the stuff she tries. Not even as science fiction.
She's probably cramming in case the judge asks her if it's ok to steal, so she wanted to make sure she had the right answer.

1102 days ago


Let's see now. Court date in 24 hours. Donation to charity to show how generous I am. Check. Hair done with new extensions so I look great for the cameras. Check. Meth teeth fixed. Check. Article from father about the need to go into serious rehab. Check. Article from mom to tell the world I'm OK. Check. A few hours in service to show how serious I am. Check. That should take care of all that needs to be done before the next performance.

1102 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Something tells me today is going to be an expensive day for Lindsay. She supposedly dropped a 50k donation to try to stay out of jail. I'm sure it was her boyfriend's money. Lindsay would not drop .50 cents on something that did not benefit her directly. She'll probably have to drop another 10k in bail today to keep herself out of the slammer.

1102 days ago


Only did it last night and says she's already completed that part. Simply because she's a lier. C'mon Judge.

1102 days ago


she's probably panicking now that she's been caught for the tenth time spitting on the court.

Eventually her luck is going to run out.

1102 days ago


Shoplifting course! THAT is beyond a joke! She needs to serve jail time as would ANY other person who was not a "celeBRATy"! This girl is in desperate need of some serious growing up! And to all her ENABLERS -Family/Friends. Grow some and HELP her instead of making excuses!

1102 days ago


Wow it looks like all of the junk she said she completed was nothing but lies! Why am I not suprised?

ITS THAT TIME AGAIN FOLKS!!! Lindsay is back at the courthouse today and you know what that means? Chatroom Party!!
Come join us at and log into the main floor room where we will be waiting to discuss all of Lindsay's shena****ns as she makes her way across the concrete carpet.
Whether you're pro lindsay or against her, we want to see you there!

1102 days ago


Shoplifting 101. I'm sure she picked up some useful tips for not getting caught the next time.

1102 days ago


I am so tired of hearing about her like seriously! Please do no post anymore stories about her unless she actually DOES go to jail. But that probably will never happen...

1102 days ago


"I had No time to finish that pesky,shop lifting course,and My CS is really trying from the comforts of my own home...I tweeted therapy in, The hard good therapy was done by texting"

1102 days ago
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