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Lindsay Lohan

Crash Shoplifting Course

Before Court Showdown

10/19/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
went to a shoplifter's course last night ... apparently trying to prove to a very skeptical judge that she shouldn't have her probation revoked.

The shoplifter's course is part of Lindsay's probation, although it's curious why she went, because people connected with Lindsay have told TMZ she completed the course.

Much more problematic for Lindsay ... her failure to comply with the judge's orders to complete her community service at the Downtown Women's Center. TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was kicked out of the program after failing to show up 9 times, and leaving early when she did show up. 

Lindsay is in court at 10 AM PT, and Judge Sautner could revoke her probation at that time. 


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LOL @ Tweeted in therapy

1102 days ago


Surely the judge is not so naive as to not see past this ruse. Every action she takes just makes her all the more despicable. At the onset, had she disappeared for a year it may have been possible to make a comeback, now however, people are sickened at the sight of her.

1102 days ago


Not that I'm proud, but the Cali courts DO let you get away with not finishing stuff over and over and over, lock you up for a few days, another chance, etc etc. More classes, reinstate stuff, take it away. It takes a good while to get a big sentence. I had 180 days after six years of not doing my classes (yes I was stupid, obviously and didn't care like her) and I was in for 2 weeks. I blame my mom's Long Island blood. Anyone but myself!

1102 days ago


ilovegossip: about a minute ago
Ummmm, Jill, you said that the last time they pictured her "getting a drug test" and you claimed it was her therapists office. That was a completely different building. They can't BOTH be her therapists office, unless she switched therapists!
there are pics on x17, it's the same building. x17 claimed at the time she was getting drug tested but that building also has a counselling clinic that offers 1 on 1 session. it's the same building that tmz is now saying is for her shoplifting class.

1102 days ago


From Lindsay Lohan 11 hours ago.
October 18, 2011
I just want it to be known, that just because I was not followed&photographed during the times I've gone to community service, does NOT mean that I wasn't following my obligations (by going) to the court.

whatever you stupid twunt.

1102 days ago


She should go before Judge Judy! If I were Sautner, I'd change the CS to 480 hours in the morgue and 200 hours on the highway Dept picking up roadkill. Hey, if Blowhan can change how she does CS, then Sautner should be able to change the terms!

1102 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I thought thieves went to jail... a class when you break the law? Really? The only lesson this girl needs is jail time. She has gotten away with everything so far. Enough already.

1102 days ago

nipples mugee    

Do you think with the present condition of the California court system and the over crowding of the jails she will do more then 10 days max .. Believe it or not, there are alot of non-violent felony offenders out of jail in California that make Lindsy look like mother teresa , drug dealers , bank fraud etc.... So, no .. she will never do time .

1102 days ago


right now she is banging on sams door,trying to get the last taste of freedom..EEEEWWWW
Dina "she is only in jail,researching a role"
sautner head is going to explode like the movie "Scanners"

the best crying scene when she complied last time

1102 days ago


TMZ can't you get anything right? This is the office of her therapist, nothing to do with the shoplifting course. Come on TMZ, get it together!

1102 days ago


Thats her therapist office.Tmz is wrong again lol

1102 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Im going with a drug test or shes begging for them to write a good report about her. Stupid doesnt get it that, by now the report has been already sent.

@jeebus I saw that too. I had a good laugh because the idiot just doesnt get it.. She missed 9 sessions, left after a hour and got kicked out. But yet she seems to think she did everything right.. Her brain has got to be smaller than a pea

@ ILG SCH has brown hair thats a redhead. Lindsay does look rather scared in that picture thou

One last thing, we always hear that SCH meets with the judge the day before and we didnt this time.
I hope to god she has had enough of Lindsay and doesnt care anymore and tells the judge, Im done, do what ever you want with her. I am no longer going to defend this idiot that just doesnt listen or learn and cant follow simple directions
Lindsay makes SCH look like a fool. SCH is a amazing lawyer
She has to be tired of Lindsay and all her lies and drama..she jut has to be...I hope

1102 days ago


Last Night Lindsay and Holley were spotted at the grave yard digging up the corpse of Johnny ******ran . trying to get the MOJO that saved OJ...Before leaving Lindsay took all the jewelry trying to get in extra boost of legal power...
I am not going to say what holley did,,but she sucked up a lot of power herself

1102 days ago


"When nothing changes .... nothing changes"

1102 days ago


is it time yet? LOL

1102 days ago
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