TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan Headed for Jail and Possibly Self-Destruction

10/19/2011 2:00 PM PDT

We've been right about this case all along, so ya gotta listen to Harvey and Jason who say Lindsay Lohan WILL go to jail ... and they have strong feelings about Lindsay's future -- and it ain't pretty.

And if you think their views are strong ... wait'll you hear the callers.

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan's probation hearing went down just like we said it would .... horribly for Lindsay Lohan. 
(2:15) Did the probation department erroneously give Lindsay good grades to get revenge on Judge Sautner?
(7:45) Lindsay's attorney Shawn Holley did a great job today ... especially considering what she was working with.
(12:45) Jason's prediction -- jail time for Lindsay.
(14:50) Harvey says Lindsay is a "screw up."
(23:30) Lindsay's "unbelievable" mistake: Going on record saying the women's center was not "fulfilling." 
(26:00) The judge disses Lindsay so hard.
(32:50) Somebody's lying about LiLo's psych visits.
(38:30) A new law plays into Lindsay's favor, making it super tough for people convicted of misdemeanors to go to jail.
(45:00) Two years ago, Lindsay was six little hours away from being finished ... and look where we are now!