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Dina Lohan Sells Lindsay

Down the River

in Planned Memoir

10/21/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mom is trying to expose her own daughter's dark secrets, blowing the lid off of Lindsay's alleged drug and alcohol use in a memoir that she's shopping around town -- shopping it as recently as 2 weeks ago -- as Lindsay was looking down the barrel of a hostile judge and a jail sentence.

TMZ has obtained the draft of a prologue for Dina Lohan's memoir, which Dina's rep is shopping to people in the literary world.  In the prologue, Dina writes:

"I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an (sic) newfound lifestyle of partying excessively.  Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way of daily living--and it tore me up inside."

Dina explains why she moved Lindsay from New York to L.A. at such a young age:

"How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime?  How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress?  So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone."

When Lindsay began acting crazy, accumulating mugshots and what not, Dina says she was helpless, claiming she couldn't demand that Lindsay return to New York.  Dina also confesses she was conflicted since she was both Lindsay's parent and manager.

Dina and her rep were soliciting meetings via email two weeks ago, to brainstorm how to make her book "a best seller."

Our sources say a ghost writer actually wrote the prologue after long sit-downs with Dina and her rep, and both were solidly on board.

As far as we know ... so far, no takers.


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Wow, talk about denial. She holds NO responsibility for her daughter's drug/alcohol/behaviours. Lovely woman, NOT. She can shop all she wants, doubt there will be any takers.

1097 days ago

charlies balls    

Who gives a rats azz about a couple of coke hos

1097 days ago


I blame Lindsays mom and friends for her downfall.

1097 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Why on Earth would any pay to read DUIna's LIES when we can read how she effed up her daughter daily on TMZ. Plus, here we get the truth.

1097 days ago


Maybe if Dina STOPPED being Lindsays manger (i.e. Living off her daughter) and got a REAL job, she might finally learn how to actually be a mother.
But we all know that's not gonna happen. Sad.

1097 days ago


Does the New York Times publish a worstsellers list?

1097 days ago


LL has s***bags for a mother and father. No wonder why she is so screwed up. The word family has no meaning to these two biological entities that brought her into the world. LL, there are good people out there seek them out, before you end up like MJ. Mark Davis, MD

1097 days ago

My Take    

Maybe Dina did live off of her daughter...Did any of you ever think that like the Winehouse family that Dina already
knows her daughter is gone for all intents and purposes and that through all of Lindseys manipulative ways, she has put herself in this situation..Dina and her husband and the rest of the family have all grieved for so long that when the phone call comes that Lindsey is gone, it will be no surprise. Dina and Lindsey's dad did not do her any favors while she was growing up but I think they did try to help her later on and it was too late....Lindsey thought she was smarter than everyone else and eventually she will outsmart herself and that will be the end...I am speaking from experience as my daughter died at age 34 with these same issues...Parents need to realize that you can't try to help a child at age 15...It needs to start much earlier and yes when parents say, IT'S NOT MY FAULT....Yes it is....Let Dina write her book...The guilt will probably do her in before she is paid...

1097 days ago


Doesn't this bitch realize this could be the final straw in her DAUGHTERS already fragile psyche. The bitch denies her daughter has an addiction problem and now she hopes to profit off her...again. OMG, I think I understand now why Lindsey is the way she is. I hope this bitch rots in hell and has her other kids taken away. What a whore.

1097 days ago


I think Lindsey is very involved with the release of this so called memoir. Dina sees her cash cow slipping away and Lindsey's career pretty much gone. This is all about gaining sympathy. Dina will play the bad guy to build linsey back up, then play the the blame game on talk shows. I love when she blames everyone else but her daughters antics. SHE'S 25 not 14. I always wondered what in the H*ll is a handler...a baby sitter? She's an adult and a screw up.

1097 days ago


Well its not much of a suprise really. I mean we all knew where Lindsay got her "it ain't my fault" attitude about everything. "Blame the other guy" never really works when you are the only one screwing your life up. Nice way to support your daughter though Dina. Yeah, Mom of the Year for selling her out. I think Lindsay should possibly leave a spot open in her cell for you as it won't be long before your nefarious deeds are outed. I am sure she has swindled someone illegally somewhere! What an awful excuse for a parent.

1097 days ago


I guess since Lindsay isn't making the big bucks in movies anymore and Dina no longer gets a big cut of it -- she needs to make money somehow.

Dina is one twisted, whacked out woman. She needs therapy! Lindsay will be dead within 2 years and Dina doesn't give a sh/t.

1097 days ago


Oh puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz!

1097 days ago


u can maek fun of linds but not me but im the 1 who gets the milyuns not nu so keap laffine loosers

1097 days ago


Clueless parents. Still pretending the world wants to hear what they think is the matter with their screwed up daughter.

IF they had any scruples or even FEELING for their daughter they'd shut up & conduct their family business IN PRIVATE!

This dysfunctional family is exactly like the dysfunctional Jackson family.... so ADDICTED to attention that they also lost all ability to understand that NEGATIVE ATTENTION is harmful in the long run.

They're so happy to be in the spotlight they give no thought to hat it means to keep your private business private. They continue to air their dirty laundry & then whine about the public's negative reaction to their asinine antics.

Poor innocent victims who are just misunderstood by the media & the public. Boo hoo.

NOT all publicity is good! Bad publicity CAN kill careers & it can end up destroying a person emotionally & then physically.

1097 days ago
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