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Justin & Jessica's Double Date

with Timberlake's Parents

10/20/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel
Not only is it back on, but it must be getting serious again because Justin Timberlake had dinner at Angelini Osteria in L.A. last night with Jessica Biel ... and his parents.

Despite breaking up earlier this year, JT & Jess' relationship is so hot that parental guidance is suggested.


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TOO BAD his parents failed to teach him respect for women especially when he was performing on stage with cameras running, he fondled his partner's breast and she, returned the compliment, by groping him, "down there." Nice people. Apparently, they feel his so-called popularity excuses his bad behavior. Our country is blessed with millions of decent young people and, sadly, he is not one of them. Hopefully, he has resigned as spokesperson for the Shriner's Hospitals for Children and the Shriner's Burns Institute for Children.

1066 days ago

Who is the parent    

For a southern boy he sure missed the southern hospitality and manners. My gawd ok its one thing to not get door for your GF but my gawd your mother!!! Why is he in the car first and the top women in his life are outside the vehicle? My gawd man I don't care if you are the president of the US show some respect and protect your women. Put them in vehicle safely before yourself. Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

1066 days ago


He doesn't look happy in any of the photos. :(

1066 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Yes,JT... that's the check engine light that's on. That means you need to have your engine checked. Not that the engine is now running.

1066 days ago


Stay with the glass Justin---you're less ugly with them.

1066 days ago


I hope the both find love. Maybe together forever!!!! that would be sweet.... I have a song for them: When the old wedding band was new.... Have a great day!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

1066 days ago


Is he thick? He looks so ******* happy...jeez!

1066 days ago


Jessica PR PHOTO OP ! !
she has a discussed look on her face compared to Lynn and Paul maybe Justin told her he is bringing his parents to the In time premiere tonight and not her

1066 days ago


If Jessica wasn't a rude bitch she would let Justin's mother sit up front. Also, why does he always look suicidal when he's dating her? Yikes!

1066 days ago


I doubt they'll stay together this time, he's cheated on her so many times, and while he may not cheat in a different relationship, with her he's going to cheat because she's proven she'll forgive him time and again. How many times did he cheat when he was with her? At least three that made the gossip sites, you know there's gotta be more.

Ironic for Mr. "Cry Me A River" who was all butthurt over Britney cheating....

They can't break up soon enough for me, the only reason she has a career is because her relationship with Justin keeps her in the spotlight, and her trying to be a "serious actress" gets her in movies that would be good if only she hadn't been cast. See case exhibit "Easy Virtue". She's trying so pathetically hard to be Michelle Williams or Natalie Portman, not realizing she's got Megan Fox-level of talent. That is, her "talent" is comprised of her being exceptionally pretty. Girl can't act for s***.

1066 days ago


Yuck to both of them

1066 days ago


Who even knew Timberlake had a father? We've all known about his unnaturally close relationship with Mommy but this is the very first time I have ever heard of there being a father. Much less one that was still in the picture.

1066 days ago


Smart move, JT. She's a keeper.

1066 days ago


It's possible that his parents were in town and he invited Jess to hang out with them. Not necessarily a big deal if they're still friends post break up.

1065 days ago


I sure hope Justin isn't gay. Jessica is one of the sexiest women on the planet and it would be a waste for that body to not be enjoyed.

1065 days ago
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