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Lindsay Lohan [Video]

The $80k Morgue Rejection

10/20/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan hit the L.A. County Morgue in style this morning ... rolling up in an $80,000 Porsche Panamera ... before being turned away at the door.

Lindsay was spotted at a back entrance ... talking with a morgue staffer who appeared to be informing the actress that she needed to go to a different entrance ... redirecting her to the front of the building.

As we previously reported, LiLo was 40 minutes late ... and the Coroner's Office sent her ass home without credit.

Lohan claims she'll try again tomorrow.


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some of you people need to lay off. Lindsay said she used the wrong entrance and you can see she did. That lady staffer was was definitely giving her directions.

Another thing, the judge didn't order Linz to attend the morgue on any special days, she ordered Linz to do 16 hours a week so you can calm down with the hate.

1065 days ago


I do not know why Lindsay feels she's above doing what she was ordered to do.Robert Downey Jr. did exactly what he was supposed to do, turned his whole life around ,and now he has a thriving career.Is she that spoiled and just flatly refuses to adhere to rules that we all have to abide by? Or is she just doing all these things for attention?
From what I have been reading, if she doesn't change her lifestyle, she will be in the morgue as a client very soon.

1065 days ago


The morgue said she was supposed to be there at 7:00AM, she was almost TWO HOURS LATE lmao

1065 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Lindsay is not worthy of that vehicle.

1065 days ago


She should save her pennies. I hope she didn't pay for that porsche. She's got a tough road ahead. Her career is over. Jail may well save her life.

1065 days ago


Not to worry. She'll be back there soon enough. Just not for community service.

1065 days ago


"Help this young woman" - I sincerely hope you are joking. This leech has about 20 lawsuits pending, aside from the multiple charges she faces and the countless hours (and our taxpayer money)she has wasted. There is a reason why civil and criminal courts are so backed up and there was a new law enacted - frivolous lawsuits. Blohan is an example of how to abuse the judicial system - both legal and criminal. Save the State of California more taxpayer money wasted - Judge send her to jail!!!

1065 days ago


You know I was almost ready to forgive her for this one - if you are used to a late schedule and suddenly have to be somewhere early it can be quite easy to be late. I know when I used to work night shifts and if I suddenly had an early appointment it was a bit hard. However then I remembered that this little creep usually parties from 12 midnight to 12 noon anyway - no excuses.

1065 days ago


I have never ever seen someone try fo ef' up so hard as this woman. Just wow how she plays the system. If it was a normal person no way in hell will they get 12 second chances.

1065 days ago


maybe brittany spears can pimp out her dad to help lilo get her sad, sorry, self back together....seems to have worked out for britt, lilo is on the right path for a short life, and unless the judge plays hardball with her this time, she's never going to have a chance....lindsy is nothing more than a death watch...and it is sad to me to see her circling the bowl :(

1065 days ago


Thats nothing but a re-po lot.

1065 days ago

AGENT smith    

Join Lindsay's Twitter army, she has 2.6 million followers on Twitter.

1065 days ago


GOOD GOD!!!! This girl is STUPID!!! She has been given so many breaks it's the norm for her. Time for a WAKE UP CALL!!! Lock her up for 90 days away from everyone in the middle of no where for some "Self Reflection"

1065 days ago


Put her ugly face in jail alead how many mugshots do you have to have to go to jail???? Wow what a Judicial system we have. Get her ugly ass behind bars!!!!!!

1065 days ago


Where in the hell does she get her money? And why on earth does she insist on parading it around and in the court room yesterday and every other time no less. Who is advising her and where on earth is her mother during all of this?

1065 days ago
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