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Lindsay Lohan [Video]

The $80k Morgue Rejection

10/20/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan hit the L.A. County Morgue in style this morning ... rolling up in an $80,000 Porsche Panamera ... before being turned away at the door.

Lindsay was spotted at a back entrance ... talking with a morgue staffer who appeared to be informing the actress that she needed to go to a different entrance ... redirecting her to the front of the building.

As we previously reported, LiLo was 40 minutes late ... and the Coroner's Office sent her ass home without credit.

Lohan claims she'll try again tomorrow.


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The way she drove to get there, running lights, because it's her own fault she's late. This is typical driving for her. I'm not even sure she understands what a traffic light means other than pretty colored lights.

1049 days ago


I don't even see the point of sending her home -

None of this makes a-lick-of-sense to me.

Maybe, people, just MAYbe?

-It's not about taking turns hopping Lindsey in the ass.

Calling her names, hating on her, etc.

Maybe a lot of you, including the so-called Authorities,
are living in the Dark Ages.

-When we burned witches at the stake.

1049 days ago


A Porsche??? Since Lindsay can afford a Porsche, she CANNOT afford to screw up again, but she did. GO TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. Lindsay, ANYONE who hires you for ANYTHING is as pathetic as you are.

1049 days ago

Canada Guy    

Move that pylon...I'm Lindsay Lohan!

1049 days ago


vinsetta: 3 minutes ago

sorry she's gonna do some long time, overcrowding or now. It's not that overcrowded for her yet since that law passed on 10/1. Not to mention that Sheriff Baca said he has a room waiting for her in there. I don't know what's going to happen on 11/2, but she's gonna get something handed to her again. I think she's going to get jail anyhow; today sure didn't help.
You don't think it is convenient that he is now speaking out about this when he and his department was just slammed for the awful treatment of inmates?
A committee was supposed to be formed in 2010 but until this came out in the past few weeks he has done sh-t.

1049 days ago


In Lindsayland, if you don't listen, you can't hear what they're saying, so you didn't know.

1049 days ago

The Truth    

Blame everyone else and attack them for posting

Lindsay Lohan – Crack – meth – criminal – thief – liar – scammer – cocaine – crack pipe – stolen jewelry – alcoholic – fraud – Crack – meth – criminal – thief – liar – scammer – cocaine – crack pipe – stolen jewelry – alcoholic – fraud – Crack – meth – criminal – thief – liar – scammer – cocaine – crack pipe – stolen jewelry – alcoholic – fraud – Crack – meth – criminal – thief – liar – scammer – cocaine – crack pipe – stolen jewelry – alcoholic – fraud google – bing

The Truth Hurts

1049 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The trolls who still support Lindsay are delusional and FOS. These same lizards are posting about what a great she-man MJ was and how he and Lilo aren't drug addicts. H8 me, don't procreate me, however you can beat me, but MJ and Lilo ARE drug addicts! Some more recent than others!!!!!!!!!!!!

1048 days ago


I did hear the morgue guy say this yet Lindsay just thought she can show back up tomorrow as usual. She needs permission to go back, thus she's kicked out of CS again. Kicked out of a morgue on the first day.

"Ms. Lohan has to have permission from the probation department and/or the judge, that she can come back. I haven't heard from the probation department or the judge about whether or not Ms. Lohan will be allowed to come back," Ed Winter"

However in Lindsayland.

"However, Lindsay still believes she is on track. "She is going to orientation tomorrow unless the Court tells her otherwise, which has not happened," Steve Honig, Lohan's rep tells us."

Radar Online

1048 days ago


Poor girl will be dead within a year or too.....a victim of her family and sucess at too early an age....

1048 days ago


Wow, Linz, that is an achingly beautiful ride. The only thing my ride has in common is the color black. :)
Ah, the lust of the eye is so enticing, but I am reminded of this country's $$ dire straits and is thus repelled from your avarice.

1048 days ago


With the probation dept having to notify Judge Sautner about today, and Lindsay needs approval from the court to return, she could be in more ho*****er. After all that went on yesterday, I'm not certain the courts will say she is allowed to go back. The thing is, she said she was going today, was late, and wasted the morgue's time. If the judge says she can't go back, she will be in violation and jailed immediately. I think Sautner will think Sautner will say she's out of chances and go this way. Tomorrow will be interesting if the courts don't give the morgue an answer, she shows up and has the door slammed in her face. Story developing....

1048 days ago


Why do some people think she has to do 16 hrs (2 shifts) before Nov.2nd

HELLOOOOO! Nov.2 is 2 weeks away so thats 32 hours and 4 shifts, thats what she has to do

1048 days ago



1048 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey folks, it's THAT time of year to do a little house cleaning. Regardless of other issues, if you think MJ was a freak and Lilo is seeing herself "in, give this post a thumbs DOWN. Viagra is needed! after several shot's... IMO:)

1048 days ago
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