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Lindsay Lohan

Latest Mug Shot

10/20/2011 3:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot 2011
By our count it's #6 ... Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot, taken right after she was handcuffed in court yesterday and taken away.

Perfect for the Fall.



No Avatar


Apparently they made here wash off the clown face before the mug shot?

1062 days ago


Damn she looks old and worn out. How old is she again? Im pretty sure it's not the 40 she looks.

1062 days ago


SCREW Judge Sautner. Melanie Chivara, Danette Meyers, Ed Winters, Judge Revel, Barbara Parker, Sandy Montalvo & Lee Baca


1062 days ago


screw the enablers^^^^^ screw Lindsay lohan, screw DUIna, screw anyone who thinks she made a good decision by "not doing Dr Drew", this skank needs ONE YEAR REHAB just like her dad said, and a full year at least in jail, sobriety, honesty, integrity (things she won't find in a crack pipe)

criminals like this who refuse to follow the law should be JAILED

1062 days ago

Kev the Realist    


Your theory about the face make up is wrong. She was either making her usual dig to the court, not unlike the nail polish insult, and further denegrates the judicial system with her "i'm better than you antics" because look at the booking photo. It ofers concklsive evidence that she does not have the make up on for the booking photo??????Just Lindsey being a bratty little bitch who is amused by these proceedings. She needs help and she needs JAIL TIME.

1062 days ago


They made her take all that crap off. She looks much better without it.

1062 days ago


The latest mug-shot is good. Glad to see she is no longer trying to look like Dina Lohan and is (relatively) cutting down on the make-up.

1062 days ago


Wow there is a ton of dumb in some of these comments. "Leave her alone! What did she ever do to you?" Nothing to me personally, but she DID break the law and there ARE consequences for doing do. She's doing it to herself. She could have been done with this nonsense years ago if she would've just done the stuff the judge told her do on probation, cleaned up her lifestyle, and not try to steal a necklace. How hard is it to do community service when you don't have a job? Your career is in the crapper anyway and it would help much more to take time off and take care of what you need to do instead of continuing to prolong the process and getting into more trouble. People might actually respect you then. As far as drug addiction, that's not easy. For addicts it is impossible to just stop without a real willingness and professional help. A real treatment center, not some celeb resort treatment center, might save this girl. You're not getting any younger. Look at how Britney cleaned her mess of a life up. I think she has some real trouble accepting reality outside of her little bubble. The judge is getting pissed and she has every right to. Lindsey obviously has zero respect nor does she seem to want to own up to her own actions. If she wasn't a celeb and if the jails weren't such an overcrowded mess she would serving time by now. And a final thought - that blonde hair looks awful on her, washes her out. She needs some warmth to her hair and get back that cute friendly vibe and lose the cold biatch vibe. I could go on forever...

1062 days ago


Her attorney should be ASHAMED of herself. Granted her job is to get her client off......but really....She must have a blank check relationship with the Judge. It happens all the time, look for the paper trail.
She is doing that sad little child a disservice by continually letting her getting away with anything...Lindsay is fastly becoming the new Casey Anthony and soon will be getting away with murder. It won't be long and no telling what will be next.

1062 days ago


That pic clearly isn’t right after. She doesn’t have the dog **** on her cheeks or the heroin eyes. Make-Up.

1062 days ago


Dang! It's not too often that you see a FAT, SKANKY, 90 year old in a mug shot!

1062 days ago


If that was shot after she was taken into custody from court last time, they made her scrub her stupid face before she posed. Predictable, boring LoLife with her own collection of pictures taken while she's going down the drain. What a success she is.

1062 days ago


What a Crack Whore

1062 days ago


Update: She showed up 40 min. late in her porsche for the community service at the morgue. Nothing the judge said to her meant anything. Can you imagine if you or I showed up 40 minutes late after being warned and admonished by a judge like that? Common sense would dictate that you better do what the judge says. This is not "tempting fate"...this is "please throw me in jail" behavior. I actually think now that she loves the publicity of all of this bad behavior. It's like the old saying in Hollywood - "Bad press is better then no press".

1062 days ago


she is sooo cute, come to my house lindsay i will take good care of you, so sexy

1062 days ago
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