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Lindsay Lohan

Latest Mug Shot

10/20/2011 3:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot 2011
By our count it's #6 ... Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot, taken right after she was handcuffed in court yesterday and taken away.

Perfect for the Fall.



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1099 days ago


bring in the clowns, those wonderful clowns.

1099 days ago


how many more mugshots until you realize that you have a serious problem?! She should serve her time! No more getting out early! Shame, she could have an amazing long-lasting career!

1099 days ago


I really dislike that blonde dye job she's got. She's a natural redhead, and they never look good with that washed out platinum mess. It's plain ugly. Why does her face look so round, if she weighs 116? At her height, her face should be more structured, considering her age. Tired of people saying everybody messes up. No, they don't. I don't know anyone like her, and many 25yr olds are raising families, working at productive jobs, finishing graduate school, etc. What's she doing? Hanging around clubs, trying to pick up "photograph modeling jobs." What's she got to offer society? The judge was trying to get her to see the rest of life, by going to the women's shelter, or whatever it was, but Lindsay "wasn't fulfilled" watching other women suffer and struggle. I thought she was there to help them, not help herself.

1099 days ago


Keep her in jail. Thanks!

1099 days ago


I'm really surprised that out of the several million people who went through residential treatment programs(called TC'S) in the 1980's,not one, till me,has written about what they see happening with Lindsay and exactly what needs to be done.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out,sometimes,it takes something as simple as a recovered addict to know exactly how to get Lindsay the help she desperately needs.
When I saw the photos of her yesterday going to court,my heart sank as I immediately recognized the monster and the hurricane brewing,once upon a time, I looked & acted just like her..At the dawn of the cocaine/crack age in the 1980's,at age 23-24,the same age as Lindsay's problems,these drugs took a hold of me,hard and fast.I lost it all extremely quickly and after asking my parents for help,I entered a 3 year(yes, 3 years) residential drug treatment program.I was not mandated ,very lucky to never have been arrested but if I didn't go thru the program,my family would have had nothing to do with me.I had bottomed out,there was no money,friends,job,nothing.It was one of the toughest rehabs in the country.We even have survivor boards for it.The things is ,it worked.I have nearly 25 yrs of time free of that horrific drug.Unfortunatley,there is no bottoming out for Lindsay as she is surrounded by enablers and seems to have unlimited income.Who posted the 100k bond?The TC,I was in was far from easy.In fact,it was so tough,many people would have preferred jail to it.It's early to rise,cut off from the outside world,no going home for over a yr.and having your defenses completely broken down.Addicts helping addicts,you cant get over on people just like you.If she were to go to a place like this,certainly not a plsuh place,like her previous rehab,plain and simple her life would be saved.This nonsense with going back & forth to court would be over.She is absolutely making a mockery of the system.,and again,she is being allowed to do so.A hard core residential treatment program is absolutely called for here,these places are so tough,Lindsay would be begging to go to jail.She is getting further and further out of touch with reality,her outfit said it all yesterday,dressing like it's a Hollywood Premiere and again,the makeup.All the makeup in the world wont cover up the monster brewing inside of her.She desperatley needs help,tough love kinda help.I wish I could be her counselorI 'd have her straightened out fast.She needs someone to tell her where it's at and not put up with her manipulations.The counselor who is suiing her from Betty Ford seems to be getting a raw deal here.She saw right through Lindsay,called her out on it and look at where it got her.Clearly a conscience needs to be developed.As long as she has yes people surrounding her,she is never going to get through this and get the help she needs.I truly pray she doesn't die in the meantime and I wish someone would start pushing for her to be sentenced to a long term residential treatment program.

1099 days ago

Good riddance!    

It's probably safe to say that right now she's hung over the edge of a toilet somewhere celebrating her latest mug shot! Keep drinking, drugging, and thugging. That'll certainly show that judge just who's in charge here!

1099 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Gadhafi is dead

1099 days ago


In all seriousness I wonder why her face is so swollen up like that? Compared to her other mug shots it looks like she's been punched in both cheeks. Meth alone wouldn't cause that - meth rots teeth and causes skin to lose elasticity but causes protruding cheekbones rather than bloat. Perhaps she had some more teeth extractions? Maybe it's fillers like resty but I don't get why they'd put soooo much in her face. Maybe she's doing opiates like oxy's as well as coke/meth? Is it some prescription med we don't know about?

1099 days ago


Lindsay's next court date is November 2 and she's supposed to serve at least two days per week on cleanup duty at the morgue between now and then. [NYP]
Supposedly Lindsay is telling friends that she's going to try to impress the judge by cleaning up blood and guts and the morgue every day until November 2. She says this is the "big warning she needs to get her act together" — as if there haven't been dozens of warnings in the past. [TMZ]


Her and her mom are so delusional. I'm willing to bet she's got a meth problem, since she likes coke and aderall and it lasts longer. She thinks she can conceal it by smoking it since it doesn't mess up her nose. In Hollyweird, cokes one thing, and meth is a whole nother ball game!

1099 days ago


Oh Goody

We have another winner for the "Faces of Meth" show!

1099 days ago


what was with that makeup....not that I would kick her out of bed...she just needs a good man like me

1099 days ago


@daRock - that's what I think too, she was crapping up her nose with coke (you can see how her nose is kinda heading south and thinning out in these mugshots)so she started smoking meth instead. (Hey, it's easier to get fake teeth than a new nose right? At least that makes sense in druggie-think!). If someone already loves their stimulants like coke and adderall it's pretty easy to get on meth too.

1099 days ago


Whenever she goes to Europe she comes back with a swollen face. I wonder what shes doing over there to cause that

1099 days ago


She was swollen when she came back from Cannes too.
What drugs do they have in France?

1099 days ago
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