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L.A. County Sheriff

We Got Room for Lindsay in Jail

10/20/2011 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to jail next month, she WILL do time behind bars -- this according to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca.

Baca just told FOX 11's Good Day L.A. ... the overcrowding problem will not keep Lindsay out of jail.  Lindsay, he says,  is a "sick" drug addict who needs jail to beat her demons -- and if the judge decides to sentence Lindsay for a probation violation, he'll make damn sure she serves time.

According to Baca, Lindsay needs at least 60 days in the slammer to be properly rehabilitated.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made a comment on the bench yesterday, suggesting that sentencing Lindsay to jail was futile because it's become a revolving door. But Baca is now giving her assurance to the contrary.


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Finally - Thank God! This girl needs to locked up and learn a thing or two.

1101 days ago


Lindsay will never respect the legal system until they throw her ass in jail.
Same performance from 1 1/2 year ago .......

Lohan tried to tell the court she had been confused by the instructions surrounding her probation and believed herself to be in compliance with the judge's orders. She claimed the alcohol education program gave her permission to skip and reschedule appointments. "I'm not taking this as a joke, it's my life, and it's my career ... I've learned from my experiences, I take responsibility for my actions," Lohan told the court.

However, (finally) Judge Revel was having none of it. She reviewed the past history of Lohan's case, noting that in the two DUI arrest incidents, Lohan had claimed others were the drivers both times, and had lied about being sober and drug-free both times. In addition, ran down the starlet's behavior during this last round of probation. Lohan was a no-show at a mandatory progress review hearing in May, claiming her passport was stolen while at the Cannes Film Festival.

At this hearing, Judge Marsha Revel (finally) seemed to have heard enough. "I couldn't have been more clear [about my orders]," said the judge. "There are no excuses."

1101 days ago





1101 days ago


Oh hey Agent Smith, Red Cloud, Nicole, etc... what do you have to say now??? I guess IF she is sentenced, she IS going to jail. You're little theories are all blown out the window.

1101 days ago

the real diva    

lindsay needs to go to jail. not be pampered and let loose like some princess she thinks she is.. let her do the time.

1101 days ago


Don't worry Sheriff Baca, if you do let her out early and she runs over my Grandchildren, you will be the first person I go after in civil court!

1101 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Yeah right, and this is coming from the same sheriff who gave special treatment to Paris while she was in jail. Remember Baca? When you let her out because she was going crazy from the isolation? Then your head of office picked her again??

1101 days ago


So sick of hearing about what this entitled twit "needs". How about what SOCIETY NEEDS?? She has proven to be a violent criminal. Cut the crap and give it to her good!! How many of you would like your kid or family member mowed down because this "habitual" drunk driving druggie, theif with a penchant for commandeering vehicles, was continuously allowed to be free to break all the laws we have?

Funny how some folks here are quick to say that they should leave her alone because she isn't a violent offender. What about what she did to that rehab worker at BF? How about when she drunkenly stole a vehicle WITH PASSENGERS and chased a woman at speeds of 100mph, through the streets? Does that not constitute violent behavior? Is it considered violent when her car runs someone over because she so junked out of her mind she can't control it or herself? When is enough, ENOUGH??

1101 days ago

Cravin Morehead    


1101 days ago


If this pos called her a sick drug addict i believe a law suit is in order. These morons have no busness talking to the press and should be fired.

1101 days ago


Dang, that's harsh.
Who does he think he
is being Mr. Rehabilitation?
She just needs to do her
community service, the community
can use the help and jail costs too
much tax payer's money.

1101 days ago


This tool is an unprofessional ass for discussing with the media what he will or won't do. If he does it, fine, and if he doesn't, fine, but get your ugly puss out of the camera and do your damn job.

1101 days ago


i love this sheriff for saying that. YES!!!! through her AWAY!!!!!

1101 days ago


I am no Lindsay fan, but should a public official be making such comments about someone. I bet he doesn't go on the news saying these things about every other probationer. I think they are all just pissed she got away last time and now are out to get her. Who really gives a **** where she performs community service, I don't. She is a spoiled brat, but with her Probation officer telling her one thing and the judge saying another it is bull****.

1101 days ago


Go Lee!!!!!! You are awesome. Stick to your guns, sir.

1101 days ago
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