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L.A. County Sheriff

We Got Room for Lindsay in Jail

10/20/2011 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to jail next month, she WILL do time behind bars -- this according to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca.

Baca just told FOX 11's Good Day L.A. ... the overcrowding problem will not keep Lindsay out of jail.  Lindsay, he says,  is a "sick" drug addict who needs jail to beat her demons -- and if the judge decides to sentence Lindsay for a probation violation, he'll make damn sure she serves time.

According to Baca, Lindsay needs at least 60 days in the slammer to be properly rehabilitated.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made a comment on the bench yesterday, suggesting that sentencing Lindsay to jail was futile because it's become a revolving door. But Baca is now giving her assurance to the contrary.


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You free Lindsay from addiction and she's still a narcissist and manipulator. Getting Lindsay off drugs will not change her entitled behavior. Bet.

1035 days ago


Sure, let's make an example out of her now.

...Maybe send her to the gas chamber...

I still say punitive-community-service makes no sense.

-And benefits no one.

"Can't wait to get up tomorrow - and go to the Morgue."

"With all the Paps waiting outside - and to see if I show."

"With TMZ ready to exult - and should I again screw up."

"GREAT to be hated-on in this World..."

1035 days ago

Sonya in Tx    


It's almost the same advertising line of Delta Airlines, "We're ready when you are..."

1035 days ago

Dina Lohan    

Lindsay has done nothing wrong. She is just trying to juggle a lot of balls and survive.

1035 days ago

Irish Pubes    

So this pretty much ensures that the judge will give her another chance

1035 days ago


Like a pack of wolves smelling a drop of blood.

1035 days ago


Sooooo this is were ya'll went.!!!! Go LOhan Inc go on spinning out the smoke and mirrors.....And tomorrow ya'll better start the peeling of her ceiling a little earlier then today..cause having to hose her off and stuff her in her into one of her god-awful outfits takes longer then you think....gotta look good for all the dead people you know....

1035 days ago


Linds really did plan to begin "work" at the morgue, but there was a last-minute scheduling conflict with Faegtrick, her lebianist.

1035 days ago


A consistent factor in the Lohan history has been that she remains in familiar territory. Its always been a CA facility that is overcrowded or mobbed by media, blah blah blah.

I'm thinking that some version of a 'Project Exile' approach may be useful. A penal facility in say...Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma (hey Sheriff Joe - can ya free up some room in Arizona?).

The one thing being granted continuously to this narcissistic repeat offender is media attention. Even bad press is still press. So.. remove the press, remove the palm trees outside the cell window, remove everything familiar. Park her 8ss in a jail cell in the middle of a cornfield where the media (and the rest of the country) loses interest. (TMZ staff just groaned in unison as none of them want to staff a field office in the Great Plains.)

Perhaps she may begin to focus when the realization strikes that there really are consequences.

Wesley Snipes has been kinda quiet - how many of you just smacked their forehead and said "Wow - forgot all about him."

My point exactly.

1035 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Sheriff Lee Baca needs to close his trap. He has no say to who gets to get locked up. That's the courts/judges decision. As far as we're concerned. The court system is on the take when it comes to dealing with the celebrities.

1035 days ago


GOOD. What Lindsay needs the most right now is some humility. -- You are not special Lindsay. You are just like every other drug addict with responsibility issues. Lots of people have crummy parents and manage to be successful human beings. Actually, your childhood was angelic compared to some peoples.

1035 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Just wow! Last time Lindsay was sent to jail the sheriff released her to home monitoring where she proceeded to give interviews and throw rooftop parties making the Sheriff's Office look like idiots. Now her supporters are whining that the Sheriff is making room for her.
Lindsay, don't f*ck with cops! They are smarter than you and will make you look like the idiot you are.
It is Baca's jail and Lindsay should keep her mouth shut.

1035 days ago

Carol L    

Scratch the 22 minutes in jail plan Lindsay. That morgue must be looking better and better. No bars.

1035 days ago


Like the sheriff and totally agree with him!!

1035 days ago


Sheesh a couple years ago she was really close to being done... only missing a few classes and AA meetings... this is sad

1035 days ago
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