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Mickey Rooney

Slammed by Former Asst.

'Gruff, Hostile and Rude'

10/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

90-year-old Mickey Rooney is not the sweet, adorable guy he appears to be ...  at least according to legal docs filed by his former assistant, who claims the actor is a mean, abusive old man.

The woman behind the allegations is Cindy Smith -- who claims she served as Mickey's right hand lady from 1984 to 1991 and again from 2000 to 2010.

Rooney's lawyers recently filed a lawsuit against Smith -- accusing her of elder abuse and fraud.  But in new court documents, Smith says she is the real victim, because Rooney was a stubborn and abusive boss ... and all she did was try to look out for his best interests.

In the docs, Smith explains, "Mickey was condescending and gruff, hostile and rude, insulting and dismissive, and yelled quite often."

Cindy also claims Mickey was always looking to get himself involved in "get rich quick schemes" -- and she and Mickey's stepson would constantly have to protect him from squandering his money.

We've reached out to Mickey's lawyers for comment -- so far, no response.



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Short Dudes named Rooney are always pricks! Just ask anyone who knows Andy Rooney. Arrogant, self absorbed, 60 minute prick!

1062 days ago


So what? She must not have been too upset, since she worked for him for 7 yrs and then again for 10 yrs. People are out of work, Miss Assistant, so suck it up or quit and let someone else do it. He's 90, if he wants to be crabby, then be crabby!!

1062 days ago


I worked on an independent film in 1997 with Mickey called The First of May (which also starred a very young Dan Byrd from the tv show Cougartown). I'd vouch for this lady ANY DAY. Mickey Rooney is the biggest prick I've ever met in my life. He was so miserable to work with that the guys that wrote the film actually re-wrote some scenes just to get rid of him sooner! He made Dan Byrd (who was only 12 at the time) cry and made disgusting, sexist remarks about Julie Harris (famous Broadway actress who was also in the film). Don't be fooled by the smiles and joking on-camera persona. He's a miserable ******* ******* me.

1062 days ago


Soooooooooo....he was that bad that she went back to work for him again?????? Nice try lady.

1062 days ago


All of us "old guys" are "condescending and gruff, hostile and rude, insulting and dismissive, and yell quite often." Just look at my old posts.

1062 days ago


All you ******** who call her a gold digger and say shes just "looking for another pay day" the article. He sued her first, she's defending herself...this guy apparently is an ******* and in this economy, I don't blame her for not tossing away what is obviously a stable job.

1062 days ago


I never perceived him as warm and fuzzy. From way back in the day he has always seemed like a posterior orfice.

1062 days ago


It's called little man syndrome. He should be quarantined.

1062 days ago


he's a 100 years old hes going to be rude hostile and gruff , its called a OLD person !! Go to a nursing home and you'll see A LOT of it honey.
Deal with it !!

1062 days ago


Pious guy....

1062 days ago


That's really nice..she and his stepson tried to keep him from squandering his money-- obviously so THEY could get it all--- I wonder when the stepson will file HIS law suit!

1062 days ago


If he want's to squander his money so what its his money he earned it and he's 90 years told let him enjoy the last days he has I would think the step-son is more concern that there might not be any left for him when Mickey dies. As for him being a grumpy old man big surprise he's 90 and looks like a grump who cares why the hell would you come back and work for him a 2nd time if he was so grumpy.

1062 days ago

steve feeley    

ive met hime before he is an *******

1062 days ago


she worked for him for almost 20 years! lying bitch

1062 days ago


He's paid his dues. He can be anyway he wants. If you don't like it - QUIT.

1062 days ago
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