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Charlie Sheen

'Extremely Disappointed' with

the New 'Two and a Half Men'

10/21/2011 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen has once again turned on "Two and a Half Men" .... saying he's now "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind."

Sheen was out in L.A. yesterday ... when a photog asked if Charlie could explain why "Men" was slipping in the ratings from the show's explosive debut.

Charlie -- who recently said he "loved" the first episode of the Ashton Kutcher era --  explained, "People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

FYI -- "Men" is still high atop the ratings ... in fact, this week's episode is UP one-and-a-half rating points from the episode that ran exactly one year ago.


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The reason it is slipping in the ratings is because everyone is watching Dancing With The Stars. After dwts ends, 2 1/2 men will get more viewers.

1100 days ago


If he doesn't like it then it really doesn't matter. If he wanted a valid opinion then he shouldn't have screwed up the perfect package he was offered. Lesson here Charlie, don't bite the hand that feeds you...

1100 days ago


I actually liked the first show for a bit, until Ashton Kutcher came on. He's a great actor, why would Chuck Lorrey have him play such an idiot? Lost all it's appeal for me now.

1100 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

Jesus christ, even for those that never liked the show to begin with, you have to admit it it was comedy gold compare to the horrendous show it has turned into. I couldn't even stand the first episode, but two more, and that was it for me. Ashton Kutcher is wooden, unfunny, and unconvincing. I'm sure all those viewers are teenage girls and Jersey Shore fans, because anyone who thinks Kutcher is any good, is frickin' retarded -- juvenile language, eh? What an awful show it has truly turned into. You have that overpaid kid who does nothing but makes cringe-worthy and unfunny jokes, and you add these guy who's the same? Face it... Cryer needs to carry the whole show by himself, and he's failing miserably as well.

1100 days ago

BB in CA    

I used to love this show but mainly because of Charlie. Not interested in watching it anymore. Nothing against Ashton but this was Charlie's show and they should have found a way to work things out so we could still be entertained by Charlie.

1100 days ago


The depressed billonaire dipwad angle has run it's course - already. I keep watching hoping it will get away from he same liquor, laid, fart storyline. At this point, I pretty much enjoy Berta's character, and t'hell with the rest of them. The writers need to do SOMETHING with the cast. Go into business together, travel somwehere, bring in some interesting neighbors. They sit around the house and drink and complain. woo-hoo. The writing sucks and the entertainment value is nil.....Hey, it was getting that way with Charlie Waffles, but still had some zingers in it. Now it lays there like a fish on a board about to be fileted. The occasional gasp for oxygen and a meaningless flop here and there.

1100 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It is starting to seem to me that they are writing the show so Charlie MIGHT be able to come back. Ashton (whatever his characters name is) may or may not get back together with his wife. This would leave the door wide open for Chuck L. to have Charlie "re-appear" by the magic of television. Of course, Charlie will have to demand a HUGE pay raise but that still make him Lorre's bitch.

1100 days ago


HE is the one to blame then! Acting like a freakin' fruit cake!

1100 days ago


Charlie Sheen made this show funny. I rather watch reruns than the new episodes. It was getting stale with Charlie now the show sucks and should be ending soon.

1100 days ago


I think it's the lack of familial connection. The average person could understand Charlie Harper's position, as we all have family we must contend with, but contending with some random stranger makes no sense. Plus, Ashton sucks as an actor and without the expertise of Charlie Sheen, who lives a life close to that of Charlie Harper, there's no authenticity. I miss you Charlie!!

1100 days ago


The new show sucks because Ashton Kutcher's character sucks. The show appears to have gone gay and is no longer funny. Charlie Harper was the main character and the show has lost that talent. It won't last much longer without Charlie.

1100 days ago


Geez was only up in the ratings because Ashton turned out to a bad boy too. People who had no*****ched before wanted a glimpse of the NEW bad boy..LOL

1100 days ago


I agree. Not liking it much, sorta stupid. TOO BAD Chuck Lorre, YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Don't like Lorre due to his BIG MOUTH stupid crap he puts at the end of the shows. GOING on-and-on about Charlie, tell-all books, ETC. Shut the heck up & write a good script. DUH!

1100 days ago


I don't understand why anyone has EVER watched that stupid show. It must be for the low IQ crowd.

1100 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN is aging faster than a speeding bullet. He sure ain't no SUPERMAN.
ASHTON KUTCHER makes my skin crawl with his GREASY appearance. His rise to "fame" has always been suspect.
He's a little-brained guy in a greasy smug-faced body.

1100 days ago
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