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Charlie Sheen

'Extremely Disappointed' with

the New 'Two and a Half Men'

10/21/2011 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen has once again turned on "Two and a Half Men" .... saying he's now "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind."

Sheen was out in L.A. yesterday ... when a photog asked if Charlie could explain why "Men" was slipping in the ratings from the show's explosive debut.

Charlie -- who recently said he "loved" the first episode of the Ashton Kutcher era --  explained, "People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

FYI -- "Men" is still high atop the ratings ... in fact, this week's episode is UP one-and-a-half rating points from the episode that ran exactly one year ago.


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Hate to say i told you so..but this proves that Charlie Sheen WAS Two and Half Men.And to top it off Charlie got like 70 million exit money for the show??....WINNING!!

1077 days ago


I think charlie should have been kicked off. I didnt see the need to bring ashton on board they could have just had the house left to alan and let things progress normally like it would have in real life. Show sucks now

1077 days ago


Sadly, Charlie will always be in the limelight as long as there are idiot paps around to placate his every tangient.

1077 days ago


Well two and half month bout done!

1077 days ago


Lorre's just doing this season to satify the syndication deal. The show's done after this season. It would've sucked even with Charlie in= it. Lorre's heart isn't in the show.

1077 days ago


With the kid on the show getting older the show was reaching the end anyway but it has been pretty bad this season.

1077 days ago


I'll have to admit...maybe the show was losing popularity...but it wasn't because of the was Lorre's ability to conceive new plots. The characters always follow the script. Lorre didn't seem to have any trouble being articulate in his Vanity Cards. Lorre can write...but can he write himself out of a corner? Obviously he can...he just doesn't chose to. He writes 2½ Men like it's on its death bed. Yeah, good idea, Chuck...put some goof in to replace Charlie then write boring scripts. Playa'!

1077 days ago


ian182: 3 minutes ago

Hate to say i told you so..but this proves that Charlie Sheen WAS Two and Half Men.

Even if he was...let's not forget CHARLIE F*CKED THIS SHOW UP HIMSELF and for him to make a statement about how "extremely disappointed HE is with the show" is ludicrous when HE created the problem in the first place.

What's really eating him is even though he was the reason Chuck brought in Ashton, Charlie can never be the solution to make "MEN" what is was before. "MEN" is done with him and Chuck Lorre would rather this show be canceled than bring Charlie back. Chuck Lorre will always make more millions with his other shows and his shows to come.

Charlie will never find a job that will let him play himself and get paid almost $2 million A WEEK. Charlie is the biggest fool of this century. I doubt if too many people in Hollywood will hire him and pay him that type of money.

He's more of a liability than an asset at this point in time. In the long run he's a loser. His ego is now and will always be his downfall which is why he lost the best job he will ever have.

1077 days ago


It would be a lot better if the writing was good. But now, all they talk about is masturbation and a stupid very rick man who is crying to get his wife back.

1077 days ago


The show is horrible!!! Thanks for putting dummy Kelso on my favorite show. Ashton is an idiot! I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!!!!

1077 days ago


I agree with Charlie. I have always loved Charlie Sheen. Yes, he had done some crazy things, but he is a great actor. He will be ok. Two and....whatever that mess is right now SUCKS!!!! The writers and producer worked so hard to prevent Charlie from coming back that they made this stupid story line.

I believe that the ratings are high not because its a great show, but because old fans are trying to hang in there and give it a chance. They should have never killed Charlie off, but rather replaced the same role with a new actor or better yet put on their little boy pants (including Charlie) and come back to the table and work this crap out.

Is this why all of a sudden Demi and Ashton are having problems. He has had plenty of opportunities to cheat, Im sure...but all of a sudden he is the new "charlie", now he is a dog.....come on Lore, give the T&HM fans more credit than that. I prefer to watch the old reruns on the other stations. They are hillarious.

1077 days ago


I agree, stupid and a complete waste of my time. I rather have Charlie back on.

1077 days ago


CHARLIE... YOU are the DISAPPOINTMENT... If you weren't such a knife wielding, woman beating CRACK HEAD, you would STILL be on the show being WAY OVER PAID.....I do no*****ch Two And A Half Men but i am going to put it on just to F... with YOU.. YOU are a SPOILED PANTY WASTE... I don't like Ashton much either, so what does that say about YOU??? NOT MUCH APPARENTLY... SORRY CHARLIE YOU S U C K!!!

1077 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

What kills the show is the opening song. Sounds like the guy is trying too hard to sing the song is very well constipated getting the lyrics out.

1077 days ago


The new "Men" stinks as we knew it would Watched twice and no laughs!!! Makes the re-runs appreciated, thank *** we have them. Think Lorre should re think Charlie.

1077 days ago
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