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Kim & Kris

We're Not Breaking Up!

10/21/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are NOT on the verge of a split ... not even close ... despite several screaming magazine covers and websites SWEARING they're headed for divorce.

In fact, TMZ has learned the newest story making the rounds -- about Kris supposedly getting booted out of their NYC pad -- is just another steaming pile of BS.

Kris Humphries moving outMultiple sources who are extremely close to the couple tell us they were simply getting some boxes together for the newlyweds' big move back to L.A. ... together.

The couple had been living out of NYC's swagtastic Gansevoort Hotel for a couple months while Kim shot her new reality show "Kim and Kourtney Take New York" -- and yesterday, it was finally time to move out.

As for Kris' lack of wedding ring -- we're told the guy just isn't a fan of jewelry.


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Who gives a ratase what kim and kris does?

1062 days ago


This fascination with celebrity and addiction to consumerism and materialism that is so prevalent in the (mostly western) world is an embarassment. Please slow this roll. Thanks.

1062 days ago


Seriously Kim just get out, this guy is going to be a miserable child to raise. Kim you definitely have what it takes to snag an international billionaire and have a man who can actually show you the world, not some over grown wanna be big **** basketball player who complains about living a life of luxury. Seriously, this guy really has to go. Good luck. DON'T HAVE HIS BABY IT WIL RUIN YOUR LIFE!!! he doenst even respect your opinion enough to make his dogs sleep on the floor not your silk bed covers, really do you want to parent with him????? RUN!

1061 days ago


Dear Kim and Kris,
First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your marriage. It was absolutely beautiful and I watch it several times weekly. You are an adorable couple.
Kim, you must cut back on your engagements as it is taking away bonding time with Kris...you are a beautiful couple and I feel very bad that the news people are hounding you. It is imperative that you tell your Mom to stop all of the constant engagements and spend quality time with each other. Kris, you took a lot from the Kardashians prior to the wedding...even Mom Kris being insensitive to you and your family...did she really not order a car for your family? Khloe's mouth did not help, she will never change.
It is important that you focus on each other, building a close bond and living each day to its fullest. Kim, work will always be there for you, now is the time to cut back your hours and focus on your marriage with Kris. Do not allow anything or anyone to destroy your marriage. Your Mom needs to let go of her leash on you. Speak to Bruce for advice and counseling for the two of you. He is very special and gives great advice.
Plant your feet on the ground, marriage, family life, loving one another is a priority over material things. Kris is very sensitive and has great qualities. You will have a very strong bond when you make a few minor changes. Kim, you are a beautiful Armenian have a great gift in the business world...turn to Kris to share your dreams and you will be on top of the world together.
I love both of you, wish I could have joined you at the Cosmo in Vegas last weekend, i was not feeling well. Yes, Vegas is a great town, we have been here for 12 years after living in Northridge for many years.
Please respond to my e-mail, I want to know you have read this message to the two of you.
Take care,
Linda Harikian

1060 days ago


Did you not notice that his wedding ring is missing as he holds the box containing only his own belongings from their hotel room? We did, and we heard otherwise from a fellow ball bouncing pal of Humphries....

1059 days ago


You mean they haven't divorced yet? They lasted longer than I expceted!

1059 days ago

The Fan    

I'm not surprised it's already over.First of all Kim Kardashian's significant other will have to work harder than Scott and Lamar combined to have a successful relationship.Second when you marry Kim Kardashian you are marrying Kris Jenner.Third Kim should stop looking for guys with money(even though Khloe got lucky enough to find one) and start looking for guys that care about her happiness.The only guy who's going to last with Kim is a prince or a male version of Kris Jenner.

1058 days ago


Well, it looks like they're divorcing after all. Kim thought she could could just continue along her merry way with her career, squeezing in time for a husband in between business appts. Kris was a smart mouthed immature guy who acted like he was doing Kim a favor by letting her marry him. He was never especially nice nice to her...constantly ridiculed her and her family. And just who is he?...nothing more than a bench warming NBA player who has bounced around from team to team. And with the lockout he doesn't even have a job right now! He better hope he gets a cut of the multi millions Kim and her mother negotiated for the airing of their nuptials...which was obscenely expensive. Kim was in love with love; Kris was simply a jerk!

1055 days ago


Wow- this article looks like such a plant when she filed for divorce just 10 days later. She is talentless and ugly and just doesn't go away!

1054 days ago


Hahaha this is funny. Considering she announced that she was filing for divorce a mere 10 days later... yeah so much for that one.. How much can change in ten days? She is a pathetic person...

1053 days ago


OUCH this has got to HURT! What a lie..

1051 days ago



1044 days ago
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