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Lindsay Lohan

Cupcake Cop Turns Away

36 Sweets for Lindsay

10/21/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsey Lohan Cupcakes
The L.A. County Coroner just turned away a dude who was delivering 36 fancy cupcakes to Lindsay Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue.

We found out about it and called Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter to inquire, and he said, "WHAT!" -- and then went to the front door and turned the delivery guy away (see video below).


Winter told TMZ, "It's unacceptable. We're not here to accept food," adding there are not 36 people in Lindsay's program, so some of the cupcakes were apparently earmarked for the Coroner's staff.

We found out the order was placed this morning at the fancy, Magnolia Bakery by someone Lindsay knows.

The bakery owner would not tell TMZ whether the order was placed at Lindsay's behest, but Winter told TMZ he spoke with Lindsay and she said she had nothing to do with the order.



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the amount of attention this day is getting is beyond ridiculous. from helicopters at the morgue to play by play of her day, to pics of her during a cigarette break, now this stupid story about cupcakes.

it's insane, let her do her damn community service. we don't need to know what she's doing at every minute. i don't remember seeing this kind of attention on paris or mel or naomi campbell when they did the community service. it's complete overkill.

1035 days ago


Stupid bimbo, does she think that some cupcakes can fix everything. Besides who wants to eat anything at the morgue? She needs to be careful, the way she is looking lately she might be mistaken for one of the corpses.

1035 days ago


i cannot stand her anymore!!! she lies and gets away with it.. late 40 minutes cuz she didnt know where to get in?? HA right she should be treated like anyone else... pathetic

1035 days ago


It is going to be a long and cold chilly winter for you. I guarantee.

1035 days ago


Come on give her a break. Who among us when we mess up at work don't try to express our heartfelt appology by being a snack for our co-workers. I think it was a nice gesture, but inapproriate because the place she/or her people was sending the gesture too!!!

1035 days ago


Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter is as much a TV slut as anyone who has ever pubically cashed in on a bad situation. You are not in a position to be in front of the camera (you made it a point to do this interview youself when you could have just easily sent someone else to do it, as if a comment was warrented to begin with in the first place), and fueling the Lohan propaganda machine like you are makes you as pathetic as your appearance. Shut up and stay in the building for friggs sake. Wannabe loser.

1035 days ago


Instead of bribing them with cupcakes and In and Out Burgers, why don't you set up a Halloween Party at the Morgue ON HALLOWEEN? What a great place to do that!

1035 days ago


Looks like the delivery dude found the door okay... hmmmmm

1035 days ago


This guy is a giant PRI@K!

She is trying to be nice by bringing some treats to the staff. Why couldn't this turd just put the cupcakes and the In n Out in the lunchroom? Excuse, but did this girl kill anybody to get this earn this amount of scorn? She showed up on time and did her 8 hours. Personally I think that this has gone far enough. She was trying to make nice with the staff and this guy just kicked her in the teeth. Lindsay is spoiled and immature but she is also a human being.

Leave this girl alone & I wonder what this azzclown does to her behind closed doors, and yes, I have had my share of sadistic bosses. I know exactly what this guy is about. He is a big, fat slob of a turd on a power trip.

Mr. Morgue Guy: You are a royal jerk on some huge power trip. You see that you have a Hollywood actress in your cluthes and you enjoy the attention. You also enjoy humiliating her.


1035 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Clearly, Assisstant Chief Coroner Ed Winter was expecting some BBQ'd RIBS from the best Steakhouse in town to come walking through those double doors. Not some pansy a55 cupcakes. They're working in a Morgue for christ sakes. You would think LiLo would think of RIBS.

1035 days ago

She is doomed I have lost faith in her:( I don't understand what she is thinking! I used to think like back in 2008 that she could turn it around, but now I think it's just hopeless everyday something new about her dumb drama comes out that she always denies and later says oh yeah I messed up I'm sorry.

1035 days ago


lindsay is as tasty as a cupcake....mmmmm

1035 days ago

Bush Poverty    

can i haz dem cupckaes pweaze?

1034 days ago


I wouldn't accept food from unknown sources, either. Who knows with what they're laced and whence they really came?

1034 days ago
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