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Lindsay Lohan Morgue Duty

I See Dead People

10/21/2011 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay lohan shocked
Lindsay Lohan
won't be touching any dead bodies during her stint on morgue duty this morning ... but TMZ has learned she's already come face to face with a real not-live human corpse.

Sources tell us ... Lindsay is on sheet-washing duty ... and she covered her mouth in horror when she first laid eyes on the blood and fluid stained linens.

We're told ... during her shift, Lindsay saw a dead body in the morgue and seemed "shocked."

Lohan has just moved on to toilet duty.

Sources also tell us Lindsay appears to be in good spirits ... is talking to other people in her group ... and is maintaining a positive attitude.

As we previously reported, Lindsay has been ordered to complete 16 hours in the morgue per week until her next hearing.


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Yesterday the coronor said that Lindsay had been to the morgue before. Was that for her sentence or does anyone know why she had been to the morgue before?

1099 days ago


It's cruel and unusual. Just because they have a community service program doesn't mean they can subject people to extraordinary punishments. Who will be responsible if Lohan or anyone else develops PTSD or recurring nightmares? Obviously, the coroner and the judge are used to grisly stuff, but the unusual trauma they're intentionally inflicting is not consistent with our traditions.

Why not have her work at a DNA lab? It's a forensic lab too.

Or, since Lindsay seems to walk off with **** that aint hers, the county surplus property room. That stuff walks off all the time too.

I've had girlfriends who were just as screwed up as Lohan, but none that had a figure as good as hers.

1099 days ago


She's been there less than three hours so far - any bets on how long before she cracks & has a fit?

1099 days ago


gotta say... i'd take a few pics... sell them to different magazines... and probably make more than i would working there. LOL --

1099 days ago

Lise Charlebois    

Lindsay is supporting her entire parasitic family! The judge would be doing Lindsay a huge favor if she put Lindsay in jail. Lindsay's mother is the biggest parasite of them all and as a mom myself I find that Dana is despicable! Parallel to this news story is what happened to Michael Jackson because of the parasites around him. Her father may not be a great role model, but at least he is out there trying to get someone to listen. Her mother? Well she is out there saying everything is ok. You are pathetic excuse for a mother Dana, and bring shame to all of us mothers who really sacrifice for our daughters rather than leech of them and use them as a meal ticket!

1099 days ago


All of the corpses sat up all at once and said in unison: "We see dumb people".

1099 days ago


for what is is worth, I bet she is so miserable in there, that she is thinking "well if I do this I won't go to jail because it's so awful." But this is what the judge ordered b/c you bleeped up on the original CS. So, no effect on the Nov 2 hearing. Yesterday being late didn't help her cause. Sautner will address that Nov 2

1099 days ago


Blood Red Witch: 13 minutes ago

Well, TMZ FINALLY got the hours correct! I am still thinking she is gonna find a reason to call her "therapist" for the "trama" of seeing a corpse and be out of there in a couple of hours!

It seems there is a lot of confusion on this issue. What
exactly does the judge expect? What did she mean, per week,
or 16 hours before Nov. 2? Can any one clarify?

1099 days ago


This afternoon's story: Lindsay Lohan: "I see a bucket and mop!"

1099 days ago


She should be used to seeing dead bodies. She slept with Sam Ronson. What's that dead fish smell??

1099 days ago


She should be used to seeing dead bobies. She slept with Sam Ronson. If that fish ain't dead, what's that smell??

1099 days ago

AGENT smith    

The people who work at the morgue must be calling TMZ.

1099 days ago


TNZ isn't asking the really big question!! Does she find it fulfilling?

1099 days ago


Lindsay will be doing general maintenance.She is not a trained pathologist technician so she will be doing clean ups. I hope that being around the dead and seeing what happens to people due to poor choices, due to accidents caused by others,due to diseases will knock some sense into Lohan's head.

1099 days ago


Appalling comments. Why can't you have some compassion for this girl?

1099 days ago
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