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Lindsay Lohan

Reporting for Morgue Duty!

10/21/2011 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up for her shift at the L.A. County Morgue -- early, for a change -- to fulfill her probation requirements.

A fun day of blood and guts awaits ...

Lindsay Lohan arriving at the morgue


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I really think this girl is beyond help. Unfortunately there are people who can get their crap together, but after all this time, I truly believe she's a sociopath.


showing no guilt or remorse for any of their own actions

a pattern of irresponsible or poor behavior, including doing poorly in school or on the job. Other behaviors to look for are recklessness, impulsivity and participation in illegal activities.

an inability to love or have lasting personal relationships. This is because they can be very manipulative.

lie about things even if they are caught doing them. They can also be very charming and get others who are blind to their behaviors to side with them.

an inflated sense of self-importance or narcissism. A sociopath behaves as if she is the only person who matters and she will have complete disregard for everyone else.

exhibits a need for stimulation by engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors

tend to get bored easily, which is why they seldom complete tasks

That's a perfect description of Lindsay Lohan. Send her to the Nut Farm!

1099 days ago

There's a problem here    

Great extensions Old Linds has there. I'm thinking she, her designer bag, and her fake hair is going to come out of the morgue reeking of the nauseating smell of the preservatives, disinfectants and sanitizers they use to camoflauge the smell of human rot. I hope she tosses all over herself. Girl is going to regret that smell. It stays with you for days.

1099 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay might actually assist the Coroner during an autopsy ... like a candy striper nurse or something.

Maybe she could help him hold that metal thing that coroners use to crack the ribs and open up their chest.

Maybe Lindsay would find "chest crackin" more fulfilling than working at the Downtown Women's Shelter. Never know with Linds. She seems a little freaky to me ... maybe even a "super freak" like that old Rick James song goes. :)

1099 days ago


So NOW we know why she was late yesterday - she was curling her damn rat's nest head. Seriously, who does that? She needs to tie her hair back for this job anyway, or she'll stink.

1099 days ago


" Please take your costume off we do not dress up for holidays around here."
linds " This is no costume, its a unknown chinese designer"
staff "I meant the mask"

1099 days ago


A. Like someone said, and I didn't even watch the video so I assumed she was wearing this, but wear a sweatshirt and 6126 leggings.

B. You know these guys working there have a great sense of humor. Look at decorating the place with Halloween stuff. Linds, not so much of a sense of humor

C. Even if she does the 4, 8 hour stints, she still has to work 88 hours there.

1099 days ago


right now Pootie is on the phone in despair...
"Misha,want to hang" click
"Ali can you dress like lindsay" eeewww NO
"vikram,I have all lindsays moves down"
poor idiot is lost with out her..wondering the streets of LA dresses like a pirate,looking for sea jaspers..
when she gets done she can go pick him up at the lost and found.
Dina should be in LA now..roaming through Lindsay's drawers trying to find more skeletons in her closet

1099 days ago

There's a problem here    

Not meaning to be so evil ... well, yeah I am really ... I'm hoping that someone simply forgot to explain infection precautions to Lindsay. Hep B can hang around for seven days. Hopefully she'll get a dose of it to add to her list of diseases.

1099 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

New Thread

1099 days ago


She really is clueless! Her hair and makeup looked like crap for her court appearance and yet she gets all dolled up to do community service at the morgue?? Like I have said a hundred times will someone please check her in for a psych evaluation! There is something seriously misfiring in that brain of hers!

1099 days ago


is she dead yet??

1099 days ago


wake up early in the morning eat that p***y like cold pizza.

1099 days ago

Dina Lohan    

Both Lindsay and I are very thankful for the support from zzzillions of fans. Please respect our desire for privacy and do not take any more pictures until noon when Lindsay goes for her smoke break.
My other daughter Ali is also a phenomenal artist and is available for a bottle of Skyy.
So proude of my girls!

1099 days ago


Maybe she'll get her hair dyed back to red

1099 days ago


I bet SCH was pissed that she had to drive over to Lindsay's house in Venice at 4:30am this morning and get her drunk ass out of bed at 5:00.
I would of loved to hear the phone call when SCH heard that Lindsay was late and turned away yesterday. First response was probably the Homer simpson response.

DOH! with a smack to her own forehead.

1099 days ago
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