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Website Issues Crippling Apology

For Bogus Pot Story

10/21/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki's legal team just smoosh smoosh'd all over the website that published a false story about her -- that she was arrested in a marijuana mega-bust yesterday -- because the site has issued an embarrassing apology for the mix-up.

TMZ obtained a copy of the mea culpa -- sent to Snooki's reps earlier today -- in which the website admits, "It has come to our attention that the story we released regarding your alleged arrest yesterday was false."

The site continues, "Our actions were wrongful and reckless ... What we did was wrong. We are sorry we did it. We are sorry for the attention it brought you."

And the coup de grace -- "We would also like to inform you that upon your request we will no longer use nor refer to you, your name, your likeness, nor your image."

Boom. Snooki wins by knockout.


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Wow, who seriously apologizes like that? Especially to someone like this cow?

Awwwww, did someone's PR team plant this whole thing?

1095 days ago

Bubba Bafflor    

Good lord, that is one ugly fat whoppette little troll. Seriously, is she what passes for hot in the guido freak community? Oh, but she's dumb as a sack of ****, so hey, wow, she's a real double threat.

1095 days ago


She must feel bad now....ha ha..

1095 days ago


It's not about "Snookie" or the rest of them...a bunch of kids going through the "party" phase who were filmed doing it (scripted, choreographed, etc) by a broadcasting company (MTV) with zero ethics, who, in turn threw relatively large amounts of money at them. What kid wouldn't do it, and how would it affect them? There is only one culprit here...MTV. They made money and destroyed lives. Oh, one other culprit...the gullible viewer who throws their money at useless junk from "advertisers" while whining about living in poverty.

1095 days ago


If all of you "don't care" about Snooki.. why are you commenting? Sixty or more comments really makes it seem like you do care. Whether you're making positive comments or negative comments, you're still commenting..therefore, that means you care. Personally, I like Snooki. But if all you people really want her to go away... STOP COMMENTING! As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity. So if you people really don't care, don't comment. You're just making her more famous.

1095 days ago


ohboy get a life and shut up snooki didnt have sex with deena they was both drunk at the time all they did was kiss snooki has a boyfreind and deena just likes making out with girls .

1095 days ago


snooki isnt a skank and she isnt ugly she loves her boyfreind

1095 days ago


"We would also like to inform you that upon your request we will no longer use nor refer to you, your name, your likeness, nor your image."
Can we please have this statement distributed to ALL radio, tv, internet advertisers please and continue a ban of all things Jersey Shore, GTL, Snooki and othr stupidly named castmates in order to help rid ourselves of this trash? Thanks!

1094 days ago

stupid woman    

snooki make******er look good.

1094 days ago
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