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'American Hoggers'

Under Attack

for Ultra-Violent Pig Slaughter

10/22/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gun-toting family on A&E's new reality show "American Hoggers" are under fire from an animal rights group for the gruesome way the pigs are "tied up and shot" on the show ... TMZ has learned.

In case you haven't seen it -- "American Hoggers" follows Jerry "Hog Boss" Campbell ... and his family as they hunt and kill feral pigs ... armed with hunting dogs and guns. It's pretty graphic ... even for A&E.

The show just premiered this week -- and it didn't take long for PETA to take notice. In fact, the animal rights org. has just released a statement saying, "the Campbells' show promotes cruel animal-control measures and gross mistreatment of wildlife."

PETA claims it acknowledges that feral pigs can be problematic in parts of Texas, but the group says, "If property owners insist on lethal control, then feral hogs should be cage-trapped and afforded a quick, painless death."

We reached out to A&E for comment, and so far haven't received a response.

** WARNING -- the clip is very graphic **



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I do think these pests should be eradicated. But why make a t.v. show about it? They call that entertainment?

1105 days ago

BossHoss Biker    

Last Year a local deer hunter saw three feral pigs from his stand in Rice Lake , WI. This is near where I live most of the year.

If they get to the 65000 acres of county land behind my property they will multiply unchecked and ruin out way of life....deer hunting to feed my family.

Our entire community is terrified. If you see them, most likely it IS too late. A monumental effort is needed to eradicate them. Only an all out assault by every hunter in every county will put even a small dent in the population if it is allowed to grow unchecked.

A baby mates at 6 months, and has up to nine piglets...every 6 months. Do the i give you one penny today, and double it tomorrow scenario.

This is an epidemic that will impact every single person in America, crops destroyed, real wildlife killed , and displaced. Erosion, flooding, loss of trees, shrubs, everything that scrubs CO2 and generates oxygen.....

Hey ******** you like to breath?, eat grains?, live on dry land?, shut the hell up , roll up your sleeves, and help us kill the only animal that can ruin all of our lives.

1105 days ago


thanks for the heads up peta ,need to watch this ...looks great.ribs yummy

1105 days ago


you americans are so f***ing stupid! no morals! it's all about killing, fighting and destroying... when I saw this, I had the urgent need to throw up... you're disgusting!

1105 days ago


you americans are so f***ing stupid! no morals! I have the urgent need to throw up, you're disgusting!!!

1105 days ago


The stupid crap people will watch now. Such garbage on tv. No redeeming values whatsoever!

1105 days ago


Screw PETA. They dispose of more animals in a year than all these shows combined. If you support them you are a sucker.

1105 days ago


Problematic PETA? These animals are ruining people's way of life and the way they make their living. If PETA is so pissed off about how killing a HOG with a single gun shot then they should drag their happy as ses out to Texas and
"trap" and "cage" these wild destructive animals. And it was said in the episode that the wild pigs go to feed the poor. So F U PETA. Can U do better? Do you do anything but naked celebs on a billboard complaining about how horrible other people are? GET OTTA HERE.

1105 days ago


Why does the news media give an ear to PETA ? Feral pigs are dangerous and destructive animals in many states. The idea of being able to trap large numbers of these animals is crazy, they are to cautious.

1105 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Since peta hate this show, I'll go out of my way to watch it.

1105 days ago


I dont believe in animal cruelty and support peta especially at meat factories but honestly anything who uses a gun to kill animals takes the time to kill them humanely. I see nothing wrong with what their doing, they didn't slowly kill the pig, it died quick.

1105 days ago


Really think that people who live in Texas are brutal to animals and people. Executions seem to be fun down there.

1105 days ago


Seriously what's wrong with these people? The people who "act" in this show are depraved, those who watch it and those who profit from it are no better.

1105 days ago


Tell those people at peta to go and try to take one out humanely...After that those mofo's will say kill them all with fire

1105 days ago


Come on PETA what are you suppose to do go out there nd sweet talk it into following you home.. Those thing's are out of control in Texas....And thy talk them to slaughter house and have them cut up and the meat is DONATED to shelter's... Hey PETA KEEP UR NOSE TO YOUR SELF UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO TO TEXAS AND TAKE CARE OF ALL THE WILD HOG'S THEN YOU CAN GO TO HAWAII TO BECAUSE THERE TAKING OVER THERE TOO.. OH YEA DIDN'T HERE A PEEK OUT OF YOU GUYS OVER THE OHIO EXOTIC ANIMALS SITUATION.. ON STUFF LIKE THAT IS WHERE YOUR NEEDED..

1105 days ago
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