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CSI Creator's Wife

You Cancelled My Black Card!

10/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The estranged wife of the creator of the "CSI" shows -- who is embroiled in an epic divorce -- has learned a truism first hand ... once you go black, you can never go back.

Jennifer Zuiker claims hubby Anthony Zuiker shut down her American Express Black Card.  For those of you who aren't acquainted, it's something you will never have in your lifetime.

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ ... Jennifer claims she had been regularly charging $40,000 - $60,000 per month on the Black Card, and now she's SOL -- left with a MasterCard with a measly $25k limit. FYI, with a Black Card, there's no limit, but cardholders must spend a minimum of $250,000 a year. That's not a typo.

But Anthony says, though his lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, "Petitioner's concern is that she will no longer have a black Centurion Card to use because it is a status symbol." Priceless.

And it only gets better. Jennifer wanted Anthony to foot the $181,381 bill for the Alexander McQueen clothing bill he refused to pay for more than a year. It was the Fall, 2010 collection ... stupid.

It appears from court docs the parties have now settled this beef, but the divorce is still bitter and ongoing.

Rich people's problems. Very, very rich.


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Fidel's niece    

Poor, poor woman!
My heart bleeds for her - NOT!

1060 days ago


Dear TMZ the black card from AMEX is actually called the Centron card. It does have a limit it is just invisible. It depends on your credit history with AMEX. The 250,000 a year spenditure isn't always a requirement but the 2500 a year fee is. She doesn't need the Centron card to spend 40 - 60 k a month she can do it with any AMEX card as long as her credit is good and she shows a history of paying that off after 30 days. The centron card just gives you a bunch of extra benefits.

1060 days ago


What a greedy, selfish, witch!! Get over it lady!! You no longer have the right to have "his" things anymore...Shame on you...You should be the cover lady for pre-nups!!

1060 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Why is everyone attacking JUST HER? HE is just as greedy as SHE is. They are both disgusting.

Oh, but you all probably think he's not to blame because he worked for it, right? Because CREATING A SHOW is worth 6 BILLION DOLLARS, right?

These two greedy pigs need to stay married - keep their money together. These are the types of people - that if something terrible happened to them....I wouldn't feel a twinge of sadness.

1060 days ago

There's a problem here    

@RC from comment page #3: However, none of us "common folk" are dependent on the entertaimnent industry unless by our own choosing. It is one we choose to support or not. I am not a believer in socialism; I'm working my common ass of now for section 8 and welfare bums, but Wall Street and such entities stick it to us whether we support it or not, because that is where the money is. Therein lies the rub, my friend

1060 days ago


I just don't understand it. If you break up with someone, aren't you breaking up with their money too? You can't just divorce someone and expect that that person is still gonna wanna pay all your bills. F_ck that whole "I need to live the life I've grown accustomed to" bullsh_t. There isn't a human being on this earth that requires 40,000+ dollars a month to stay alive. She's nothing but a spoiled b_tch. Give her 2 grand a month and tell her to find a nice trailer to live in. If she wants to live the high-life, her ass can get a job.

1060 days ago

Sam mf Van Horn!    

A couple years ago they spent their entire christmas making gift bags for the poor in Vegas. They have "friends" and family constantly after their money and Anthony works at least 16 hours a day so the people employed by his show can eat too! They have "good" lives but are good people too. calling them names and threatening their lives makes you the lowest of the low. What if one of their boys read this?! What have YOU done?!

1060 days ago


Jennifer Zuiker is going to have to "scale back" her spending considerably, especially, if she doesn't have ready access to the cash she needs to pay her bills. More than likely, her soon-to-be ex hubby is going to "sweat" her financially in an effort to quickly settle this divorce. Now would be a very good time for her to figure out which expenses are "real" necessities and put her "wants" on hold until she negotiates a "settlement" that both parties are willing to accept. Since it seems like "hubby" is the one holding the "purse strings" her best bet would be to "scale back" and dig in for a "protracted" battle. Why would somebody who's not a "high profile" public figure need a $181,381 wardrobe???

1060 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Ick. Ick. Ick. Money grubbing b. Tell her to read a newspaper and find out what real problems are.

1059 days ago


Hey is this chick related to Michaele Salahi?


1059 days ago


THE BOYS WOULD BE MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!!! World travelling and having other relationships should be put on hold for the sake of the kids!!!!!!Hey you don't need to make Christmas bags to prove you are a good person. Family first!!!!!!!!The boys need their mom period!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the high profile one and needs to know when he is not there that the kids aren't constantly raised by nannies!!!Just sayin....

1059 days ago


Thanks for your reply Sam. I agree the comments are vile and hurtful also. It is sad that success has to carry also all this crap!I know Anthony is a hard worker and that they were not always wealthy. Divorce is a sad thing.Sounds like fame or should I say money went to her head. As we all can see, money did not buy happiness. It basically makes life easier. I just want her to consider what this all does to her boys. I raised my children without help and my husband had a high paying job. My reward was all my boys are now adults and they are still close to me. You sound like a caring guy Sam. I respect that!

1059 days ago


Actually Jennifer is the do***ented idea behind the whole CSI series, Anthony only wrote on what she had come up with, so it's a 50/50 idea! look back at early books and you tube and you plainly see his testament ON THANKING HER for her on coming up with the idea!

970 days ago


The Black Card ONLY requires that you spend $150,000 not $250,00.

954 days ago
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