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Taking a Stab at Acting

10/23/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It remains to be seen if Nadya Suleman can actually act -- but based on these pics from the set of her upcoming horror movie "Millennium" ... she sure can pull off the "looking crazy with a knife" thing.

... Though chasing around 14 kids would drive anyone nuts.


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Octo said in a radio interview this week that when the tups ere born,she used an "electronic" pump, to pump her "fake" breasts, all day & night, for breast milk for the tups...ok..good for her.....the disturbing thing is she said her older children were so facinated watching her pump, they didn't use their X-Box.....sick, twisted & disturbing...CPS, you are still dropping the ball!!! the older boys...thats a vision they will never erase..sicko..

1096 days ago


I bet she can act better than Barbie Doll Kim K. I'm glad she's getting a chance to make some money. At least she's not afraid to try and make money. I'm still surprised TLC didn't give her a show.

1096 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Wow well heres another movie I will be happy to miss. I will not help continue the success o*****al who was irresponsible enough to have all those kids, that does not make her a celebrity, if so the whole list of guests that were on the Jerry Springer show should have stars on the walk of fame. She is an attention grubbing disaster who would fade into obscurity if it weren't for news outlets constantly extending her 20 minutes of fame.

1096 days ago


You nasty azz bitch! Why would you show the world your HERPES outbreak or scabies or whatever the frick that is? Bad enough we had to see your knifed up, stretched out, deformed gut! Some people know no shame & shame on me for looking!

1096 days ago


*******TTTT! Nadya looks scary as hell in those pictures. LOL I don't care how any of you feel, I want to see this movie (low budget or not)...

Like it or not, Nadya Suleman is worldly known all over the universe, across the seven continents even for giving birth to the only surviving full set of octuplets. No matter what she does in the public eyes, people will always be interested and will always talk about her be it positive/negavtive. Therefore they will see this lil film and talk shows will eat it up afterwards, have Nadya on their show talk about it making those who claimed they haven't seen the film wanting to see it too. Can't wait to see "THE VIEW" reaction to it... LOL I think it's great Nadya is out there making a living and having fun doing it. Nothing's wrong with starting at the bottom, all actresses/actors do it. Good for you Nadya!!! can't wait to see the movie.

1096 days ago


I'd still like to see her in porn. I'll bet shine a trailer hitch without any problem at all. That's something I'd like to see. Other than that, she's useless.

1096 days ago


Yes TeamNutya, she is known world wide as a joke, a horrible human being & an attention seeking nutcase so desperate for fame that she will do anything, proof the entire world has seen, for more attention. The ONLY thing she deserves "credit" for is extending her 15 mins. of fame...& truthfully, that credit falls upon the press & US! Shame on us all. She's such a sorry piece of stupid that I bet she'll take her kids to see this heap of crap. What a shame that she will never, ever put those kids before her own insane wants & needs...

1096 days ago


Not a mad fan of Nadya or anything, and I don't believe what she did was right. But....
This woman didn't start her "career" ("brand") by soliciting her own sex tape. She has not been seen naked having anal sex, giving head, or being p.i.s.s.e.d on. I would MUCH rather see her in a film than that Lardasshian w.h.o.r.e any day of the week.
Truth...I won't see *either* if I had to pay at the box office, but if bored and that was the only choices I had on tv I'd watch Nadya over sperm burper any time! {o:

1096 days ago


Vic: 53 minutes ago

That's your negative opinions. I happen to feel totally opposite about Nadya Suleman and blessedly people out there are beginning to feel the same in giving her a chance, job opportunities etc so she can support her own kids. I wish the best for Nadya and all 14 of her children. She's not the monster that you and others on here make her out to be and I know this is a sore spot with many, but she actually made a liar out of all doubter/haters, I mean even Harvey openingly apologized to Nadya on the phone on his TMZ live show. You all go to far and exaggerate, Nadya's doing the best she can to support her family, who said she can't enjoy the work she choose and earn money for her family at the same time? Who said she isn't allowed to make mistake? At least she's not running away from her mistake like many parents out there... Want Nadya back on food stamps and disability? Give the woman a break! What did she do that was so horrible, so evil and tragic that she can't be forgiving and shown compassion? All Nadya is doing is living her life and raising her kids HER WAY! Where's the harm? People need to stop riding on a big old hate for this woman for nothing, acting like she did what no women on this earth has ever done. UGH! It's been nearly 3 yrs people, get over the past already!
FYI--Nadya kids are all healthy, strong and well taking care of. They are not starving, abuse, neglected nor has she abandon them. They are getting a good education and they love each other and their mother AND she loves them unconditionally too. They have a roof over their heads and clothes on their back. Neither of Nadya kids have been expelled from school for any giving reasons that's to be commended consider that's not case with a couple of the Gosselin sextuplets. Nadya kids are well manner, behave, average everyday children that goes through life ups and down stages growing up. Where's the harm? Don't make no sense, hating on this woman just because she choose to do a low budget movie and earn some resources for her family.
And you are wrong... what makes America look bad is not Nadya Suleman of the world, it's greedy, unforgiving, narrowminded, ignorant, judgmental people that's full of hate and yes in some cases jealousy. That's what makes America look bad jmho.

1096 days ago


Crazy look? Yes. But it has nothing to do with role in a movie. You can't fake that kind of insanity.

1096 days ago


Oh dear TeamNutya, it would appear that, like your "use" of the English language, your ability to recall fact from fiction is grossly lacking. "Harvey openingly apologized to Nadya on the phone on his TMZ live show." Was that before or after he hung up on her for calling a neighbor a penetrating pediphile? I really have nothing further to say to you except, you need to read what you write, read it out loud, add s where it belongs & learn how to write & speak English. Perhaps if you tried as hard at proper English as you do with your obcession with Nutbag, Kate, Michael, the Duggars & spending your sad existence as troll & a bully on the internet with countless MAY amount to something in life. (sorry for the run-on sentence)
Now, throw your lil tantrum & spend all your energy writing 1 of your hysterical rants full of make believe & bad English (be sure to include your famous quotes) then switch identies so you can agree with yourselves...I don't give a **** 1 way or the other MsSarcia.

1096 days ago


Oh please... on the chance Nadya kids saw Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky and Freddy. I think they can take mommy in a horror flick.

Plenty of parents breast feed their infants infront of their siblings. It's a part of life, it's better then Michelle Duggar breast feeding her child in a damn parade and at a open movie theatre hall with all 17 of her kids watching. What is the big deal?

1096 days ago


Anyone notice TMZ makes celebrities out of the most looney, irrelevant people out there.

1096 days ago


Octomom Mantra:

1. Clothes on their backs.
2. Food in their bellies
3. A roof over their heads.

About #3. When is that foreclosure sale again? Next Tuesday?

1096 days ago


What's that saying, it ain't over until the fat lady sing? Nadya and her kids will never EVER go homeless or hungry, EVER! She's working her butt off to make sure that never happen.

1096 days ago
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