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Publishers to Casey Anthony:


10/25/2011 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Sad
The NBC producer trying to score a book deal for Casey Anthony may be S.O.L. ... because the biggest names in the publishing biz tell TMZ ... they want absolutely NOTHING to do with tot mom.

We broke the story ... an NBC news producer has contacted literary agents and told them Casey has agreed to do a TV interview with the network if he can lock up a book deal.

But according to the three publishing powerhouses -- that ain't happening ... just check out the statements we received regarding a possible Casey Anthony publishing deal:

Simon and Schuster:  “We are 100% not interested.  We are NOT NOT NOT  interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team.

Harper Collins: “We are planning on publishing the Prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book.  We’re sticking with the prosecutor.”

Penguin Group:  "We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony."

Another publisher went so far as to say, "Hell no ... it's blood money."

So, we gotta ask ...


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12 village idiots blew the verdict in a big way. We can't reverse that mistake, but we can keep her from what she does not deserve. No money for a baby killer.

1103 days ago


NBC it would be wise if you reconsider your thinking on dealings with a child killer.. your devoted viewers will not sit quietly if you betray us in this utmost insulting way. Follow the advice of these publishers and walk away. She is a proven LIAR, and YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES for attempting to defraud your viewers with a mu*d*re*r... We will not stand for this, NBC, or ANY decent respectable affiliate hopefully will realize the tremendous backlash they will receive if they pursue this lying failure of a human being.. A child is dead, found stuffed in a garbage bag, Is this what NBC promotes????

1103 days ago


She should self publi***** on toilet paper. And still no one would buy a copy.

1103 days ago


I'd like to send out a HUGE Thank You to these publishers.. Thank You on behalf of ALL your readers... Thank you for having morals and family values.. Unlike NBC. Thank you again for the respect you have shown us..

1103 days ago


The only deal she'll ever land is with Larry Flynt IF he's still interested in exploiting her infamy.

It's time for Casey & Jose to admit the truth to themselves..... the ONLY future she has is in the dark fringes of society. A career in stripping &/or hardcore porn.

As we know from her own Google searches, she was already considering a future as an escort but given that she's a BABY KILLER, I think even that is too lofty a career for her & she's fooling herself if she thinks she believes she's anything more than a common street walker.

If Jose still hopes to cash in on his girl, he'd better stop wasting time trying to make book or movie deals & he needs to start facing facts about his "lying slut."

1103 days ago


Tgrfan42069----The prosecutor,Jeff Ashton,did not commit a crime,so what is wrong with him writing a book,from what you wrote,about a double standard,I see you don't get what is wrong."THINK"I for one am buying his book,also giving the book for Christmas gifts.To me he did a supreme job,to bad,there was NOT ONE BRAIN,in the whole jury.Casey Attorney claimed Casey was molested by her dad,There were three Psych Dr who examined Casey,and the only conclusion was,IMMATURE AND SELFCENTERED,NOT the lying it was claimed by Baez was do to molesting,well NO DR said she was molested,or school DR,or school counseler so that lets the excuse for lying out the door.DAD found Clayee in the "swimming pool".Now dad being a former COP,would know,accidents happen,and to call 911,WHY would he do anything else.IF that happen George would NEVER LET HIS DAUGHTER GO TO JAIL FOR A ACCIDENT,and if Clayee truly drowned,why put her in plastic bag and throw her to the rats.Casey,if afraid of what her mother would say had,TONY,JESSIE GRUND,WHO SHE COULD GO TO.FACE THE FACT,Casey even said she left CLAYEE ON THE STEPS AT THE SAWGRASS APTS,she left,a 2 YEAR ON THE STEPS WITH NO ONE AROUND.I guess the jury also thought that was fine.There is nothing Casey could write about that would be of interest.What happen to Clayee father,who Casey said was still alive,NEVER HEARD OF,is that .preview of Casey facts?

1103 days ago


The book publisher companies must be ran by women who are intimated by Casey Anthony;s looks...Yep that has to be it..lolol

1103 days ago


The American media is already moved past her and sucking on Knoxx's crazyass teats now. They already duped the American idiots into believing that it was just some foreign country against an American girl.

1103 days ago


this is another woman I would love to see naked... to get her and lindsay lohan naked with a 6 pack of beer would be heaven and hell....

1103 days ago


have no idea and don't care what small pathetic company (don't want to give them credibility or legitimacy by calling them publishers) that OJ Simpson got to put out his disgusting book .... "If I did it" .. and of course he did...... but they are the sort who would agree to put out this book - if indeed one is to be written
hate to say it but fact is that there are always bottom feeders without morals or a conscience willing to do anything for a few bucks!

1103 days ago


have no idea and don't care what patheti*****tle company OJ Simpson got to put out his disgusting book .... If I did it...... but they are the sort who would agree to put out this book - if indeed one is to be written
hate to say it but fact is that there are always bottom feeders without morals or a conscience willing to do anything for a few bucks!

1103 days ago

melissa roberts    

It became obvious early on she lies, if her lips are moving. Why would anyone purchase more of her ridiculous stories. Perhaps she could write fiction under an alias sorta like OJ. Working title How I would have overdosed & disposed of my baby.

1103 days ago


All the networks can't be stupid enough to think Anthony would ever say anything. Hell she pled the 5th in court and Baez won't let her. He would do all the talking or don't answer that crap.

Baez may not be getting his big payday after all. Kudos to the publishers.

1103 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Yup, Harvey is going to milk this "cow" to the very last drop.

1103 days ago


None of the Anthonys should profit of the death of Caylee, and this includes the Grandparents. Cindy should crawl in a hole with Casey and just move to another country. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THEIR FOUNDATION. This is another rip off organization that is back feeding money to all of them. Get off your behinds and get a real job and pay taxes in FL.

Thank the book companies for listening to your customers. Let Baez support his little wonder woman for life. He is as disgusting as the whole Anthony family.

1103 days ago
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