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Publishers to Casey Anthony:


10/25/2011 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Sad
The NBC producer trying to score a book deal for Casey Anthony may be S.O.L. ... because the biggest names in the publishing biz tell TMZ ... they want absolutely NOTHING to do with tot mom.

We broke the story ... an NBC news producer has contacted literary agents and told them Casey has agreed to do a TV interview with the network if he can lock up a book deal.

But according to the three publishing powerhouses -- that ain't happening ... just check out the statements we received regarding a possible Casey Anthony publishing deal:

Simon and Schuster:  “We are 100% not interested.  We are NOT NOT NOT  interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, or any member of her team.

Harper Collins: “We are planning on publishing the Prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book.  We’re sticking with the prosecutor.”

Penguin Group:  "We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony."

Another publisher went so far as to say, "Hell no ... it's blood money."

So, we gotta ask ...


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I'm not sure what their problem is really. They are in the book business .. signing Casey to a book deal is what you do. If you don't like it, go sell insurance.

1097 days ago


Be glad she did not receive death penalty.
No money should be awarded to her EVEN if she did not do the crime. She should be mourning the loss not exploiting a tragedy.

1097 days ago


Good!! Now get out of the USA Baby Killer!! Can't you see nobody wants you? Hopefully whosoever supporting that lazy POS, they will now dump her cause she is washed up!!

1097 days ago

Joey Boots    

She will self-publish and market on her own website.

1097 days ago

Fat Mike    

If I published books I'd sign her in a heartbeat. The fact is she has nothing more on her criminal record than a few misdemeanors for dishonesty. Her book will walk out the door, it would make good reading for a long flight.

1097 days ago


Profiting from the death and obvious murder of your daughter is as insidious as the original crime itself. Casey Anthony is the worst kind of murderous monster enabled by a crooked lying attorney and a brain dead Florida jury. This was the worst example of our judicial system at work. Any publishing house that ever takes on a book by Anthony will be subjected to tremendous protests and backlash. Is it worth it to them to help this baby killer? Society is now be Casey Anthony's prison. She would have been safer in a cell than with the nut jobs hunting for her now. Because there is some loner out there, wanting to get some of Casey's undeserved fame, who would be more than happy to become an American hero and take justice into their own hands -- and track Casey like an animal. And then they too can get a book publishing deal for a million bucks. The difference will be that Casey's executioner will be considered a hero... and will find a publisher and be allowed to become rich. Ah, what a great system we have.

1097 days ago


I cant rites anyway.

1097 days ago


I have no sympathy for Casey she doesn't deserve to make any money from her murdering her daughter. Some people are so clueless to the fact that she knew her daughters welfare was in danger and led to her death and never reported it, while the kid lay dead she partied it up, to me she's guilty. Casey has allot of bad karma coming her way, she has it coming to her in spades. Lets not let this woman make any money off of this. I'm glad some of these big publishers are moral enough to not give her a dime.

1097 days ago

The Real JJ    

A book deal will definitely come. So-called "blood money" never stopped anyone in the past, they just care about making money. Two of the publishers said they had "no plans", that doesn't mean plans won't change. When they see how much money they can make I'm sure someones plans will change. Whatever money she does make, she better hold on to it because I don't see her getting a job anytime soon. At least not one where her identity is known.

1097 days ago


It appears Casey has "NO TIME"for the "little things"I will say,what is given can be taken away,Casey is being given a second change,and she is blowing it "BIGTIME"This girl is truly SCARY,to take the Life of your child,and feed her to the RATS,TO DESTROY YOUR FAMILY,leave GRANDPA AND GRANDMA without money,so she could enjoy life,and the ONE THING CASEY WANTS NOW,IS TO SCREW THE PUBLIC,What is next,a "life time achivement award"For about 2 seconds,I put jane Mitchell on,There was Baez,i do not think jane came up for air,she was so busy "KISSING HIS BUTT",WELL FOR ME,any ATTORNEY,WHO SLANDERS,USING THE COURT OF LAW TO DO IT,RATES 0.iF YOU CALL WINNING YOUR CASE,ON SLANDER,WITH NO PROVE WHATSOEVER"WINNING",you to me are just as low as him.

1097 days ago


I work for a printing company and if we are offended by a job we dont have to work on it. I would not work on her book. Im sure others feel the same.

1097 days ago


well ****..all the media made money off of the kids death..why not her as well..looks like the prosecutor is gonna make some bank as well off of it..yet when she tries to everyone slams her.typical double standards..NOT GUILTY get over it.

1097 days ago


go ahead....publish a book. your company will be finished.

1097 days ago


Great...rewarding a crime should be a crime in itself.

1097 days ago


of course she will get published, eventually a bloodsucking company will jump at this opportunity to make money. regardless of the situation.

1097 days ago
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