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Casey Anthony

NBC Finds Clever Way

Around Paying for Interview

10/24/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The honchos at NBC -- the C stands for crafty -- think they figured out a way to snag an interview with Casey Anthony without paying a red cent, and make her a wealthy woman at the same time. 

We've learned an NBC news producer has reached out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. The producer has contacted literary agents and others, telling them if he scored a book deal for Casey, she'd give the network a 1-hour, primetime special ... portions of which would also run on "Today."

The producer makes it clear -- NBC couldn't pay a cent for the interview.  But he is gung-ho about the book deal, even representing that Casey wants up front money.

Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, tells TMZ ... he has full knowledge of the producer's efforts, but says, "I'm not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it." 

Baez was quick to add, "Casey is not ready to do an interview."

We tried multiple times to get a comment from NBC -- so far, no luck.



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Fred Farkel    

Casey Anthoney is NO BETTER and NO WORSE than any other 20-something female in the year 2011.

Under the same cir****tances every single *********** up 20-something female would do the same thing and blame the mother and/or father.

1039 days ago


nbc should be ashamed to have been any part of this deal.

1039 days ago


everyone who supports casey anthony subconsciously wants to kill a baby.

1039 days ago


Chapter one - I am abducted by aliens and given a hot body!

1039 days ago


LOL at the casey fans. Wahhhh! leave her alone shes hot.
Some slimy loner guy living in his Moms basement popping his pus filled zits and using up hand cream on his tiny wang like theres no tomorrow has the hots for a baby killing habitual liar... match made in heaven or what. I bet he was one of the losers standing out with a marry me casey sign. HAHAHAHA

1039 days ago


Interview her for what...the truth about happened to her dead daughter? It will just a 2nd hand reverb of Baez's BS. Is NBC so ignorent they don't realize thhe back lash they get? 12 lazy jurors who wanted out of that court room and didn't want to go through the penilty phase set a psychopath free. Okay, make her feel comfortable and come out into the public. How long do you think she'll last.

1039 days ago


Chapter two - I go to work at Universal Studios as a Fairy Princess.

1039 days ago


She is never going answer the questions that you want answered; For a fact Im sure that you would be allowed to ask. An interview is pointless

1039 days ago


I do not think these media whores understand how infuriated the general public is that this baby killer went free. And how hated she and her parents. Whoever does this had better be prepared to kiss their career and sponsors good bye. Does anyone know what the ratings and etc were for the Dr.P show. I would be interested in hearing about it. TIA

1039 days ago


This was just a matter of time. Once the not guilty was read it's been nothing but about money. This is all been planned out. Baez want's his big payday he was expecting.

Bottom line is Anthony still won't say squat. So what's to see. The boycott backlash worked before maybe it will again.

1039 days ago


BUH BYE NBC, I will never be watching you again, I will find your sponsors and boycott them as well, NBC you suck.


1039 days ago


Below is the site where you can contact NBC. Please share your feelings about the lier and slut (that's what Baez called her).

1039 days ago


liberal media at its best. I am glad they support everything I am against.....makes me know I don't believe in evil ways. they are disgusting!!!!!!!!

1039 days ago


tmz,please never let this case go..[remember leno said o.j your ignorant jurors may have freed you but i never will] nbc..i know what c stands for and believe me i will so picket your network ,free/not free casey should never get a minit of air time..i only want to hear from the anthonys/baez when it,s their obituary...r.i.p callee

1039 days ago


This bitch doesn't need to wealthy she needs to be in jail.

1039 days ago
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