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Conrad Murray Trial

Prosecution to Defense:

What YOU Got?

10/24/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The prosecution just rested its case in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial -- now Murray's team will almost immediately attempt to make its case ... that the doc is not guilty.

Lead prosecutor David Walgren and his team called witnesses for almost four weeks before passing the baton to Murray's defense.

Murray's first witness was a quickie -- with Beverly Hills PD Communications Director Dona Norris discussing the 911 call the day Michael Jackson died.


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Conrad did the world a favor. FREE CONRAD. We love you Conrad.

1097 days ago


and the defense has .. NOTHING. what was the point of the surveillance tape -________- yeah this doctor is so guilty, and hopefully will be convicted, because he deserves it

1097 days ago


what is the estimate for how long the defense will
take to present their case?

1097 days ago


I'm really not understanding the purpose for calling the first witness for the defence. I hope they're building up to some good fireworks or they've lost! Might as well call it a day and be done with it.

1097 days ago


Defense Strategy for Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray

Attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray will present 16 witnesses and a three-pronged defense of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor this week as they begin their defense today in Murray’s manslaughter trial.

Jackson died two years ago from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. Murray has admitted to giving the singer the anesthesia June 25, 2009, and said the singer begged for his “milk,” the nickname he’d given for the creamy drug. The doctor could face four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The defense is expected to start its own case today with two police detective witnesses and the promoter of Jackson’s This Is It tour, Randy Phillips. They are expected to call 16 witnesses in all this week, including an expert in anesthesia, Dr. Paul White, their star witness.

White, however, has already been heard from during the trial, when he was chastised by Judge Michael Pastor for talking to reporters about the trial.

E! online reported that Murray could be heard whispering loudly to the possible witness, Dr. Paul White, “Can you believe that?” in response to the testimony of Dr. Steven Shafer, a witness for the prosecution. In response, White allegedly turned to journalists and said, “What a s***bag.”

It was unclear whether White was referring to Shafer or prosecutor David Walgren.

Pastor scolded White for his remark and set a Nov. 16 hearing date to determine whether White should be held in contempt of court.

In addition to White’s testimony about anesthesia, attorneys say they have to prove three things during their testimony: that propofol can be used safely as a sleep aid, that Murray did not have to immediately call 911 because he was busy tending to Jackson, and that Jackson was such an experienced drug user, he could have administered the propofol by himself.

For the latter point, lawyers will have to disprove prosecution witness testimony and convince jurors that the groggy Michael Jackson could have grabbed and swallowed a fatal dose of sedatives, or released the clamp on the propofol IV to self-administer a fatal dose of propofol.

They will also have to prove that Murray’s time was better spent trying to help Jackson in the moments after the doctor discovered him unconscious rather than calling 911 and waiting for emergency responders.

Testimony for the defense is expected to last all week.

1097 days ago


The king of rot is dead. Let him suffer in hell where he belongs.

1097 days ago


Did anyone say what was on that footage from the surveillance cameras? There were cameras coming in and going, fans outside the gate, and obviously someone climbing into a car from close-up. Where the heck was that camera? I can only watch on Sky News, where they always stop when something interesting happens, or start babbling comments to other things in the trial.

Murray can hardly get an innocent verdict. The only question is HOW guilty and what will the sentence be. After listening to the witnesses, my verdict would be 2nd degree murder, but sine that is not the charge, I would say 100% guilty of "involuntary manslaughter". He should get the maximum 4 years in jail. Character witnesses really have nothing to do with the case. (And I guess they won't call in all his baby mamas who didn't get child support, or the strippers who were so generously "tipped".)

1097 days ago


ANOTHER DR MURRAY LIE.......He claims that he gave MJ propofol ON A DRIP every single night for 2 months EXCEPT for the 3 days leading up to his death (except for the 25 mg hours before the death)...YET..MJ HAD PROPOFOL IN HIS URINE IN THE JUG IN THE ROOM...Dr Murray said to the police that he had helped MJ stand and urinate in the hours before his death..BEFORE he gave him propofol...WELL HOW DID PROPOFOL GET IN THE URINE IF HE HADN'T BEEN ON IT FOR 2-3 DAYS PRIOR AND THAT DAY???????.....GOTCHA

1097 days ago


The abc article provided by HM: "They will also have to prove that Murray’s time was better spent trying to help Jackson in the moments after the doctor discovered him unconscious rather than calling 911 and waiting for emergency responders." Can't be done, since Murray did indeed call someone, namely MJ's personal assistant Amir, to leave a voice message which did NOT include "call 911!", and then rushed downstairs leaving MJ unattended.

1097 days ago


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Prosecution Rests, Defense BeginsConrad Murray Trial Recap: Prosecution Rests, Defense Begins
Posted on Oct 24, 2011 @ 08:00PM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Radar Staff

The prosecution rested its case Monday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray.

The final witness called by prosecutors was anaesthesiologist Dr. Steven Shafer who told the jury Murray’s account of what happened on the night of the pop legend’s death from acute Propofol intoxication on June 25, 2009, was not supported by scientific evidence.

Taking his fifth day on the stand, Dr. Shafer was questioned by a defence attorney about his earlier testimony regarding how much of the anaesthetic Propofol Murray could have given Jackson and how it was administered.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

Under oath, Shafer concluded that, in his opinion, the only plausible explanation for the amount of Propofol in the Thriller singer’s system was that it had been administered via an intravenous drip which continued to enter Jackson’s system even after his heart had stopped.

The doctor also claimed Murry had given the singer 40 times more Propofol than he had admitted to police.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

However, he admitted to defence attorney Ed Chernoff under questioning that he could only speculate to what had happened in the hours leading up to Jackson’s death because Murray had kept no records.

Later, under questioning from the prosecution, Shafer again repeated his expert opinion that there was no way Jackson could have administered the dose of Propofol that killed him – the claim of Murray’s defense team.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert

When asked by Deputy District Attorney David Walgren: “You were not able to find a scenario that could explain the blood levels and also self injection?”

Shafer answered: “Correct.”

PHOTOS: Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

After Shafer left the stand, the prosecution rested their case, meaning the defence team can present their case for Murray’s innocence.

Since the trial began four weeks ago, the prosecution has called 33 witnesses, including numerous medical experts who have been highly critical of Murray’s treatment of Jackson on the night of his death.

PHOTOS: The Top Ten Celebrity Mugshots

The first defence witness called to the stand to testify was a Beverly Hills police official, who revealed details of the telephone call made for an ambulance from the Los Angeles mansion Jackson was staying at on the day of his death.

Murray - who denies involuntary manslaughter - faces up to four years in prison if he is found guilty.

You can watch the trial live, here on

1096 days ago


Doctor, nurse describe Michael Jackson's pleas for help sleepingBy Alan Duke, CNN
updated 9:03 PM EST, Mon October 24, 2011
Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will use the next four days to challenge the prosecution's contention that he is responsible for Michael Jackson's death.STORY HIGHLIGHTS
NEW: Jackson asked for "intravenous sleep medicine," Dr. Allan Metzger says
NEW: Nurse Cherilyn Lee, who told CNN Jackson asked her for propofol, testifies
Defense starts case after prosecution rests Monday
Katherine Jackson may miss the verdict if the trial lasts into next week
Tune in to HLN for full coverage and analysis of the Conrad Murray trial and watch live, as it happens, on and CNN's mobile apps.

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers began presenting the defense case Monday, calling a doctor who testified that Jackson asked him for an intravenous anesthetic to help him sleep two months before his death.

A nurse, who began her testimony late Monday, is expected to testify Tuesday that Jackson asked her, also two months before he died, for IV infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol.

The prosecution rested its case in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Monday morning with the conclusion of testimony by its anesthesiology expert.

Defense lawyers will use the next three or four days to challenge the prosecution's contention that Dr. Conrad Murray's alleged reckless use of propofol to help Jackson sleep makes him criminally responsible for the pop icon's death.

Prosecution rests in Conrad Murray trial

Doctor: Jackson's IV setup 'unusual'

Defense calls first witness in Murray trial

Doctor warned Jackson about IV drugs A Los Angeles doctor who treated Jackson off and on for about two decades for "his profound sleep disorder" testified that Jackson called him to his home to ask for help about two months before his death.

Dr. Allan Metzger testified that Jackson asked him for "intravenous sleep medicine," but he did not specifically name a drug. "I think he used the word juice," he said.

Jackson told him he needed an anesthetic delivered by IV because "he did not believe any oral medicine would be helpful," Metzger said.

Metzger said that despite Jackson's request, he only gave him a prescription for two oral sedatives to help him sleep.

The defense called Metzger in an apparent effort to show Jackson was seeking -- and getting drugs -- from other doctors at the same time Dr. Murray was working as his full-time physician.

The judge stopped the defense from asking Metzger questions about Jackson's visits to Dr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist who gave Jackson Demerol injections during frequent visits to his Beverly Hills clinic in the months before his death.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren used the defense witness to make the prosecution's point that using propofol outside a clinical setting is unacceptable.

"Is there any amount of money that would have convinced you to give him intervenous propofol in his house?" Walgren asked Metzger.

Murray's defense questions LAPD

Jackson's nurse describes nutritional IV

Conrad Murray trial: Week 4

Murray defense goes on offensive "Absolutely not," Metzger answered.

The defense then called Cherilyn Lee, a nurse who practices nutrition and natural remedies, who testified that she worked with Jackson to help his fatigue and insomnia from February through April of 2009.

After two months of using IV infusions of vitamins, "sophisticated" vitamin smoothies and bedtime teas, Jackson began asking for more help, Lee testified.

"His complaint was 'I have a problem sleeping and all the natural remedies and everything you're doing is not working,'" she said. "When I need sleep, I need to go to sleep right away."

The court session ended just before defense lawyer Ed Chernoff could ask Lee to describe what kind of help Jackson was asking for, but the nurse previously told CNN that he requested propofol.

"I told him this medication is not safe," Lee told CNN on June 30, 2009. "He said, 'I just want to get some sleep. You don't understand. I just want to be able to be knocked out and go to sleep.'"

Closing arguments could come as soon as Friday, depending on the length of the defense's case and the prosecution's rebuttal, but they could be pushed to next Monday, based on comments by lawyers and the judge.

Janet Jackson canceled shows in Australia to be with her family in Los Angeles for the final days of Murray's trial, but she did not arrive home in time to attend Monday morning's session.

She sat with her parents and several siblings during the first five days of the trial, but she has not been at court in nearly three weeks.

"After talking with my family last night, I decided we must be together right now," she said in a statement posted Sunday on her website, announcing that three shows this week in Melbourne are canceled.

The concert promoter told Jackson fans it was "important that Janet is with her family at this critical point in the hearing."

Katherine Jackson will travel to London next weekend to fulfill a commitment to attend the premiere of "Michael Jackson: Life of an Icon," a do***entary about her son, an aide to Jackson said Monday. She agreed to the trip before it was known the trial could last into next week, Trent Jackson said.

The first three defense witnesses, called in rapid order Monday morning, were all police officers.

A Beverly Hills police officer, the first defense witness, testified that a 911 call routed through her department at 12:20 p.m. on June 25, 2009, asked for help at Jackson's Holmby Hills estate.

A Los Angeles police officer testified next about retrieving seven minutes of video from a security camera at Jackson's home. The video, shown to the jury, captured Jackson's arrival home from his last rehearsal just before 1 a.m. on the morning he died.

Michael Jackson fans sitting in court appeared to become emotional as they viewed the last video ever recorded of the pop icon alive, grainy security camera video of Jackson arriving home from his last rehearsal.

Murray's lawyers have said they plan to call about 15 witnesses, including three medical experts and several of Murray's patients from his clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Houston.

Two other LAPD investigators were called to the stand by the defense Monday and testified briefly.

Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live, is also expected to called by the defense.

Murray's lawyers have argued that Jackson was pressured by Phillips, whose company was promoting his comeback concerts in London, to show up healthy and on time for rehearsals or else the tour might be canceled.

Murray told detectives Jackson begged for his "milk," his nickname for propofol, after a sleepless night and just hours before he died from what the coroner has said was an overdose of the surgical anesthetic.

Murray, in a police interview, said he was using sedatives to wean Jackson from propofol, which he had used almost every night for two months to fight his insomnia. But after a long, restless night and morning, the lorazepam and midazolam had no effect, Murray said.

"I've got to sleep, Dr. Conrad," Murray said Jackson pleaded to him. "I have these rehearsals to perform. I must be ready for the show in England. Tomorrow, I will have to cancel my performance, because you know I cannot function if I don't get to sleep."

Murray said he gave in to Jackson's pleas and gave him an injection of 25 milligrams of propofol around 10:40 a.m.

The testimony of anesthesiologist expert Dr. Steven Shafer, concluded Monday morning, 11 days after he took the stand as the prosecution's 33rd, but perhaps most important, witness.

Shafer testified last week that there was no way Jackson got only the amount of propofol Murray said he did, based on the high level of the drug found in blood taken during his autopsy.

The "only scenario" to explain Jackson's death was that he overdosed on propofol infused through an IV drip set up by Murray, Shafer said.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that Jackson's death was a homicide, the result of "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with sedatives.

The defense contends Jackson self-administered the fatal dose, along with sedatives, without Murray knowing.

Shafer said the level of propofol in Jackson's blood taken during his autopsy could not have been from either Murray or Jackson injecting the drug, but only from an IV system that was still flowing when his heart stopped.

Prosecutors, however, opened the door for one scenario in which Jackson, not Murray, could have triggered the overdose.

"Can you rule out the possibility that Michael Jackson manipulated something to cause it to flow?" Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked Friday.

"That's a possibility," Shafer said. But that is assuming Murray set up the drip and left Jackson's side, he said.

Would Shafer's opinion that Murray was responsible for Jackson's death change if he knew Jackson turned the drip on?

"No, if Michael Jackson had reached up, seen the roller clamp and opened it himself, this is a foreseeable consequence of setting up an essentially dangerous way of giving drugs," Shafer said. "It doesn't change things at all. It would still be considered abandonment."

1096 days ago


NEW: Jackson asked for "intravenous sleep medicine," Dr. Allan Metzger says
NEW: Nurse Cherilyn Lee, who told CNN Jackson asked her for propofol, testifies
Defense starts case after prosecution rests Monday
New??????There's nothing new about this. There's no proof that it ever happened either. It's all one sided hearsay...were's the evidence that Michael asked for propofol?

1096 days ago


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