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Jennifer Lopez

I Didn't Cry Over Marc Anthony

10/24/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez crying
Jennifer Lopez
is telling friends ... she didn't break down on stage Saturday night because of Marc Anthony -- or any other ex for that matter -- she choked up because she was thinking about her kids.

During part of her performance at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut -- when she sang "Until It Beats No More" -- several dancers dressed as men from her past ... like Diddy, Cris Judd, and Ben Affleck ... and Jennifer teared up, telling the crowd, "I took a trip down memory lane."

But sources tell TMZ, Jennifer is claiming it wasn't her exes who brought her to tears ... it was a picture of the singer and her babies that was displayed on the jumbo-tron during her performance.

According to sources, the photo -- shot for a Gucci ad last fall -- has some serious sentimental value to J.Lo ... and when she saw the image during an already emotional performance ... it pushed her over the edge.

Lopez' twins -- who she had with estranged hubby Marc Anthony -- were born in 2008.


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darn right she wasnt crying over that bug ... never thought she was only marc anthony fans would think that everyone else knows she is well rid of him.

1095 days ago


this blog is filled with comments from people who will never even have enough money to buy a pair of her shoes they are losers and so jealous of this multi millionaire mogul artist because they cant do any of they many successful things she does and has done and for the stupid women knockong her you are only making fools of yourselves this is a self made successful woman you all should be proud of her not knock her but i guess you are too stupid to get that...

1095 days ago


That is the tackiest thing I ever heard, having your dancers dress up like all the men you've boinked in your life.

1095 days ago


You guys(TMZ)got it wrong... Come on guys. The song she sang was "One Love" with all the past "loves" shown. I've seen/found 3 videos of it on You Tube.

1095 days ago


her cd has only sold 100 thousand copies you don't think she's trying to get attention to sell a few more do you?

1095 days ago



1095 days ago


She is such a phoney. She's all about herself and money, money, money. Ugh

1095 days ago


You know,

I would have actually respected her for crying about her husband.

BREAKING up a family/divorce is really tough.

Not to her I suppose.


40 something year olds that wear 20 year old clothes make
me kinda,


1095 days ago


does it matter who she pretends to cry over? I can't imagine how she is a star in any genre with her minimal talent being spread so very thin. She must have wished upon a lucky star.

1095 days ago


Jennifer Lopez cried over little kids. From George William Gockel.

1095 days ago

Mr Woolf    

I wonder if only the hate filled people are allowed to comment on here.
You people are so pathetic it's unreal. It wouldn't surprise me if it's just a few people (under different names) trying extremely hard to be so degrading to someone who generally at least has LOVE in her soul (Y'know, that thing you're SUPPOSED to have somewhere in your bodies, which connects to more than just the brains within your penis, haha).

You don't care about her, that's fine. Don't think she could could really give a rats about any of you either. She has many who love her for being her... Deal with it and sort your patheti*****tle existences out :oP
Good Day!

1095 days ago


Spare me the melodrama J-Lo. And here I thought Kim Kardashian was a sellout. Lopez trumps her a thousand fold. I'll believe she is sincere the day I see her actually driving one of those Fiats she is so generously paid to shill.

1095 days ago


What is it with people and their selective memory? This chola is an arrogant piece of trash! She a hasbeen who prances around like she's better than everyone, demands people do not look at her directly and wait on her hand and foot! Just because she was on AI and offered polite critiques and pretended to cry she's suddenly no longer over? Same thing with Chris Brown, he beat the piss out of you know who and he's cheered at award shows?

1095 days ago


Oh yeah right JLo. If it was that, why run off the stage. Chile boo.

1095 days ago


I think she just got a little emotional because the love of her fan. Can you imagine this is her life, she love what she do and her ex was a stone in the way. She was becoming something she did not like. Palante JLo the only thing I do not like abou her is that she open her "Piernas" to easy. You need to heel girl, need to esperar un poquito chica.

1095 days ago
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