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Lindsay Lohan

Parting Ways With Her Manager

10/24/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in Court
Lindsay Lohan is cleaning out more than just trash bins at the morgue -- TMZ has learned she's kicking her business manager to the curb.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she decided to split with her business manager, Lou Taylor.  We're told Lindsay felt Taylor (who also manages Britney Spears) didn't have the time to manage her and Lohan wanted someone who could put more effort into her.

According to our sources, Lindsay felt her finances (which were Taylor's responsibility) were beginning to slip through the cracks and word was getting back to her that her balances were not being handled in a timely manner ... in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ the split was amicable and Lohan and Taylor remain friends.

Calls to Taylor were not returned.


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Zach Swan    

Just what would there be for a top end manager to do? Manage prostitution income and pay dealers for meth and blow? Puhleeze - little Miss “She’s supposed to be an actress from what I hear” hasn't had a legitimate job in ages.

1059 days ago


I agree it sounds stupid when put that way but like it or not Casey Anthony was found not guilty, technically there was sufficient doubt about whether she actually killed her daughter.

Snubbing the court system is a seperate crime on top of the original ones. This sounds harsh, but if they were not super strict about it pretty much *nobody* would do any community service and the court would have no power. Also Lohan's problem is not "measley" she seems to have a deep seated denial of the fact that actions have consequences. I agree that it's a problem that a lot of offenders skate because they know how to work the system, but still, it's nobody's fault that Lindsay is in this predicament other than Lindsay and her entitled attitude.

1059 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Well, seeing as she doesn't have an acting career, I'm guessing he dumped her. Theres no money for him anymore. I'm thinking she'll be in Vivids eyes within a year and
she'll take the porn gig as she will have no other offers.

1059 days ago


What finances?

1059 days ago


"Her finances are falling through the CRACKs." Get it?

1059 days ago


Oh please, he dumped her. Why would she even need an agent; she doesn't do anything.

1059 days ago

the real diva    

LINDSAY is a moron. she can't see she is the one who ruined her so called career. due to her criminal career..she needs to open her eyes. see it was her partying ways that have ruined it.her criminal career comes first now..i'm sure her agent dumped her. too much for the agent. maybe she will still have a career on reality television.or porn.noone else will want her.

1059 days ago


I thought Lou Taylor was a woman??? Am I wrong?

1059 days ago


"in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee."

And after smelling formaldehyde for 8 hours Lohan realized it takes longer for phones to connect to Tennessee than to connect to LA.

1059 days ago


I think Steve Honig is the person she really needs to get rid of. He's the one that is enabling her, telling all her lies for her. I guess it's what he's paid to do, but it makes him look just as bad as she does when he does it.

1059 days ago


How come I never hear about Brittany's balances not being handled in a timely manner? Fess up Linds, Your'e broke!

1059 days ago


@ Ilovegossip- YES! Lou is a woman, I also agree with you that Honig is just like a Lohan with all his lies. That guy needs to STFU! He is creating more hate for Lindsay

Lou diffenatly dumbed Lindsay. Lindsay cant even get club apperances anymore.All she has left is pimping out companys on her twitter, and working for the escort service

BTW I wouldnt believe one word that comes from Honig, starting to wonder if he is part of the Lohan family tree. One would sware he is really Dina, they basicially say the same thing

1059 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Shawn will be next one to get "fired".
People tend to fire themselves when they do not get paid....

1059 days ago

Make it stop    

It's not the manager's fault. Look what he has to work with.

1059 days ago


Am sure all the legal fees from getting into trouble has nothing to do with why your money's slipping through the cracks - are we sure she wasn't dumped by the manager?

1059 days ago
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