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Casey Anthony Book

No Confession, NO Deal

10/24/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Famed book publisher Judith Regan calls in to say -- despite NBC's best efforts -- NO mainstream publisher will want anything to do with Casey Anthony ... unless her book includes a full confession.

And, what would it mean if Dr. Conrad Murray takes the stand in his own defense? Plus, Charles' indecent proposal to get World Series tickets ... and he promises he won't leave early!


(5:10) NBC doesn't want to pay Casey Anthony for an interview ... but found a lucrative loophole to lure her in.
(8:01) Publisher Judith Regan believes Casey needs to confess in order to get a legitimate book deal.
(10:32) Regan compares Casey's story ... to Shakespeare!?!
(20:30) The prosecution rested its case today -- Itay has the latest on Murray's defense team's first witnesses.
(24:38) Jason and Charles argue ... is it really better to acquit 10 guilty people than to convict 1 innocent?
(29:01) What does "beyond a reasonable doubt" REALLY mean?
(30:10) Jason thinks Conrad's defense team will use "throw food against the wall" strategy.
(36:37) Three men and a baby bump -- the fellas discuss Jessica Simpson's recent growth spurt.
(47:01) Zooey Deschanel bails in the middle of the Cards/Rangers game -- Evan has a genius solution to the issue.


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AGENT smith    

What is going on with Michael Lohan. Last week he sold a story that Lindsay is using crack or meth and needs a year in rehab. Lindsay is late for the morgue the first day and is sent home. Does one day there eight hours and she has straightened out her life? The news reported that Lindsay called the morgue today and cancelled her appointment. Have you verified this with the morgue?

1094 days ago

Grim Reaper    

If NBC pulls off these shena****ns with Casey Anthony, I think that a well organized boycott of all NBC programming and all GE products is indicated.
There is absolutely no reason why this murderer should become any more financially enriched.

1094 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This show isn't as interesting without Harvey. Charles is a bore. Bring Max in plz

1094 days ago


harvey - if dr white is a witness for defense - how is he allowed to sit at defense table thru trial, and we'll e get to stay now that he called prosecutor a s*** bag

1094 days ago


A book? The chick can barely read a magazine. The book title? "Dating With Casey Anthony: How to Remain Comatose" and there will be a coupon attached for a "Free Post-Natal Abortion!"

1094 days ago


Why doesn't Casey Anthony just self-publish a book? She could keep more of the profit and there is such interest in this story that even without legacy publisher publicity there would be a massive readership I would think...

1094 days ago



1094 days ago


Jessica Simpson isn't revealing that she's pregnant because if she outright said it no one would care. We're talking about her more because she won't say anything, if she did she'd go back to being forgettable.

1094 days ago


Harvey said "We knew on Friday that Beyonce was pregnant, but I decided to hold back the information and let her make the big announcement." WHY, WHY, WHY can't you afford Jessica Simpson the same respect?????

1094 days ago


She doesnt know the baby's daddy LOL LOL HAHAHA

1094 days ago


What is the story going to be about?

1094 days ago


i believe that anyone should not give cassy anthony the time of day and if any news channels wants to do her story should be boycott and we thepublic should make sure she does not get the air time any any time or any money

1094 days ago


Zooey left because she clearly did not fly change fees!

1094 days ago


harvey, you guys should spend your time and resources exposing the pompous hypocrites and the disgusting shameful things that the rich and powerful do to get even more money and power. that means, for example, more details on the pigs at nbc who are paying out blood money for the casey interview. name names and show their pictures. that's who should you should be publicly embarrassing, not an actress who left a ball game a few innings early.

in other words, use your considerable power wisely.

1094 days ago

who dat    

The guy on the left is a total idiot who thinks he's funny but ISN'T. He needs to go. He once said he was married. That's nice that his wife has to put up with him, but we don't. GET RID OF HIM.

Charles needs serious training. He allow this bore (Judith whatever) to repeat the same 45 seconds of what she had to say over and over again, for 5 minutes.

If this is the type of show you are going to put on when Harvey isn't around, i suggest playing elevator music instead.

1094 days ago
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