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Chaz Bono

Booted from 'DWTS'

Delivers Final Kiss Off to Critics

10/25/2011 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chaz Bono was eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars" tonight, and his farewell speech was one part inspiration ... and one part 'screw you' to his critics -- saying, "I wanted to show America a different kind of man."

Chaz came under fire from groups that claimed -- among other things -- he would be a bad influence on children watching 'DWTS' because he is transgender. Chaz tackled the controversy head-on after getting voted out ... saying, "If there was somebody like me on TV when I was growing up my whole life would have been different."

Chaz continued, "I dedicate everything I did to all the people out there like me -- and especially to kids and teens who are struggling."



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When you have a mother like Cher that was never pleased with the way she looked starting way back when ( first with a nose job and then teeth), always dressing on stage in the skimpiest costumes and going after way younger men,I can see were Chastity was confused. With dad calling her by a guys name didn't help things either. Cher to this day continues to change her face so she is having problems with who she is also. What about Chastity's girlfriend? She is Lesbian and now she is being forced to except her girlfriend who has mutilated herself and thinks it's a male? She likes women not something that changes into something it's not. Will she want to stay in this relationship when it turns out to be something she didn't bargain for? I got mad about all of this because I liked watching DWLS but when people try to shove their political views on someone that is when I say not so fast. Especially when they can't dance and continue to be kept on for political reasons and ratings. Taking off her shirt just pushed another agenda. THAT made it not exceptable to me. She should of just danced and got voted off the first week because of her lack of dancing ability. She knew she was a bad dancer for she would hide behind her partner at the end when the couple kicked off did their last dance. She knew it should of been her for you could see it on her face as she peeked around Lacy. I hope she felt bad for it wasn't fair to the better dancers that were kicked off before her.

1062 days ago

John T.    

Thank God! After week one she should have been voted off. She was only there this long because of pity votes and ratings for the show. She has no talent, can't dance a step and is a joke. Cher can tweet and cry but hey face it she can't cance a step and we knew it the first week. A sweat hog that needs to go on a diet.She is and will always be a woman.

1062 days ago

Jeannie H    

First of all for all you are hating on chaz u really need to look at ur motives for the hostilty. I find that her strength in becoming who she thought she always was to be is her choice to change not ours. All of have crosses to bare and y do u feel a need to step on chaz's?? I know that God gave us our talents and our feelings for a reason to be destined to be what God wants us to learn.All u critical eople who haven't got a clue to have an open mind will die lonely and wondering what u could of done different in ur life that would have made u feel better avout urself without cutting down those who are trying... Shame on you.

1062 days ago


If I produced that thing, I would chop my own balls off!

1062 days ago


Ya Sure Chaz what ever you say. Your parenting was the problem.and not haveing the right relationship with the one above. You are a good person running in the wrong direction. I wish you the best .

1062 days ago


Chaz did great on DWTS. He lasted for half the seasons, which is more than five other contestants. I wish him well.

1062 days ago


frightening! This once has been an example of a free and tolerant nation... we in europe might have big problems, but you are really back on your way in our middleages..

1062 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

The show has never been about dancing Chaz should have been gone a long time ago.

1062 days ago


Also this is an ENTERTAINMENT SHOW, in case the judges forgot. These people are not trying out for "PROFESSIONAL DANCER OF THE YEAR" or "IDOL OF PROFESSIONAL DANCING", just doing their best in learning and finishing their dances.
I vote for new judges every season !

1062 days ago


Sorry people, but you might be forgetting, NOBODY IS PERFECT, even tho a lot of you think you are.
There are mistakes in nature and some people are just born in the wrong body and I admire Chaz for doing something about it, and not living a life he knew was wrong for him.
And I don't think his dancing was bad, I enjoyed it and the fact he worked hard and the audience loved him.

1062 days ago


Why is he/she so fat? Doesn't he/she exercise at all?

1062 days ago


It'*****e comments like these that helped keep Chaz on so long. Those votes were not FOR Chaz, but AGAINST all the haters.

1062 days ago


And as for Bruno...that screaming queen has a lot of nerve to criticize someone for their weight when he's this generation's version of the equally embarrassing to the gay community's Richard Simmons!

1062 days ago


yep she is still a woman, does not have a instrument below..she should have been gone weeks ago, she can not dance, I have refused to watch the show for the last couple of years, her remaining reminded me I made a good decision, popularity and ratings drivin,,nothing to do with dance--Go Max..luv ya Max!!

1062 days ago


Two excellent dancers were voted off the show while Chaz - a terrible dancer - stayed. The nastiness toward DWTS is the same we hear repeatedly. If you say something negative about a black, you're racist; if you say something negative about a homosexual, you're homophobic. Anyone with a two brain cells could see that CHAZ can't dance. If she/he were anyone else's daughter/son - other than Cher - he/she would never have been on the show. I actually think that Chaz conducted him/herself with dignity - it took a lot just to appear. Kudos there. But, when you're on that show, you set yourself up for the criticism. Chaz stayed much longer than talent would have suggested.

1062 days ago
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