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Kate Major 911 Call:

I'm Afraid of Him,

He's Gonna Hit Me!

10/25/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 calls placed by Michael Lohan's girlfriend Kate Major last night -- moments after MiLo allegedly threatened to kill her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

You can hear a panicked Kate on the phone, telling the operator, "I'm afraid of him. He's gonna come in here and hit me."


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Then F*&$ing STAY AWAY FROM HIM.........IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

1061 days ago


Just another ho who’s too stupid to leave her ******* boyfriend. Why is this even on here and why does it have as much coverage as the Jackson trial? He is NOT A CELEBRITY. Why the **** can’t Harvey get that through his stupid head? Is the guy blackmailing him? Are they butt buddies? I would really LOVE to know why they are giving this loser so much attention (and you know he is just basking in all this).

1061 days ago


I don't believe her. It's too easy to claim domestic violence with no proof. You make a phone call because you happen to be pissed and want him arrested.

1061 days ago


Shes so FOS it's not funny! She already had a restraining order on him and she's banging his brains out. What a TOOL she is.

1061 days ago


Please....she's as disordered as the rest of the freak show family by taking him back all the time.
They all have major abandonment issues and should be poster children for Borderline, Anti-Social, and Histrionic Personality Disorder. All classic textbook cases.

1061 days ago


I don't believe a word that comes out of this woman's mouth. He's a looser as well, but she's clearly the instigator and has ulterior motives by filing this ridiculous police report. Stop wasting taxpayer's money, especially in cash strapped LA . Enough is enough.

1061 days ago


Kate is the one who should be in jail for lying to Police and violating HER OWN restraining order! Free Milo!

1061 days ago


Celebrities & celebrity wannabes will continue to act like idiots as long as the media gives them the attention they crave.

Some people are so addicted to the spotlight they have NO ability to censor their own behavior anymore.

They need therapy. And the media only enables these emotionally ill people.

1061 days ago


MiLo wants a blowj?b and LiLo wants to show her what a looser family.........

1061 days ago


No wonder his wife divorced him and refuses to have anything to do with him! He gets my vote for #1 Creep
in America. I know there are others, but he's the poster boy. Stupid female~ Where is this jerk getting all the $
that allows him all that free time to harass and molest and
abuse women?

1061 days ago


I can't stand her - if she keeps coming back she gets what she deserves. So does he, if he keeps taking her back, she is going to call the cops everytime she gets stoned or drunk because she is garbage.

1061 days ago

I am Spartacus    

why does she hang around him if all they ever do is call the cops on each other?

1061 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

These two idiots are still together?
I thought she put out several restraining orders against him?
I guess she deserves it if she's dumb enough to keep going back to him if he's really abusive.

1061 days ago


I thought she has a restraining order on him. Didn't SHE violate it by letting him in the house? A restraining order is just means NO CONTACT!

Stop calling the cops every time you have a lttle tiff. High schoolers are more together than these two dipshiats.

What next anyway? Kate on the cover of Star magazine announcing "We're having a baby"! "Look inside for all the juicy details. See how this baby has made Micheal a new man. Lindsay is going to have a new brother or sister"!


1061 days ago


It must be quite embarrassing being in that Lohan family right now. What are the neighbors gonna say?!

1061 days ago
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