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Kate Major 911 Call:

I'm Afraid of Him,

He's Gonna Hit Me!

10/25/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 calls placed by Michael Lohan's girlfriend Kate Major last night -- moments after MiLo allegedly threatened to kill her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

You can hear a panicked Kate on the phone, telling the operator, "I'm afraid of him. He's gonna come in here and hit me."


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OMG! I am missing the cotton candy and peanuts for this freaking circus! This family is completely insane! Hey Micheal, that chest pain you get everytime you get arrested or before a celebrity boxing match is called FEAR, you coward. Funny how you don't get it before you hit a girl.

1097 days ago


Michael Lohan may be ridiculous, but so is Kate Major. I mean, come on! You've had how many restraining orders and lawsuits against the man and YOU invite him to stay at your apartment knowing the kind of person he is? They're both media whores with serious problems. I say TMZ follows the Dr. Drew method and stops feeding their addiction i.e. reporting on these wastes of space!

1097 days ago


I thought these two losers had restraining orders against each other. Didn't Kate just get one in Sarasota, FL where she was living with her parents?

1097 days ago

South Beach    

Ahhh, co-dependant relationships...Yummy...not.

1097 days ago


....It's about time we all come to terms with the fact that Kate Major is a Professional Victim. Therefore she should go all out and get herself shot--- preferably 10 to 16 times in the face....Artofwar

1097 days ago


Normally I would never say this but clearly she's asking for it. She's no victim, this is her sick way of getting attention. If I was Milo I'd hit that dumb b.tch too... seriously enough is enough.

1097 days ago


Some people do not "feel" like they are living if they do not have a "crisis" to manage. Toxic is all they know....and it gets handed down

1097 days ago


Those 911 Operators are DUMBASSES---what part of I CANT TALK did they not get, he would clearly go the **** off if he saw her on the phone! as for them two, after i saw him FLIP THE **** OUT ON Celebrity Rehab Id stay away! as for her...attention whore..stop going back, get a DVP if you have to.

1097 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If YOU were married to Dilo for as long as he was, you'd be a little off your rocker too! Give the dude a break, women like Kate use these DV claims as a manipulative tool.

1097 days ago


Geez . . major and lohan are both a couple o' whack-a-doos. Did you see how childish they were acting on Drew's show? Like a couple crazy spoiled rotten nursery school kids . . . "I'm having chest pains!" gimme a break! Who would want to be with either one of them?

1097 days ago


Notice she never once tells them he'***** her? What a jerk she is! If you are seriously in fear for your life you spit your address out like no tomorrow!! This is another one of their bs arguments and drama for attention. Lock them both up for wasting emergency services time and money on their crap!

1097 days ago


She's just as much a fame whore as he is! Stop giving them attention geez!

1097 days ago


These 2 are a ******* joke. Who's sicker? Him or her? She has a restraining order, but yet she keeps letting him in the door. HOw many times now? And she calls the cops every single time. She needs mental help.

1097 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

How is it possible that right here in America, these two dimwits apparently do not own firearms? If they did, you know what would happen, and we would be done hearing about them ha ha. Someone "put a handgun in their hands."

1097 days ago


This broad is so f_cking stupid. Michael Lohan keeps beating her down, and she keeps taking him back. I say she deserves whatever happens to her from now on. They aren't married, they don't live together, and they have no kids together. There's no reason she "has" to stay with him. She knows that he's a psycho and an abuser, and yet she keeps letting him in her house. What a moron.

1097 days ago
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