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Kate Major 911 Call:

I'm Afraid of Him,

He's Gonna Hit Me!

10/25/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 calls placed by Michael Lohan's girlfriend Kate Major last night -- moments after MiLo allegedly threatened to kill her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

You can hear a panicked Kate on the phone, telling the operator, "I'm afraid of him. He's gonna come in here and hit me."


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She's a manipulative b*tch. I don't believe for a second that they aren't equal participants in all of this. She's an alcoholic and using him for what itty bitty tiny bit of fame she feels he has. If she was really a victim, she'd have moved on by now. I saw Celebrity Rehab. She's a lunatic and an addict.They're both garbage.

1071 days ago


The above is a radio interview he gave post rehab. I like Milo but I'm seriously LMAO!

1071 days ago


this trailer trash just wants to be in the celebrity spotlight. why else would she let him back in??? they are both losers. no wonder lindsay is so screwed up.. look at the example he sets for his children. sad. sad. sad.

1071 days ago


They BOTH should be arrested for abusing the system--wasting the court's time with restraining orders against each other. It's no different than someone who keeps calling 911 over and over again for no reason. Sick, useless losers, both of them.

1071 days ago

just over it     

omg kate u r 1 stupd chck u lid to cops about the addey and sweetie u sounded oh soooooooo scared u stupid little drug lier go to rehab and crawl ack in th hole u came from

1071 days ago


These two people, of any two people in the world should stay away from one another. They are bad for each other and train wrecks together. It was observed on Celebrity Rehab that if they stayed together, he was going to end up in jail. Well look what happened. They should take out restraining orders on each other or move to different states.

1071 days ago


I don't have any pity for a woman who allow's a man to constantly kick her in the face.These kind of men rarely change their ways.

I've seen my friend's deal with psychotic douche bags's like Micheal Lohan and they end up wasting their time on somebody who needs to validate themselves at another person's expense.Personally,I don't have pity for grown women who habitually go running back to these men and scream "You don't understand!" when you try to tell them the truth.

1071 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

from: Maureen O'Connor
to: Kate Major
date: Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:07 AM
subject: Gawker questions Re: Your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! What does this mean, in terms of your career? Are you worried about Michael's history of tumultuous relationships? Do you have any details or thoughts you want to add beyond what was in Radar?

from: Kate Major
to: Maureen O'Connor
date: Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 8:13 AM
subject: Re: Gawker questions Re: Your engagement


To begin with, you don't know the truth about Michael's relationships. I've known him for over four years. How dare you "congratulate" me and ask if I am worried about his past "tumultuous" relationships. Our relationship is wonderful. Worry about yourself and your career — Not mine. And if you want to make any comments to my loving fiance, call him at 631-[redacted].

-Kate Major
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

"Over four years" would mean while she was working at Star, so we'll take this email to indicate that, no, Kate Major will not be giving up sleeping with stars for writing about stars any time soon.

All of which is beside the point: Now that we have Michael Lohan's phone number, what should we do with it? [Image via Getty]

1071 days ago


Both of them are camera driven d-bags. First she's with Jon Gosslin, and now this loser. So what's the problem??? LoLife, her dad, and all of them are just nasty - Major should fit right in. Dad Lohan should call his good pal Dr Drew (another "success" story from Celeb Rehab, huh doc. LOL) to bail him out. Then let the dysfunction rave on, since if Dad's not chasing Major Loser, she's chasing him.

1071 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

She is still his "girl friend"? WTF is wrong with her? Can't blame her for not wanting to suck that old mans half limp wienie.. ew gross.

1071 days ago


Hate him, but... she knows what he is like and keeps going back.. after the first couple of times you should not be allowed to have someone arrested because you 'think' they will hit you. Both are idiots.

1071 days ago


Neether person is embarrassed about this going public?

1071 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

In the pat down video, was MiLo hitting on the female officer? While he was in his hospital gown? LMAO Really not the time and place. But, maybe he is ready to move on??????

1071 days ago


Harvey, please please please no more stories of the Loser Lohans or Michaele Salahi and that loser she is with. They are all a huge waste of human kind. Thanks Harvey!

1071 days ago


Is there any way all the Lohans and their circle of "friends," and all the Kardashians and their circle of "friends" can be moved to an island out in the middle of nowhere? So we can't see them, hear from them or of them, ever again? Let them take their classless behavior somewhere else?

Maybe we can call it "Reality Island" and all these so-called "reality stars" can relocate there. Ryan Seacrest can be the Grand Poobah Ruler of the island.

1071 days ago
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