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Justin Bieber

Pulled Over By Cops

In NASTY Batman Cadillac

10/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Batman CadillacJustin Bieber narrowly dodged the cold hammer of justice this week ... TMZ has learned -- getting off with just a warning after cops pulled the 17-year-old over in his Batman-themed Cadillac.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cruising around L.A. in a ridiculous 3-car motorcade -- with Biebs up front in a murdered out Bat-illac CTS-V ... flanked by his friends in a Range Rover and a black Rolls Royce (Sean Kingston).

According to law enforcement sources, JB cut off a CHP officer and was pulled over -- along with the other two cars -- but fortunately for the Biebs and his perfect life, the entire gang was sent on their way with just a warning.

To add insult to injury -- JB's car is maddeningly awesome ... with a custom "JB" logo on the side panel ... and twin Batman symbols on the front and back of the car. Oh yeah, and the word "Batmobile" is emblazoned on the trunk.

Thanks to celeb jeweler Ben Baller for the pics.


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call me a hater all you want but that picture just screams douchebag... he does look like a little bitch though, honestly... hopefully puberty will hit him sometime, he doesn't even look like a high schooler....

1094 days ago


He's such a wussy punk and his g/f is so not real they look so fake with each other

1094 days ago


After looking at him standing like that, I tried to strike a similar pose. Unfortunately the crotch of my pants is about knee height. So, Biebs either has custom made pants or he does not know how to wear pants.

1094 days ago


OMG could he be any more gay? (Not that there's anything wrong with that). He's more feminine than Selena.
WTF does she see in him?

1094 days ago


Holy Traffic Violation, Batman!

I also don't understand all the adult*****red towards Justin. Every generation has their own teen idols & looking back 99% of them were just as self-absorbed & mind-numbingly bland for the sake of media hype as Justin is.

He's selling an image... just like all those before him & all those after him will.

Time will tell whether he can successfully move beyond being a bankable product for the teenie bopper set & start to appeal to an older audience.

The sad thing is that so many former teen idols feel like they have to turn 'bad' or pull outrageous stunts to erase the image of them as fresh-faced celebrities in order to show they grew up & to draw an older audience.

It's hard to stop hearing the fans scream for you if THAT'S how you learned to measure your self-worth.

1094 days ago


I have nothing against this kid but he looks like a little 17 yr old lesbian if that, more like 15. Wasting money on 10 rides at 17 is the dumbest sh** ever. Batman?? He needs let his balls drop.

1094 days ago


He looks ridiculous

1094 days ago


hm so he gets a warning for cutting off a chp officer putting that officers life in harms way. And he gets a warning? wow... just wow

1094 days ago


LINSAY LOHAN...from DISNEY to DIRT in 5 years....just so you know.

1094 days ago


Selena Gomez weighs more than him lol

1094 days ago


At first, I thought Justin was finally starting to grow up, but after reading this, now I realize he is a spoiled brat who will do anything for publicity. He should take the hangers out of his clothes before he wears them, he is so high and mighty!

1094 days ago


Justin appears to weigh less than a typical labrador retriever . . .
GO EAT A SANDWICH, . . . or maybe three of them!!!

1094 days ago


Hey Justin, keep several car lengths away from that Kingston dude.....he can't drive worth a s$%#t!

1094 days ago


Has he even started menastrating yet(the rag)?

1094 days ago


In a year or two when his career is over, what's he gonna do with his life? He's barely old enough to drive and he is the biggest sell-out I've ever seen in my LIFE!
Lunch-boxes, toothbrushes (you read that right, there are Justin Bieber toothbrushes!), perfume! (WTF?) etc. etc.
His parents/manager are making every dime they can off him.

1094 days ago
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