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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Back for Morgue!

10/26/2011 8:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan has returned to the L.A. County Coroner's Office this morning ... and this time she arrived with 20 minutes to spare!!

Lohan seemed to enjoy her first real shift on Friday ... when she washed soiled morgue linens and scrubbed toilets. But she kicked up a little controversy when she tried to buy cupcakes and burgers for the staff.

She later apologized ... claiming she was simply trying to say sorry for being late the day before.


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Rose5491: 24 minutes ago

It looks like SCH is interpreting the Judge's ruling the same way that many of us did. 16 hours between last Thursday and today and another 16 hours between tomorrow and next week's hearing. If one interprets it that way, she HAD to do morgue work today or she would have been in violation of the judge's order from last week's hearing. She's already in violation of her probation because she was fired from the Women's Center and because she didn't go to the therapist ... in person.. every week. So if she hadn't shown up today... that would be her 3rd violation of this probation. So the way I figure it, after today, she still has another 16 hours to do at the morgue before the Nov 2nd hearing.
No her probation is revoked but the Judge strongly suggested she did 16 hours per week at the morgue to mitigate any sentence on Nov 2nd.

1060 days ago

Ghost Rider    

So I guess the news will be hearing soon is that Lindsay didnt get the Playboy deal after all for various reasons and that was the call she was on when she ran into her garage door all drunk last night. Im thinking the photos didnt come out so well being they use color.

1060 days ago


Really TMZ she enjoyed Friday? The only reason why Lindsay is there is because the Judge was about to put down her gavel and kick her a** for being so disrespectful to the Dream Center and to the court. I hope this little twit gets put in jail where she deserves to be.

1060 days ago


Is it me or does little Ms.Liar look like shes alreday having a bad day

Hummm being forced to go to the moruge...YUP!
Geting a bad phone call from Huge Hefners people? Could be Rabbit
SCH telling her she has 16 hrs more to complte.Oh Yeah!

1060 days ago

AGENT smith    

Way to Go Lindsay! You're doing great. X17 said that Lindsay was singing and dancing in her car on the way home from the photo shoot. Lindsay tweeted Unfortunately it's about time he got served....I love you mommy. Getting served was her dad by being arrested. "Served" is slang for being embarrassed and shown up and made fun of. X17 had pic's of her arriving home and although she did bump her head on her garage door and get knocked down she looked very healthy and happy. I think that getting up at 6 am has changed her whole lifestyle. Her phone is probably ringing off the hook for interviews and photo shoots.

1060 days ago


She has promised to go to the morgue every day between now and her next hearing on November 2. OK, that is a lie for she has only shown up once before today. So right off the bat she is a liar. What else would we expect from Lindsay?
Before Lindsay was taken away in cuffs, the judge said Lindsay must complete 16 hours at the morgue before the November 2 hearing. So that means if she does an eight hour shift today then she will be caught up with eight hours last week and eight hours this week. Darn, so she is in compliance. THAT IS IF she does finish up the day. She could also do two hours today, tomorrow and Friday for a total of eight OR four hours today and four more before the 2nd. What are the chances she makes it? Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "How Low will a Lohan go".

1060 days ago


You think she would have asked if she could buy them all lunch before she did it. That's her problem--she acts without forethought.

1060 days ago


Ok everyone heres two things for you to think about:

1)Yeserday on TMZ live they had Jadia Nicole on, she was outraged the amount of money the Lohan camp is claiming Lindsay is getting. Jadia made 100,000.00 for being the Playmate of the year
Anyway with the Lohans so hard up for money and the way Dina pimps her kids out.

Do you think this NO class No shame family is doing a sister spread?? and thats why they are getting paid more (with Ali being a minor and all) I wouldnt put it passed Dina Lohan one second (in her evil mind she thinks it will boost both daughters careers) What do you think??

2)This new Douche bag ED with his Douche bag icon and Douche bag comments.Pimping Lindsay out. Looks to me that he is Michael jr.

What are your thoughts??

1060 days ago


why is this so hard for people to understand...
she has to go to the morgue 4 times at 8 hours each time..
that = 32 hours...please take note..not 16 hours...32...
I dont think the judge cares when she does it, as long as it = 32 hours....Now the first day was scheduled and that might be a big problem...
Now the playboy thing is BS....they have done this 3 times with playboy, and 6 times with movie roles.right before jail time...
Probation requires lindsay to have a job,so dina has just invented one...Have any media confirmed this with playboy...even Honig cant say it is true..
something tells me she is going to try and skip out early today, from CS...around 11 AM PT

1060 days ago


Gross. I bet her nasty fake barbie sh*t sheds everywhere. I feel sorry for those at the morgue who have to clean up AFTER her.

1060 days ago


We have some exclusive hidden photos of Lindsay working in the morgue today here:

1060 days ago


Ed...You are wrong! The judge clarified it at the end of the hearing. Listen again. She said 16hours per WEE*****il the next hearing and Shawn was the one who ask for the clarification.

1060 days ago




1060 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Its kinda hard thinking of eds photo and trying to pose as him without laughing hysterically, you almost have to pretend you are a total arrogant snob like Pari******on to pull the look of ed off.

1060 days ago


Big deal! She's shown up for a whole two days of work. Give the girl a cookie for her efforts.

1060 days ago
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