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Dina Lohan

Serves Jailed Michael --

You're Still a Deadbeat!

10/26/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan got a special delivery while he was rotting away in a Tampa jail yesterday -- dude got served with new legal papers from his ex-wife Dina ... who's demanding $11k in unpaid child support.

We thought the kids were all in their 30s by now ... apparently not.


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Seems like Dina Lohan is not getting any takers on her so called book. She's been saying the same old crap for 7 years.

1093 days ago


Michael Lohan doesn't work, he gets his money from talking about his daughter Lindsay. Dina doesn't work. Michael Jr manages a band but still lives at home, Ali is starting to work and Cody is 15.

At 25 it looks like Lindsay is still supporting this family one way or another.

1093 days ago


Dina is such a great mother, she was right there wither daughter when she posed nude for playboy, she collects all the royalties, she makes sure Ali doesn't eat anything but. Tic tac so she can model, and when the work week is done she "allegedly" makes out with her daughter and does a couple of lines and a few shots at the local bar, life must be hard for a momager,

1093 days ago


So he's been paying for Ali, who's been living with Lindsay for the last year. I'm sure Dina is not giving Lindsay a cent for Ali...Why should Michael have to pay for Ali, when Dina's just keeping the money herself?

1093 days ago


If lindsay didnt get this BS photo shoot,and make some loot..then Dina would have resorted to plan B..throw lindsay under the Bus,with a tell all book...
while lindsay is on vacation at lynwood..and money is tight..Dina is going to sell out on lindsay again...

1093 days ago


xmas is coming...wonder if the lohan clan give each other a stocking full of lawsuits and restraining orders?
Does a team of lawyers slide down the chimney baring settlements...I already know what the snow man is built out of.

1093 days ago


Dina spends a lot of money to have doors slammed in her face.
Fake photo shoots cost bank...
Dina is hording Money while Lindsay looks and dresses homeless.

1093 days ago


This is why Lindsay is an addict. She needs to "work to support her family." Her ******* parents should work to support themselves & their own kids - ESPECIALLY Dina. I can't help but feel bad for Lindsay. It must be stressful to start supporting a family in your early teens...

1093 days ago


It doesn't matter how old the kids are NOW. Unpaid child support is unpaid child support. He still owes it!

1093 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I dont get or want child support and I could use the extra money. It is just not worth it. That much money would make a huge difference to me, but is just a shopping trip to Dina. I think this is more about getting "press" and power trip than the money. This is like a slap in the face to the rest of us single mom's who actually work hard and take care of our children. Will she even spend the money on Ali and Cody? SMH

1093 days ago


With pathetic parents like these is anyone all that surprised that Lindsay has turned out the is way she has? C'mon, really!

1093 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

For your amusement only and sung to the "Flinstones" theme song.
Lohans! Meet the Lohans!
They're your modern day messed up family.
From the state of New York,
They like to lay down some misery.
Let's ride with the family down the street.
To every (Pick one or all) crackhouse
jewelry store
that they see.
When you're with the Lohans,
you'll have a doo time
a yabadoo time
You'll have a gay ol' time!!!

1093 days ago

the real diva    

she will try to get money from everyone . first lindsay now michael. next she will be taking money off ali and any kids that work. the woman is money hungry. michael is no better living off lindsays fame.what a defunctional family. they make the osbournes esp ozzy osbourne seem more normal then they will ever be. that is not saying much.

1093 days ago


I see a GREAT reality show concept. We can call it 'Saving the Lohan's', or some cheesy title like that. The entire Lohan family undergoes therapy and and rehabilitation. And WE watch it unfold on...oh wait. It's almost like what we have already, but in the show there is either a happy ending OR we agree to stop talking about them in the media forever!

1093 days ago


Somehow I wouldn't assume Dina is a reliable source for the actual amount. She must be getting nervous - before long, she'll be down to just one kid co-produced by Milo under the age of 18 at home. Whatever will she do?

1093 days ago
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