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Dina Lohan

Serves Jailed Michael --

You're Still a Deadbeat!

10/26/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan got a special delivery while he was rotting away in a Tampa jail yesterday -- dude got served with new legal papers from his ex-wife Dina ... who's demanding $11k in unpaid child support.

We thought the kids were all in their 30s by now ... apparently not.


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Does anyone even wonder why the girl is so screwed up? Her fathers in jail every 3 months and her mom tries to broker a book deal blabbing about her daughters drug problem. Worst parents ever!!!! They've both wanted to hog the fame light ever since Lyndsey got her first breaks.

1095 days ago


Didn't they already sort this out a while ago in court? I recall that it was a piddling amount that was in dispute. I think Milo still has family money (he was a rich kid) so it makes more sense that it's a conflict over amounts, he lives in such a fish bowl. Didn't he say he would pay Lindsay's legal bills? That's a small fortune in itself.
But the way Dina talks about Milo, he has a case for "alienation of affection" - if she talks like that about him in public, imagine what poison she's been pouring into the kids all these years. A sensible woman doesn't try to poison her kids' relationship with their dad, no matter how much she dislikes him, and lets the kids make their own decisions about how much of a jerk their father is without mom using them as junior therapists to "talk out" all the problems she had with him. But Dina has been doing everything she can to manipulate the kids in such matters, explaining a lot about Milo's very public talking about Lindsay's drug problems (which he has been quite correct about, actually). The guy probably can't figure out any other way to communicate with his kids. So he may not be the world's greatest dad, but he might not be quite the demon that Dina paints him as. Her parental skills are pretty poor also.

1095 days ago


Yeah, Dina should be working to support her family. It is certainly not Lindsay's responsibility to do so. However, child support is court mandated. If Milo's income has changed and he can't afford his current support payments, or if he wants an accounting--his recourse is via the judicial system.

The arrearages have nothing to do with Dina--this is all Michael. I don't think she even did this for attention. The easiest person to serve is someone who is incarcerated. This makes sense from an attorney's perspective.

Basically, Dina is a blood-sucking leech but Michael still needs to pay his support.

1095 days ago


For a long time I have been amazed that Lindsay has not attempted far as we know horribly depressing it must be for her to awaken every morning to such never ending all she knows...sad, sad :(

1095 days ago


she probably spends that much in hair dye alone.

1095 days ago


My DOG could see the classic dysfunction and deception in this family!!

1095 days ago



If Dina is sending Lindsay money for Ali, then why, in a court of law, did Shawn Holley state that Lindsay is supporting her family? Seems to me, if Dina is sending Lindsay money for Ali, that would be perjury.

1095 days ago


Good job, mom! Never miss a chance to add your ugly face to an already ugly mess. This family gives new definition to dysfuctional. Yet another sterling moment in the never ending saga of the LoLifes.

1095 days ago

John T.    

She calls him a dead beat dad lol we call her the unfit free loading mother of the year. Think all that bleach she puts on her hair went to her pea brain.

1095 days ago


This whole family is messed up... Dad and daughter have matching mug shots. Mother states Lindsay is doing great, while her probation is revoked. Lindsay brings 17 year old Ali on a nude photo shoot, and thinks nothing of it. Lindsay posing in Playboy committing career suicide. And all this within a weeks time!

1095 days ago


Definitely the worst parents in America. He's a childish anger management challenged jerk who only thinks about attention. And, she's the worst mother in recent history; she slaves out her kids & pimps them to wherever they can make the most money for her while taking absolutely no responsibility for their actions. Both of them deserve a bullet to the brain...

1095 days ago


Good Luck getting paid ``````````` Dina!!
Why would you even have 4 kids with this dumb fluck in the first place?

1095 days ago


Can anyone imagine growing up in this dysfunctional family?? Holy hell it must be a nightmare! Why do they even have custody of any children at all? Drugs, jail, alcohol, the list goes on! Any other every day family would have their children yanked by now or at least have children's services breathing down their necks. Why do the celebs get a pass on this crap? Children's services obviously look the other way if the people are rich too so it's not just the justice system that's messed up!

1095 days ago


In the most recent post where Blohan got out of jail, he's bragging about providing Kate Major with her Sarasota apt. and furnishing it, etc. Maybe Dinar can go and repossess it all from her. She could add a new chapter to her book betraying her daughter Flimsy, er, I meant Lindsey.

1095 days ago


Will say one thing, Orange Oprah is a persistent, dumb bietch. She tries to sell everyone on her show "Living Lohan" and it is an EPIC fail. She tries to sell producers a "low budget film", making her son a STAR, it's laughed at! Then she tries to get us all to buy into, "she's writing a book" BS. And that fails. Sadly, two of these were within the last 3 months. LOSING!

1095 days ago
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