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Michael Lohan

Released from Jail

10/26/2011 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
was released from jail moments ago in Florida -- after allegedly bruising up his GF Kate Major in a domestic dispute Tuesday -- but Lindsay's dad insists, "I did not lay a hand on her."

TMZ posted the pictures yesterday ... showing what Major claims are bruises inflicted by Michael during the incident -- when Michael allegedly flipped on her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

Michael was arrested and charged with domestic violence -- and as we previously reported, Dina Lohan made matters worse for him while he was in jail ... serving MiLo with legal docs demanding child support.


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This whole family is so unbelievably out to lunch and self centered . . . . ever notice how none of them ever did ANYTHING wrong? (In their mind)

1090 days ago

The Real JJ    

It's his daughter and him are playing 'who can do more time'.

1090 days ago


if he was a good dad then the family would make millions and they would not have of be pieces of ****. but the family is a representative of his... and that is PIECES OF ****

1090 days ago


It would have been better if they would have booted him out in his hospital gown.

1090 days ago


Exactly what Dr. Drew and his staff said would happen before Lohan left Celebrity Rehab. They told him to get anger management therapy but he refused. This guy is a ticking time bomb!

1090 days ago


Isn't it sad that people with no morals, pride and reedeming qualities make so much money, while the people who have morals, prides and reedeming qualities starve outside on the streets and barely make a living, go through month with their paycheck.

The saddest part of all is that these people would be nothing, if people wouldn't be commenting on gossip websites, bought gossip magazines and bought everything they sell them.

1090 days ago


Oh goody. And look, his big mouth is yapping, as usual, and he's surrounded by a few "reporters" and some slackers who have not a thing in the world better to do. Lol

Yet another fine performance by the LoLife crew.

1090 days ago


I called it. He got out a 6:00pm and made a press conference at 6:01pm. What a tool.

He said he has witnesses, but when the cops showed up it was just him and her, nobody else.

I really hope they lock him up for a year.

1090 days ago


Birds of a feather that flock together, defecating all over California.

1090 days ago


It's obvious those bruises are OLD and not from being grabbed or thrown! Those look like the type of bruises you get when bump into something! The one on her leg is already light brown which means it's disappearing! I wish this worthless family would disappear!

1090 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Okay, I lied, she deserved to go over that 4 foot balcony. Exactly how is the judge going to try and make that stick? Be cause this crazy dumb bietch said so????

1090 days ago

Darlene Method    

WHY??? ARE we giving this LOSER PRESS???

1090 days ago

Lise Charlebois    

No wonder Lindsay is a mess. She has no role models, supports her entire family because they are worthless lazy media hounds and now she is posing naked for playboy because she needs money. She needs to get very very far away these two losers she calls her parents!

1090 days ago


Who cares he wasn't supposed to see her so throw him in jail for being stupid! Why are Lilo's parents news anyway. They have no talent and are nothing more than prosti-tots parents all grown up.

1090 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I like Milo but I'm worried about the dudes heart! When he was talking his vein in his neck was about to bust and I cringed when they asked him about Lilo posing for Playboy. He had to be holding back a big old can of whoop azz.

1090 days ago
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