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Michael Lohan

Released from Jail

10/26/2011 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
was released from jail moments ago in Florida -- after allegedly bruising up his GF Kate Major in a domestic dispute Tuesday -- but Lindsay's dad insists, "I did not lay a hand on her."

TMZ posted the pictures yesterday ... showing what Major claims are bruises inflicted by Michael during the incident -- when Michael allegedly flipped on her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

Michael was arrested and charged with domestic violence -- and as we previously reported, Dina Lohan made matters worse for him while he was in jail ... serving MiLo with legal docs demanding child support.


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If there was a restraining order how did he get let into her apartment?
ROs are to protect the victim and if he didn't follow it then he must be thrown in jail for a very long time. if the judge doesn't do that they should be thrown out of court.

1091 days ago


The judge needs to throw michael in jail for 30 days. That will be long enough for him to realize he has to fix himself.

1091 days ago


"So what, who cares?"

- Joy Behar

1091 days ago


Oh goody, another Lohan trial. Please live stream, please!

1091 days ago


The ONLY thing MILO is guilty of, is marrying Orange Oprah and having 4 kids with her obnoxious non working ugly azz!

1091 days ago


Hate this guy all you want, but every man that lives and breathes knows women will game the system in a New York minute. Here's how it goes, there was an argument that she was losing; she had bruised her knee earlier in the day gardening, and the cops were called, the tears and terrified look was feigned, and he went to jail. It's just that easy. The cops always believe the lies of women. The notion of gender equality? A pathetic, nauseating sham.

1091 days ago


Giving a press conference as soon as he gets out of the slammer? What a jerk.

As for Kate, I think she likes the attention as much as he does. They both need to grow up.

1091 days ago


Next up, Lilo sells a story to TMZ in regards to her thoughts on Milo's past due child support. This is how these tramps roll!

1091 days ago

AGENT smith    

Red Cloud I did a Google search on Michael and he has 1542 articles written about his release today.

1091 days ago


Michael LoHan and Lindsay are a disgrace to society!!
~~Lock em both ``UP!!!

1091 days ago


Every time Lindsay is in the spotlight he has to do or say something to get attention. He should practice what he is
constantly preaching on talk shows in the past. I haven't
seen him on any lately, I don't think anybody wants to hear
his rants anymore.

1091 days ago


Someone cannot make matters worse for that s*** bag TMZ, he is fully responsible doing that to himself.
If someone else could make matters worse for him he wouldn't be alive.

1091 days ago


Is a GF KATE MAJOR a good F or a great F???

1091 days ago


We enjoy peace and beautiful sunsets here. We would appreciate it if Lohan would return to his native land.

1091 days ago


I always thought that if two people had a restraining order should either one break the order then that person would go to jail. Seems to me they both broke the restraining order so they should BOTH be getting charged or neither!
Truth be known she probably broke her phone throwing it at him in a tantrum and the bruises are probably from him trying to keep HER from attacking him. This happens more than people think! It's become a nasty game for alot of women to play so they can get their own way! It's sick and ruining the system for women, children or men that are seriously abused!
I say lock them both up and stop these silly games they're both playing!

1091 days ago
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