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Charlie Sheen

'Anger Management' Show

Picked Up by FX

10/27/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's triumphant return to television will take place on cable ... because the FX Network just sealed a deal to run his new sitcom, "Anger Management."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, at least 3 cable networks bid on the show ... but FX emerged victorious. 

The deal is what's known as a "10-90" -- if the first 10 "test" episodes do well, the network will order 90 more. 

As TMZ first reported, Sheen will play the role of the therapist -- loosely based on Jack Nicholson's character in the movie "Anger Management."


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90 more? Wow, is that the 2nd season or 90 for the life of the show?

1062 days ago


Remains to be seen. Jane Lynch was funny as Sheens shrink on 2.5 men. Maybe he will get lucky. Just don't pull the same crap.

1062 days ago

Joe Jasper    

What Charlie Sheen did was un-excuseable , disrespectful and ****** up. You know what you are, who you are and your party life especially needs to stay out of the limelight it's like a drug dealer making his **** public you know. I'm a die hard two & a half men fan i tried to contact Charlie Sheen & Chuck Lorre through agents , lawyers etc It was heart breaking. I have not seen one new episode of the new 2 & a half men but i do have every episode of the old two & a half men not because im a Sheen worshipper / kutcher hater. No offense to Kutcher he's a great actor in his own ways. But two & a half men is not really two & a half men without sheen. That's already been established Charlie Sheen and the cast were Two & a Half Men. What Chuck Lorre is trying to do is build a new show and use the name. He should of dismissed the two & a half men for good. Used the cast excluding sheen replacing with Kutcher in a different sitcom because that's exactly what it is. I dont care what any1 says its not two & a half men now. Now im not saying @ all Sheen made the whole show hell no he didn't The Whole Cast Including Sheen Made The Sitcom. They Each Had Characteristics that went great with each others acting. Thats what made it the greatest show. Its seriously hearting breaking. How ****in coincidental is ths soon as that **** happen with 2 & a half men. Me & my fiance' break up. We were big two & a half men fans but that wasnt the exact reason why we were over but what a coincidence. Now Sheen has done many unexcuseable things but he likes to party. Fine do it outside the limelight/public don't get greedy for the fame/money. Just do your thing keep it quiet. Real *****z dont talk ****. He comes from a rich family got his life set. He needs to just shut up sometimes and i hope hes learned what he destroyed now. Personally to real two & a half men fans its a big **** you to us from him. Now will we watch his new sitcom who knows? i dont know if i want too. I still cant get over this new 2 men still. Sheen really should of kicked back w/ a blunt, beer and said my fanz want me and the cast to keep making two & a half men what it is today they dont want me ******* it up and he should of did that so it would still be #1 ******* numbero UNO sitcom right now. My opinion on the punishments he had reasons for his actions were given many times so Sheen can't say he didnt have many chances to straighten up bc he did. But personally if i was Chuck Lorre & whoever Sheen disrespected i would of ignored it because he was withdrawling from hardcore **** that would make an average guy die within an hour. Sheen crossed the line many times with Chuck & whoever else i understand the feelings but they should of fired him, let him straighten up to a semi normal human being realizing this is reality get your head on your shoulders got help and was back to a some what human being but not all hopped up on hardcore drugs than rehired him under probabtionary conditions no tricks no bull****. Chuck , Warner & whoever else should of thought about it that way and thought about the fans the show how it went to number 1 and still could of if they went the route i just said til now it would be number 1 but they replaced sheen its a total different show they should cancel two & a half men end it before they embarass the show n themselves more than they already did or bring back sheen under extreme certain conditions it can be done i would give my body to science if that could happen id do something spectacular of goodness like that to see that happen But it wont because morons are amongst us so we'll see how Sheens new show is. Wish they cancel two n a half men than Sheen adopts the whole cast into his new show than we have a new number 1 sitcom That cast w/ sheen were very good togeter despite of everything the cast n sheen know it they all know it. They should do something together they would make history money everything together as a team despite of everything.....****kkkk

1062 days ago



1062 days ago


finally, something good will be on television!

1062 days ago


loved 2 1/2 men, the best cast ever, they were wonderful together. watched new show with aston (3rd episode) and the show was terrible. wish sheen much sucess with this new show, i will be watching it.

1062 days ago


no one will be watching if you have Directv. They are pulling most FOX channels. Including FX and National Geo. I went to for more info. Look it up. If you have Directv FIGHT BACK.

1062 days ago


charlie should get some of the crew from two men the house cleaner the mom either way he will bring in the cash hes a class act

1062 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

FX should air it the same time as 2 1/2 men... i bet more people would watch charlie than that loser ashton

1062 days ago

King Beef    

FX is the perfect fit for Sheen. The writers will be able to get away with so much more than they would be able to on FOX, ABC, NBC or CBS. I'll definitely be checking this one out. It's gotta be better than the crappy movie.

1062 days ago


We (HEART!) Charlie! Charlie is a 100% str8 realman exclusive fish-******* tuna-taster!

1062 days ago


Team Charlie! Can't wait to see his new show! Ha ha ha Chuck Lorre...

1062 days ago


charlie has ridden on dads and bros shirt tails for way too long. he's worthless, a waste of humanity, never would have dream'd of watching two and a half men until the controversy. it should work, we'll see. thx...

1061 days ago


Are you kidding me? Bottom of the barrel, Sons of Anarchy anyone? Cant wait to see this. Im not into drugs but if I was rich and single like Charlie I would have some goddesses also. Name one thing you own that your wife does not, go ahead I'll wait.

1059 days ago


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1051 days ago
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