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Michael Lohan Arrested AGAIN

Falls 3 Stories, Drugs, Booze Involved

10/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan arrested again
Michael Lohan
was just arrested AGAIN in Florida after allegedly contacting his GF Kate Major -- and law enforcement tells TMZ, he tried to escape by jumping off a 3rd-story balcony ... and plummeting 34 feet to the ground ... and cops say drugs and alcohol were involved.

According to law enforcement sources, Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed Michael had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

We're told officers interviewed Kate at her apartment after she made the call -- the same apartment where Michael allegedly bruised her up earlier this week -- and while they were there, Michael allegedly called again.

According to law enforcement, officers believed Michael was a "threat" -- so they rolled up to his hotel to arrest him.

But here's the crazy part -- law enforcement tells TMZ, Michael tried to escape by hopping his 3rd story balcony ... but fell 34 feet to the ground, crashing onto some wooden chairs ... and then he tried to hide in some trees.

After officers pulled him down, Michael was placed under arrest for violating a condition of his pretrial release (presumably for contacting Kate) ... and resisting arrest without violence.

Michael is currently back in custody -- at the same jail he was released from less than twelve hours ago.

5:30 AM -- Michael is currently in the hospital getting a possible foot injury checked out.

6:08 AM -- Kate Major has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "I am sick of being lied about by Michael Lohan Sr.'s false allegations about his continual physical and mental abuse toward me."

"Obviously the judge was correct when questioning if he could 'read.'"

She adds, "He has no regard for the justice system. He can beat up women but Mr. tough guy who slurred his words calling me 5 times after getting out of jail wasn't too tough by jumping off a 3rd floor balcony into a tree to try to flee from going back to the same jail he just got released from less than 12 hours ago"

"Maybe they have phonics books in jail!"


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Blood Red Witch    

k8major Kate Major
@dinalohan Sincerely crazy.....U deserve Mother of The WORLD


The only thing KM doesnt have is the Lohan name. She is a Lohan in every other way! LOL

1070 days ago


Although I think MiLo is nuttier than squirrel poop - aren't much better....change your phone number...change your locks... and QUIT involving him in your life - didn't YOU invite him to be with you in the first place??? Drama Queens - both you !

1070 days ago


mike has problems that stem back 25yrs ormore. from watching him on celebrity rehab it seems hes lost morality and respect for ruleslive by everyday. respect,honesty,persnal growth. i pray he gets through this. his family needs him to, and he needs to, he can be a better person.

1070 days ago


no wonder lindsay is so messed up..her father is a loser and living off what she makes

1070 days ago


Seriously folks, Milo isn't no angel, however neither is Kate! We're talking about somebody who worked for Star as a gossip writer who jumped ship to date John Gosselin. John and her lived with Milo for a short time while they were dating. Plus, he desire to become "famous" is well do***ented. Milo has his hands full with her and Dilo but it's only his fault at this point.

1070 days ago

AGENT smith    

The police are saying drugs were involved. Florida has some tough coke laws Mi LO. If you narc on your dealer you will get a break. But you what happens then, don't you. I can see a bunch of lines on the table when the police walk in.

1070 days ago


These Lohan people are insane. This stopped being funny like yesterday. He is going to kill Kate Major if he's not sent away for a very long time. I would hate to see this woman dead because of this man.

1070 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Kate wants to be a Lohan so bad she can taste it!

1070 days ago


When does Milo go to court on this?

1070 days ago


Too bad the fool didn't fall ten stories.I get sick and tired of the media talking to him.He and his older daughter are such losers.

1070 days ago



Though he has issues, didn't SHE ADMIT that she KNOWINGLY let him come there with that PO that she filed for in affect? So it's ok as long as she's happy, but sneeze wrong and she calls cops?

If he hit her then super. Let Big LOU ride him like a show pony at the country state fair. But she should also be held responsible for using the courts for this ridiculousness only to take him back for headlines in 3-4 weeks.

She let him in knowing she had an order. She slept with him knowing she had the order.


1070 days ago


Dude looks like Matt Lauer from the Today show...weird.

1070 days ago


Hahaha .. I've been inside that same jail!!

1070 days ago


The whole family are a bunch of fame whores.

1070 days ago


From this day forward, when a suspect takes a swan dive off of a building, it will be known in law enforcement circles as a "Lohan Maneuver".

1070 days ago
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