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Omar Sharif

Slaps Woman

at Qatar Film Festival [VIDEO]

10/27/2011 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood legend Omar Sharif lost his cool at a film festival in Qatar this morning ... and angrily slapped a woman right on the red carpet.

Sharif was at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival for a screening of one of his movies ... when a woman approached him on the red carpet ... and tried to take a picture with the 79-year-old actor.

Sharif -- who was nominated for an Oscar in 1962 for his role in "Lawrence of Arabia" -- lashed out in Arabic ... telling the woman to wait her turn ... and then slapping her. 

Moments later, the woman smiled and posed for a photo with Sharif like nothing ever happened.

Watching from the video, it's unclear if Sharif made contact with the woman's face -- but one reporter who was at the scene tweeted, "Omar Sharif just hit a woman. Very stupidly, in front of a camera."

Sharif has a long history of getting physical with people -- back in 2003, he attacked a cop in a Paris casino and in 2007, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery for beating up a Beverly Hills parking attendant.

Calls to Sharif's camp have not been returned.


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I think we have two Lolas here. =]
Taking a swing at a woman either way is just embarrasing for someone that built a career on being a sexy leading man.
How heartbreaking for those of us that remember the wonderful roles he played being SO VERY sexy. Fell sort of to the bottom of the barrel with this little stunt, eh??

1092 days ago


Why doesnt anyone see that it is her fault?!? She asked for it by not listening to him, and look she still didnt back off, just stood there like a typical dumbhoe! Maybe he doesnt want to take a picture with your fugly as_s!

1092 days ago


What you guys don't know is that the girl was actually apologizing to him!!! He yelled at her in Arabic that he told her to wait for her turn and that the photogs wanted to take a solo picture of him then when he was done he told her to approach him then she started saying “sorry, really sorry I didn’t know” I used to like this guy like every Egyptian does not anymore though, crazy old man.

1092 days ago


I'm a Aussie/Leb but understand Arabic

Some1 asks to take a pic alone
She steps in and he gets mad
After telling her off he says
They just wanted me to do a picture alone
Now your welcome to take a pic
Come take your pic, who is it thats taking the pic of us

Also says something about her mind
Obviously he wasn't happy
IMO dudes a pig - Just showed the world he's a true non pig eater .. u don't treat fans this way - u got to expect fans to jump the line at times

I'm sure this family will take be home now throwing shoes at his picture

1092 days ago


Omar Sharif for PRESIDENT!!!

1092 days ago


No class at all... I lost total respect..

1092 days ago


that wasn't nice, and the poor girl looked embarrased. I smell a lawsuit. I hate when men slap me in public.

1092 days ago


If I see a guy hitting a woman I'd knock him the f... out cold. You can be an oscar winner or the richest man alive. I wouldn't give a poop.

1092 days ago


i'm Arab so i will translate : Omar asked the woman to wait for a sec so he can take a picture by himself but she didn't wait. Apparently he was overwhelmed because everyone was asking him to do this and that. when he lashed out at her, he kept saying that he will take a picture with her, and that she has to wait and be patient. Clearly he has a short temper. Personally if he talked to me in that way i would have left. The girl kept apologizing than he asked her to come and take the pic with him and suddenly he became calm again and was talking to her politely saying stuff like honey who will be taking this picture etc. I'm Tunisian and it is extremely ignorant of some of you to say this is Arab culture. In my country if a man even tries to threaten a woman he will immediately go to jail and get his ass beaten . PROUD OF BEING TUNISIAN

1092 days ago


Don't mess with the Omar!!!!

1092 days ago


To begin, I would of knocked the **** out of him. Who in the hell do he think he is. He is a has been actor that got lucky,he should be glad that we allowed him to make a movie here in the United States.

1092 days ago


No class... I have lost total respect...
I would have popped that old bastard,
cuz I "DO" have

1092 days ago


What an ass!!!! I'm Arab and she is APOLOGIZING to him! I would've effed his **** up! He obviously slapped her on the shoulder. She asked to take a picture with him twice, then he slaps her shoulder, told her he already said he would take the picture, to back away and asked her why she was standing there...then he said can't you get that through your head, i already told you i was going to take a picture with you. Then she apologizes, wtf? Poor girl.

1092 days ago


He kept saying to her to wait in Arabic. And she pestered him... still he has no RIGHT to lift his hand on any one.... The woman was probably in shock and confusion to react.... She was star struck.

1092 days ago


alright confirm it...yeah it might have appeared that Omar Sherif lost his cool a bit. However to translate and explain, the guy is in the middle of a conversation with someone and is giving everyone their chance to have a photograph...however this woman just cuts in and repetitively asks "can i have a picture with you, can i have a picture with you" to be fair she was being a bit rude and selfish, especially when their appears to be no rush and is giving everyone their turn. Trust me im an arab...i know that if the woman was right...she would yell and cause the biggest Hollywood scene. But she knew she was being rude...however i still do agree it was uncalled for to slap her HAIR only cause it looks to vulgar and rude. But he didnt actually slap her on the face so calm down everybody.

1092 days ago
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