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Kathy Hilton

Conrad Murray Trial Is a 'Shame'

10/28/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Hilton is torn to pieces over the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial -- claiming, "I love [Michael] and I miss him. This is a shame. I can't believe what we're going through."

As we previously reported, Kathy -- who went to school with Michael as a teenager -- showed up to court today to support MJ's family.


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Prayers for Michael's children, the Jackson family and their extended family members. Stay strong and united with your bond of love. Much love for all.

1090 days ago


Yes, Kathy MJ is being crucified. What happen to justice? All the Popes in the world that do harm to children are still walking around!

1090 days ago


What she's going through?????Really?????? She needs to worry about her own family. How dysfunctional is that! Her own kids have had their issues and her sister Kyle is not a nice person at all, at least that's how she appears on the Housewives, and her sister Kim, wow, what a mess. That whole family is in total denial that Kim has issues. That lady needs help and she needs it fast. I don't even watch it anymore because of how mean Kyle can be and how out of it Kim is. Sad!

1090 days ago


Woman will show up at the opening of an envelope as long as it gets her in the press.

1090 days ago


Nobody even wants to comment on the rich old hag!

1090 days ago


What WE'RE going through!?! This doctor's life is pretty much on the line here, for Christ's sake, and she thinks SHE'S going through something? The family, yes, the doctor, yes. Not hard to see where Paris gets her sense of entitlement...Give me a break!

1090 days ago


Kathy Hilton needs to worry about her Slut Porn daughter and her alcoholic drunk DWI son. The other guy was a drug addict who killed himself. With years of drugs. Wake up

1090 days ago

LA you're on the line    

Who give a sh*t what Kathy Hilton thinks or feels. All we need now is the Kartrashian family with a camera crew in tow to show their support.

1090 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Dear god the publicity whores are just crawling out of the woodwork, some idiotic "celebrity" went to the same school as michael... and so did a thousand other kids. It reminds me of Space Balls "I am your fathers brothers nephews cousins former roomate" - "what's that make us?" - "absolutely nothing!"

It's no different than Paris showing up, does she really give two ***** about Jackson or the trial, probably not but its the last day or so, the media is there and if camera's are flashing and video is rolling you sure as hell know that every two bit POS will be there to try to get their picture taken. No different than the wackjobs that show up dressed like fools just to get attention from the crowd and the media (but at least in that case the media takes the high road and refuses to give them the attention... shame they cant do the same in this case).

1090 days ago


I can't believe what she's going through either. It must be horrible to be rich.

1090 days ago


Oh shut the hell up you dumb B****. I'm sure you were tots BFF's!! Barf...

1090 days ago


Things must have gotten too boring at the mansion? Shopping not giving you the high anymore? So let's make a huge fool
of ourselves to get some media attention. Yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe you could also make a porn film with Paris?

1090 days ago


How did she go to school with him? Besides being a hundred years older, Michael was touring during his school years and was tutored. Did she go on tour with the Jacksons?

1090 days ago


And we should value her opinion why?

1090 days ago


Kathy Hilton is such a fame whore! I can't stand her. Try being a Mommy Kathy and maybe your kids would have turned out better and not just famous for nothing or for whoring around.

1090 days ago
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