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Kim and Kris

100% Refutable PROOF

They're Breaking Up

10/28/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The honeymoon is over (maybe) for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries -- because we have video of the (potentially) unhappy couple (possibly) fighting. Which definitely proves ... something! Or nothing.

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I had a fight with my husband 30 years ago, guess our break up is just waiting to happen. What a stupid f*cking story

1058 days ago


They're probably arguing over her wanting him to make Kris (the mom) his manager and bring him into the fold financially. Reggie and Miles were smart enough to dump her a$$ after she proposed that idea. Lamar was too slow and got caught in their trap. Kris (the player), take a hint from the guys before you: nut in her face and leave.

1058 days ago


My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years, known each other 10. We fight (bicker) constantly. It means nothing. Silence means trouble.

Still, I dont give these two a one year anniversary. Not gonna happen. And come one, they are freaky to look at together! She's a spoiled brat, he needs to wake up. Stinks of "control freak"!

1058 days ago


Should people be surprised?
This whole wedding for a publicity and money.
The Kardashians are overrated and overexposed.
They should just go back to Calabasas and STFU.

1058 days ago


wish some homeless werido would just blow her and her sister away..far far away

1058 days ago


Who gives a ****?

1058 days ago


You people are ridiculous. It looks more like they're stressed from all the papparazzi not giving them a moments peace. My husband and I have been married 6 years and have small spats, but it doesn't mean we're breaking up.

1058 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

seriously? am i the only one that wishes her fake-ass botox body would just disappear forever? she can't get a single man to stand her for any long length of time anyway

1058 days ago


Oh please - every single word and action from this family is finely orchestrated. Nothing is real with Kim. This wasn't just some "spontaneous" argument. They set it up so the media will KEEP talking about them. I have Kardashian fatigue. They NEVER give it a rest.

1058 days ago


I lost the little respect I had for Kim after I read her tweet LYING that she had Justin Beiber's phone number and he was taking calls for the next hour. Kim entered her brother, Rob's, number to vote for Rob on Dancing With the Stars. CHEATERS!!! I will not buy any product created by Kardashian or Kris Jenner. Kris removes the balls off any man in her family. How does Bruce Jenner stay there?

1058 days ago


Everything Kardashian's do is a scam for the camera's. Kris Humphries is just collateral. After the BS with the Justin Bieber vote scam with dancig with stars, I think the empire is getting ready crash and burn.

1058 days ago


Kim wanted to marry each of the boyfriends she had. Kris is the only one who said yes. How can this last? She just wanted a husband (any husband) and a baby. When you have your wedding on a reality tv show and get paid a lot of money for it then it's not real.

1058 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Max Hodges, do you know what shampoo is? You look like you sleep in a dumpster. Harvey seems to have a thing for the "homeless twink" look?

1058 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

Didn't Gene Simmons try this plot line on his show?

1058 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

maybe he's realizing that she's self centered. She's an attention whore. Kris isn't like Kim, he's more into the dress down kind of guy 24/7 so it seems. Klhoe is more of a down to earth person and speaks her mind, unlike her sister kim she would lie to make it on top. For me Khloe is beautiful for being who she is, kim persona is ugly.

1058 days ago
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