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Lindsay Lohan

From Naked Bodies to Dead Ones

10/28/2011 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


With her Playboy shoot finished, Lindsay Lohan returned to the L.A. County Coroner's Office today to continue her community service ... once again arriving fashionably early.

Lindsay's been early for each of her three days at the corpse house ... not counting that first day, when she was so late they turned her away.


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Mike V    

Why does that douche driver feel he needs to try and block Lindsey from view. He also tried to shine flashlights in the photogs lens. Stop with the antics and just drive you moron.

1053 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lindsay can't act her way out of a threesome!

1053 days ago


Not only was she turned away for being late the first day, she was also scheduled to be there Monday and even though she called she was a no show.

1053 days ago


Oh my God ! now they want to do a mold of her "ladyparts" !! got to be freaking kidding...that crater has been used so many times that its bigger then the the Grand Canyon and layed open like a open faced would take a gallon of latex just to fell in all the for anybody getting any pleasure out of using that mold ...well only if your into sharing with three other men at the same time.... .
TAY_DAA !!!!!!! Thank You folks I'll be here all weekend.....LOL

1053 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

AGENT smith: 16 minutes ago
Lindsay's "party" was a TV viewing event for the Premier of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she most likely invited half a dozen people and a dozen showed up, hardly a party. She did a few photo shoots and commercials on her roof and in her condo to make some money.

Oh my John, your story has changed! I remember clearly when she was on house arrest you being on TMZ CONSTANTLY going on and on about Lindsay's million dollar jail house, beachfront jail cell, ****tails and parties while serving time, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing at her next rooftop party while she is vacationing in the county jail.
Really dude, you did her no favors pouring it on like that to make it look like house arrest was nothing but a vacation and a lucrative one at that......

1053 days ago


Aw, aren't we all proud...

1053 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Even if she shows up on Monday and does the 32 hours, it's not on time. ALSO, don't forget, the Judge ordered her to do HUNDREDS more hours at the morgue after she finished at the womens center. I have a feeling that Miss- Priss is going to be seeing a LOT of dead bodies over the next few months.

1053 days ago


lol yeah you are right and also the same way R.O.B.E.R.T--D.O.W.N.E.Y--J.R. was in a lot of trouble before with the law and now he is loved and also he is I.R.O.N--M.A.N in the movies, the same way my girl LINDSAY LOHAN would be one day out of trouble and also the new W.O.N.D.E.R--W.O.M.A.N in the movies too, a lot of love is coming her way indeed :-)

1053 days ago

Jay W.     

Ketjo secretly loves Lilo.

1053 days ago


My heart still goes out to Shawn Holley. Lohan has done absolutly nothing to help Holly out from the beginning to now. Holly tried to dump Lohan as a client recuse herself but was too far into the case the judge would not let her. She's been stuck with the Lohan the client from hell.

Look at Holly at the progress hearing, she did her best to avoid Nov 2nd (had the bailbondman ready to post bail) and as good as she is, Holly can only do so much. The best she could come up with 'it was her understanding' Not good.

Lohan pulling her usual crap with the morgue the very next day, Holly has to be pulling her hair out and pissed as hell. Lohan has done nothing but slap her own lawyer and the courts in the face. Judge Sautner got in a few good jabs. ("see a pattern here, she's suppose to be an actress") Ouch.

Both Holly and Judge Sutner was slapped in the face the very next day, by Lohan. I don't think Sautner is going to care what Lohan has done since getting turned away from the morgue.

1053 days ago


I really don't see how she cannot avoid jail time. Despite doing CS at the morgue (because she was booted from the DWC, which meant she ran out of places) how does this trump all her other charges against her? More probation is a punishment? HOWEVER, we know she can't handle probation, so this could be a good thing to keep her in the system. She's only doing CS work at the morgue because she was ordered to, and typical of Lindsay, when she sees serious trouble brewing she gets serious at the last minute. Where is the justice? She could be sentenced to half a year so she can actually do some decent time in there. It's up to the Judge, but I can already see the outrage if she doesn't do jail time. You think her image sucks today? Certain people can say on here that we are in the minority of folk who despise her, but read other sources. I have read the LA Times, People Magazine, regular newspapers, and every other media story and nobody seems to like her. And the comments are not G rated either. She's universally hated in this country. Her Q rating in 2010 was crap, so I cannot even imagine it went up since then. The more she avoids any real punishment, the more the nail in the coffin is in her "career" here in movies. She's uninsurable here to do any film and her reputation alone is laughable in the industry. She does have a career in the adult film industry, I don't doubt that. She hasn't done a film in close to 7 years now and even for sake of argument, say she miraculously put a film out. Who in their right mind is gonna say, "Let's go see the new Lindsay Lohan film?" Her antics are on mainstream tv all the time. Grandparent's are even aware of her now that she's a total disaster. We'll see on Nov 2nd.

1053 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Flimsy Blohan will be a contortionist in a film produced by LIVID!

1053 days ago


Very well said Nicole!, My gorgeous looking girl Lindsay Lohan will be back on top as a Multi-Millionaire-Award-Winning-Actress in the movies, Hey they should hire her to be the new Krypton-Goddess, S.U.P.E.R--G.I.R.L , in the movies, After all she is already blonde :-)

1053 days ago


You know what? Why not wait for that exclusive footage of Lindsay blowing her brains out. So you all can go home with a stiff one in your trousers while being appalled with her "Playboy" stunt. Something to laugh about and cheer u up. Says a lot about you and very little about Lilo. There are snuff movies out, try them. You probably already are. Suckers who don't suffer don't know how to measure real pain.

1053 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Damn, Publishers Clearinghouse just came to my door. Know what they said?

They just cleaned out my bank account!

1053 days ago
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